The Battle of the Century – Fans of 1D Versus WWE!

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Monday night on Raw, the John Cena U.S. Title Open Challenge came to Montreal, Canada. All night long, the fans were chanting for their hometown hero, current NXT star, Sami Zayn. They, along with the rest of the WWE universe got their wish when the infectious Sami answered the call.

Zayn, who is known and respected for his indomitable desire to be the best, took Cena to the limit in a match that introduced Sami to the WWE Universe at large. Even in the losing effort, Sami put on a clinic, showcasing his diving tornado DDT, Blue Thunder Bomb, and his submission hold, the Koji Clutch. With Sami’s skills put on display for the world to see, he was rewarding by being one of the night’s hottest trends on Twitter.

Obviously the similarity between Sami Zayn the wrestler and Zayn Malik the boy band singer end at their name. But it was enough to set the One Direction universe all atwitter on Monday night when they thought it was their boy Zayn trending and not the NXT star. 1D fans were very confused when Zayn Malik (who actually sort of looks like the boy band version of Corey Graves) had nothing to do with this Sami Zayn that the internet spoke of.

As if 1D fans weren’t scarred enough by Malik leaving the group, they now had to defend their man in an inadvertent twitter war between the two fan bases, with wrestlers and fans trying to explain to One Directioners who Sami Zayn was.

I wonder if this is was also the face of One Directioners when they learned Sami Zayn has nothing to do with Zayn Malik (courtesy of CageSideSeats.com).

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