10 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About The Rock's "Iron Paradise"

Since stepping away from the squared circle full time, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been a busy man. A very busy man. He is a Hollywood megastar, box office gold, has his own TV show on HBO, runs a production company and is preparing to bring out his own tequila.

But on top of all this, he manages to stay in the sort of shape which most of us can only dream of. How? The answer is the “Iron Paradise”, The Rock’s personal gym where he can do his insane workouts. Here are a few things you did not know about The Great One’s personal paradise.

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10 It moves around with him

The Rock’s daily routine is something he talks about a lot. He gets up early and heads straight to the gym. But for someone who is constantly filming all around the world, how does he guarantee he can get the workout he wants? Simple. He takes his gym with him.

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That’s right. The Rock’s “Iron Paradise” travels around the world with The Great One and is set up and prepared for him in every city he stops in. If you want to stay in shape like The Rock does then you cannot skip a gym session and a traveling gym means there is never an excuse.

9 It is what makes The Rock himself

Going to the gym is a big part of lots of people’s lives, but for The Rock it is a vital necessity. In social media posts The Great One has referred to his “anchors” which allow him to ground himself and build his empire. The “Iron Paradise” is one of them.

As a result, the way The Rock trains is also reflected in the way he conducts his business outside the gym. In a recent Instagram post he showed himself doing pull-ups with the comment: “No herky jerky movements. A microcosm for life. Slow, steady precision – then go in for the kill.”

8 It is the root of his creativity

Wrestling icon, movie star, film producer, TV frontman – there is not much The Rock has not turned his hand to. But one of his projects was inspired by the time he has spent in the “Iron Paradise”. The Project Rock Under Armour line is a special collection of items designed by The Rock for those who want to train like him.

Each and every product and idea is put through its paces in the Iron Paradise and the Rock has spoken at length about how the line (which has been a top seller each time a new collection drops) was inspired by his frustration with other products which could not keep pace with his regime.

7 It travels in a pair of 18-wheelers and takes hundreds of people to put it together

The weights in the “Iron Paradise” are enough to make The Rock sweat, so we are talking a huge amount of mass there. As a result it is no surprise that when on the road, the gym travels in 18-wheelers with a crew of hundreds needed to put it together.

During an interview on The Late, Late Show to promote Jumanji, The Rock talked about the need for trucks to get his personal “anchor” from place to place. He said: "I figured the easiest thing for me to do was to create this gym that travels with me wherever I go." Considering the man is a truck himself, it is hardly surprising really.

6 It is set up to get the right flow of energy

A quick look at The Rock’s Instagram shows that, even though it moves around, the “Iron Paradise” looks much the same wherever it goes. That is not a coincidence. Johnson admits he is a “pain”, telling an Instagram video that the energy has to flow the same way every time in the gym.

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The Rock’s Hawaiian heritage is central to much of what he does. He frequently thanks crew and friends by offering a “mahalo” and the “Iron Paradise” is set out to ensure the “mana”, or flow of energy through life is right for his workout.

5 There are more than 40,000lbs of kit

How much weight does The Rock need to lift to look the way he does? A lot apparently. In a social media post from the set of one of his movies, The Great One thanked the crew for their work putting together the 40,000lbs of kit needed to make the “Iron Paradise” what it is.

The Great One has talked about how he tailors his workouts to each part, such as a beach Superman for Baywatch or a wrecking machine for The Fast and the Furious series’ Luke Hobbs. That much change must need some serious kit, luckily the “Iron Paradise” is there to help.

4 There is more than one of them

The original Iron Paradise started out life as a “garage gym” at one of The Rock’s homes. But during his frequent social media discussions about his fitness regime, The People’s Champ has talked about his gyms in LA and Florida, including a “West Coast Iron Paradise”. Apparently, one personal gym was not enough for The Great One.

For a man on the move as much as Johnson is it makes sense to have a number of gyms he can drop into to get his vital workout. As we have seen The Rock has specific requirements for his personal workout space and with the labor required to set it up you have to figure having a couple of spares around is a good call.

3 There are no mirrors

The “Iron Paradise” has one purpose and one purpose only – training. The photos The Rock puts up show the dark, stripped back and gritty look of the “Iron Paradise” and he has been very clear about the fact that it is a no-frills zone.

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There's lots of the things you might find in a commercial gym that have no place in The Rock’s personal paradise. There is no lemon water, no towels and, most of all, no mirrors. The workout is not vanity for The Rock, it is a vital part of his day.

2 It was the only way The Rock could train in peace

When you are a star on the level of The Rock it must be hard to get a moment’s peace. In fact, The Great One often posts videos of his interactions with fans out and about. But when he is training is a sacred time for The Rock. It keeps him anchored, sets him up for the day, inspires his personal creativity and he called it “cheaper than a shrink”. So, it is not a surprise that fans wanting a selfie during his workouts would not go down well, even with The People’s Champ.

But the “Iron Paradise” gives The Rock the privacy he needs, away from the baying crowds and the eager fans, where he can focus on what he is doing.

1 There is a kitchen


The Rock’s gym is loaded with top of the range kit and features weights which most of us could not lift if our lives depended on it. While it might not have mirrors – or other people – one thing this gym does have is a kitchen for The Great One to load up before or after a session.

The kitchen has appeared in the background of a few of Johnson’s social media posts so if you follow him you may just get a peek at it.

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