Top 15 Athletes Involved in Leaked Photo Scandals

We've all had "thumb slip-ups" before: you mean to send a text to one person, but accidentally clicked someone else's name and sent it to the wrong person. Sometimes it's harmless - a "what's up (e

We've all had "thumb slip-ups" before: you mean to send a text to one person, but accidentally clicked someone else's name and sent it to the wrong person.

Sometimes it's harmless - a "what's up (expletive)" meant for your best friend but accidentally sent to a cousin you don't speak to often enough to use such profanity. Sometimes you mean to send a crude joke to "Dave," but sent it to "Dad" instead. Sometimes you send a massive text to a dear companion divulging your secret love for a longtime crush, only to have actually sent it to your crush (I've done that - mixed results, gents. Pick your spots).

And sometimes you mistakenly send a naked snapshot meant for your partner to someone who just so happens to be more than willing to immediately post it online.

If you're a regular person, it probably won't be met with much fanfare. You'll be embarrassed, sure, and if that person is a terrible person they might make your life a living hell - but if you're a world-famous athlete and a scandalous nude finds it's way into the Twitterverse, you may as well go spend your millions of dollars on a well-hidden cave and hideout for a couple of weeks.

On the flip side, if you are said athlete, there are two legitimate questions that need to be asked: first, what in the world were you thinking?! And second, perhaps more obviously, is how could you not have been more careful?

There might be a third question in there - or maybe a statement is better: you need more trustworthy sexting buddies, bud.

* Where applicable, we've included the photo being discussed in a SFW for work fashion.

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15 Misty May-Treanor


During the whole (highly illegal) Fappening scandal, numerous leaked photos were presented of a variety of celebrities and athletes. American volleyballer Misty May-Treanor was one of such celebs to have her photos leaked to the public. Or was she?

According to TMZ, Treanor, like a lot of the people who had their photos "leaked," claimed that the nudes were not hers. However, TMZ also claims that the nude woman in the pictures has tattoos in the exact same places as her...

14 Roy Jones, Jr.


Fair warning, a lot of entries on this list will involve a furious significant other. Here's a free tip for sexters around the world: don't piss of the person you're sexting. Guess what will happen? The world will see your business.

That's exactly what happened to Roy Jones, Jr. He was sending nudes to Stacy Reile, who apparently became fed up of the boxer and posted all his photos onto Instagram.

13 Laure Manaudou


Remember that whole rant from the last entry about not pissing off your significant other? Well, it also applies to not pissing off your boyfriend. Laure Manaudou was an Olympic swimmer who was dating a fellow Olympic swimmer in Luca Marin. In 2007, they hit a rocky patch and had a public breakup where she threw her engagement ring into a pool (most dramatic way to end a feud between swimmers), according to Complex. A little while after, nude pictures of Manaudou leaked, though her boyfriend claimed to not be a part of it...

12 DeAndre Hopkins

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last year was DeAndre Hopkins' coming out party in the NFL, as he went for over 1,200 yards and cemented his place as the No.1 receiver for the Houston Texans. Sadly, it was not have been the only time he had a coming out party in public. Back in 2013, a video was posted on DeAndre Hopkins' Instagram of someone playing with themselves, from a first person view. The video was quickly deleted and his Twitter account posted this:

Seems like a strange hack, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

11 Santonio Holmes


Poor Santonio Holmes seems to have pissed off the wrong woman, which led to a scandalous photo being leaked and him making this unfortunate list. According to Deadspin, Holmes' photo was taken from, which is a site where women convene to discuss the men they've been in bed with, along with sharing photos of them. Sadly for Santonio, the photo was posted was a full nude, which you can see at the Deadspin link above.

10 Brandon Spikes


Brandon Spikes can't keep to seem his privates...private. First, there were the rumors of a floated sex tape. Then there were questions about his sexual orientation (not that that's a bad thing, but one would assume these aren't questions he'd like associated with his name). Then, of course, came the photo leak on Twitter - a picture of Spikes and a woman "taking good care of him," to put it nicely. The photos were originally leaked on Twitter, and it turns out they were screen shots of him and the woman actually getting it on. Spikes had no shame, clearly - until it became public. Then he was rather ashamed.

9 Mark Sanchez

William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sanchez will never, ever, ever escape the butt jokes. The butt fumble was bad enough, but the Internet leak of the former Jets' starter dancing, butt-dangling, has added to the...legend.

We can defend Sanchez insomuch that he was dancing around a room with two pretty good looking ladies, so if he was simply playing along (while seemingly a little inebriated) then we can let it slide, a bit. It's still Mark Sanchez's bare ass bouncing around for a good ten seconds.

Let's just hope he didn't drop the ball with the ladies.

8 Seth Rollins


The Seth Rollins leak wasn't your "average" Internet slipup. There was a lot that happened - and there was a lot of nudity.

After several of Rollins' account displayed a nude photo of Zahra Schreiber, who is part of NXT, Rollins' fiancee Leighla Schultz retaliated with a Tweet comprised of the word "Zaharah?" and two nudes of Rollins. It would appear that the hacking excuse was out of the question, because Schultz posted several times after the incident, making sarcastic remarks towards the incident and implying that this wasn't all that surprising to her.

There were reports that the two have broken it off that surfaced days after the photo leak, so it would appear that this was a pretty serious screw up by Rollins.

7 Martellus Bennett


The lesson Martellus Bennett has passed along to all men is an obvious one, but a valuable one nonetheless - if you absolutely must cheat on a woman (and you never should, but I digress), make sure she doesn't have naked pictures of you hidden away in a secret album on her phone. Because she will use them and they will ruin you.

Bennett was still a member of the Cowboys when the photos were leaked, so by now one would assume the wound has healed, and that he's learned his lesson. As for the rest on this list, the verdict is still out (but it's not looking good).

6 Paul George

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George comes in as perhaps the most surprising name on this list. The well-liked Pacers superstar doesn't come across as "this kind of guy" (whatever that implies), but alas, everyone has urges, and some people are willing to cross certain lines to fulfill those urges. It was first thought that George had gotten catfished into sending compromising photos to a woman he met online, but he later admitted that he sent certain photos to a girl he knew, and that she subsequently leaked them.

5 Ron Artest (Metta World Peace)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We'll keep the name Ron Artest in the title because one would assume (and hope) that the man who changed his name to Metta World Peace is completely separate from the man named Ron Artest. Because it turns out Ron Artest was not only easily enraged and fine with running into crowds and whaling on fans, but he was also a notoriously stubborn and bad sexter.

The woman in question came into contact with Artest through Twitter, and what started off as what she hoped would be a "friendship" turned into something much more. Without going too much into the details, it apparently ended with Artest sending the woman sexual videos and photographs in what was supposedly a last-ditch effort to get her on board with "the real thing." When he didn't stop pestering her, she went public, and now Metta World Peace's piece is online for the world to see.

4 Hope Solo


Hope Solo has seen her reputation as an American soccer superstar and role model take a massive hit over the past couple of years. Many (rightly) refuse to ignore the domestic violence charges against her (some have suggested that they aren't receiving as much attention or criticism because she's a woman), and more recently a massive Reddit photo leak revealed several pictures of the American goalkeeper.

While Solo has taken a staunch approach against the leak, there's no erasing the black mark this will have left on her reputation, as it has for any athlete or celebrity who's had nude photos of them leaked over the years.

3 Evan Longoria

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria is well-known for his willingness and ability to swing for the fences, but someone probably should have told a young Longoria that this mentality doesn't apply to all things in life - and that a large majority of the time it will not work when it comes to trying to woo a lady.

Longoria apparently did not get that life lesson, because he decided to "swing for the fences" by sending a full-on photo of his own you-know-what, for what can only be explained as an attempt to "wow" the woman receiving the text into heading over to get the real thing.

Unfortunately for Longoria, the plan backfired in the worst way possible. Not only did the woman have no issues posting the photo online, she happened to be a writer for Barstool Sports. She exposed Longoria in a scathing piece entitled "Hey Evan Longoria, Stop Sending Me Pictures of Your (Junk)."

2 Justin Verlander


Justin Verlander can hurl a fastball 100 MPH (or was once able to, anyway), but he can't pitch his way around this jam.

In this particular case, Verlander isn't exactly the "main prize" - the Reddit post that leaked a bunch of celebrity nudes included some of his lovely girlfriend, Kate Upton. It would appear that the two got in on the naked-selfie action together, as Verlander is featured in at least one of the pictures.

We shake our heads at the two for partaking in such nonsensical activities, but let's be honest, gentleman - if Kate Upton asked you, you would have done the same thing. Hell, you would have taken the picture for her and gone to get it developed for her, too.

1 Brett Favre


Brett Favre lands at the top of this list for a couple of reasons. For one thing, he's the best professional athlete on this list, based on history and not on current ability. Second, he's the most recognizable name.

Third, he's probably the person on this list you'd least like to get a scandalous peak of - especially the caveman-Grizzly-Adams looking version of Favre.

Fourth, no one ever actually definitively proved that the man sending NSFW photos to Jenn Sterger was Favre, but the evidence was fairly damning - between the Mississippi drawl in the voicemails Sterger received, to the references to practice and meetings, and the mentioning of Jets personnel, it seems fairly clear that Favre was behind it all.

Part of you wonders why a man who was as reckless and trigger-happy on the field as Favre would not simply go up to her and go for broke, as he often did with a football in his hand. On the other hand, one can understand how reckless he was in not exactly making an effort to cover his tracks in his attempts to lure Sterger in.

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Top 15 Athletes Involved in Leaked Photo Scandals