Top 10 Athletes Who Aged Poorly

The thing about a fast-pace life is that it shows after a while. Drinking, stress, partying, traveling, hard physical exercise, baby mamas, multiple divorces, and parenting the Kardashian sisters accelerates the aging process after awhile. In the world of professional athletes, these vices are just some of the factors that change the way they look. They go 20 to 55 real quick.

For others, excessive plastic surgery alters their appearance for the worse instead of the better (in the case of Bruce Jenner, plastic surgery and playing dad to Kim and company both factor into his stunning aggressive aging progress).

Worse than any of those things, even raising Kardashians, seems to be substance abuse. Although, Jose Canseco claimed in his memoir that small amounts of steroids make people live longer and look younger. Canseco also said in the same book that he probably knows more about steroids than any other living person...Ok, sure...Try not to shoot any other fingers off, buddy.

Canseco's age is masked by plastic surgery and regular use of tanning beds that mask his age spots and skin aliments. Most athletes don't engage in such activities and age naturally. Though, aging naturally sometimes seems to go almost as badly as blotched plastic surgery. Some surgery of course can look amazing. Yet, it seems that in Hollywood, surgeons get their licenses from strip malls and as a result, their clients look like Courtney Love's liver. And, that's how Bruce Jenner was made.

Here are 10 athletes who aged poorly.

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10 Pete Rose

Young: via articles.philly.com / Older: cbssports.com

Pete Rose aged badly. And, getting thrown around by Kane in the WWE probably didn't help matters much.

Rose's career has been a successful one with major bumps in the road.

Charlie Hustle won three World Series rings, an NL MVP title and made 17 all-star game appearances but he matched his achievements with controversy and poor decisions. Rose was banned from pro baseball after allegations that he bet on his own team surfaced. A big no-no for obvious reasons.

Personally, Rose had some tax evasion issues, a prison sentence, and two divorces.

9 Hulk Hogan 

via nydailynews.com

Hulk Hogan's attempt to prevent altering his appearance in any fashion has been his ultimate downfall. The dude continues to look like a character on the Cartoon Network at 3:00AM.

The bleach, fake tan, and bandanas have survived decades with the Hulkster. Why his family didn't stage an intervention 15 years old ago is frighting.

Hogan still rocks the speedo at the beach while he oils up his daughter's back on the beach. His oddly fashioned facial hair hasn't been altered since the 80s.

8 Dennis Rodman 

Young: via fingerfood.typepad.com / Older: nanozine.net

Dennis Rodman still looks amazing for a guy who has abused his body as much as he has. In all fairness, most people that drink like Rodman probably didn't live to tell the tales. While most 50-year-olds celebrate the big 50 with a cruise or a trip to Florida at the most extreme, Rodman partied away for two and a half months.

Rodman has had issues throughout his entire life and has been in rehab several times.

Some of Rodman's stunts throughout the years seem to point to hard abuse of certain substances. On top of this, Rodman has been divorced three times and reportedly owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments.

On top of this, Rodman has the stressful task of ensuring peace between the United States and North Korea. He's even helped organize and negotiate the release of political prisoners.

7 Brett Favre 

Young: via jsonline.com / Older: via imgkid.com

Brett Favre's facial hair makes him look like Santa Claus. Or at least worthy of playing him at a failing mall. He's a very hairy man.

Recent pictures of Favre make it hard to believe he played his last season for the Minnesota Vikings only five short years ago. The season in which he was fined $50,000 for failing to cooperate with the NFL's personal misconduct investigation.

6 Mike Tyson 

via businessinsider.com

Did Mike Tyson age poorly or is it just the face tattoo? Either way, Tyson looks rough these days. But still not bad for a dude that got hit in the face for a living. And you, know, for a guy who used walk around parties with what looked to be "white powder" on his face.

Tyson once said he was going to remove his face tattoo but it turned to be an April Fools' joke. He loves his tattoo and says he doesn't regret it.

5 O.J. Simpson 

via tvmediainsights.com

O.J. Simpson's most recent battle with the law accelerated his aging progress. During his trial, OJ looked stressed and rough, with deep lines and wrinkles. But being faced with prison time will do that to a person.

O.J. was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in 2008. He now lives in a jail cell in Nevada. He's 67 years-old now, with salt and pepper hair.

How does a guy that got away with murder end up in jail anyway?

4 Tonya Harding 

Young: via pixgood.com / Older: graneyandthepig.wordpress.com

Tonya Harding aged worse than Lindsay Lohan. She looks like she smokes four packs a day.

In 1994, the figure skater was on top of the world, before she became part of a crew that took out Nancy Kerrigan's knee so she was unable to skate, and thus, compete against Harding.

Harding avoided further prosecution and a possible jail sentence by pleading guilty. She obviously showed no remorse for her actions so you would think she would at least be smart enough to take advantage? Her then husband sold a tape from their "personal collection." The skater could have used her excessive media coverage to become the first Kim Kardashian.

Instead, Harding finished in the 8th spot at her next Olympics performance.

Come on, Tonya.

3 Sammy Sosa 

via neogaf.com

In 2009, the New York Times reported Sammy Sosa was on a list of players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in the early 2000s. He was listed among the usual suspects, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. He would sit with both men and testify to Congress that he has never used illegal performance enhancing drugs. Yet, oddly enough, Sosa has that signature "I used too many performance enhancing drugs permanent face bloat."

The excessive hair grease isn't a factor of age but rather bad styling.

2 John Daly 

Young: via pixgood.com / Older: voices.suntimes.com

John Daly, along with his cigarettes and American flag pants, continues to appear at golf courses across America. That's right, he takes smoke breaks on the course.

Daly has had his share of agers. He was a big drinker in his day, even to the point that it was problematic.Gambling has also been an issue for Daly. He has spent between $50 and $60 million over the past 15 years. That will stress anyone out.

To top it off, Daly has been accused of domestic violence by two of his former wives.

1 Bruce Jenner 

via chicagonow.com

While Bruce Jenner is 65-years-old, his face is seven.

Raising the Kardashian/Jenner clan can't be the best thing for good health. On top of that, Bruce is the victim of what has to be, Hollywood's worst plastic surgeon. Jenner's nose has been trimmed down to nothing and he's had what looks like several face lifts.

Jenner now rocks a long flowing mullet with the occasion manicure and mom jeans.

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