Top 10 Athletes Who Were Born Rich

Children who are pushed into sports at young ages do not carry dreams of being international superstars that live in mansions, drive the most expensive cars on the market, and who are some of the more recognizable individuals on the earth. They merely enjoy running about while playing games with friends. What may or may not be in their future plays no factor in their relationships with sports.

That, of course, changes for some who learn over the years that they are more talented than their peers. Top teenage athletes get noticed by local and national college programs, and the best of the best are awarded with scholarships, often to their first-choice universities. The sky is the limit for those who find success at big-time college programs, as they will eventually be scouted by professional sports organizations looking to acquire talent via player drafts.

Pro sports are about competitions, winning and losing championships, and fan bases who live and die on their favorite teams, but they are also about athletes cashing in on contracts that bring with them life-changing money. That money allows players to take care of family members and friends, and it also provides them with the cash to buy a variety of luxurious trinkets. Everything from vehicles to homes to gaudy necklaces that look downright ridiculous can be theirs with the swipe of a card.

Not everybody who makes it to the mountaintop of a sports world needed to do so in order to achieve financially stability for the rest of their days. Some, because of where they were raised or the fact that one of their parents was also a sports star in younger days, don't need to be anybody famous to be rich. This includes sons of famous football players, athletes who outdid their parents in athletics, and a Heisman Trophy winner with a great-grandfather who, long ago, made a sound investment.

The very top sports leagues in the world that profit off of humongous television deals create more than just millionaire young athletes. They help breed legacies that continue on for generation after generation. The young man who is showcased in the final spot of this list could be the next example of that if he is to reach the expectations that many have for him, even though he is still roughly a decade away from being eligible to play for a college program.

10 Johnny Manziel

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

9 Cordell Broadus


8 Shane & Stephanie McMahon


7 Hugo Lloris

Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

6 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

5 Kellen Winslow II

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

4 Gerard Pique

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

3 Peyton and Eli Manning

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

2 Tim Hardaway, Jr. 

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

1 LeBron James, Jr.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Do not snicker at this just because LeBron Jr. is only nine-years old. The prodigy of the greatest basketball player playing today is already performing in national championship competitions, and James Jr. has drawn personalities such as Kentucky coach John Calipari to his games. His father made headlines over the summer of 2014 when he announced to the world that he was returning to northeast Ohio and re-joining the Cleveland Cavaliers. This leads to the obvious question: Would James Jr. attend Ohio State, a university James has had a relationship with for many years, or would the younger James stay closer to home and pick Akron? Whatever he chooses, the future is bright for James. Jr.

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Top 10 Athletes Who Were Born Rich