Top 10 Burning Questions After The Post WrestleMania Raw

With WrestleMania 32 in the books, the WWE looks forward to a fresh start. New champions were crowned at WrestleMania 32 and new stars were born. Shane O'Mac solidified himself as a Legend, as he took The Undertaker to the limit. We saw a new Women's Championship unveiled and Roman Reigns finally took down The Authority, capturing the WWE World Heavyweight championship for the 3rd time. All in all, WrestleMania 32 lived up to the hype.

With WrestleMania weekend wrapping up, the hottest show of the year, the Raw after WrestleMania, attracted viewers of all ages. It's known as the funnest and wildest night of the year, so anything is possible. It's the night superstars make their debuts, injured superstars make their return, and, in some cases, we see titles change hands.

At the end of the Monday night Raw, we were left curious, with burning questions that must be answered. Heres a list of 10 burning questions that need to be answered.

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10 Will Apollo Crews Be Handled The Right Way? 

Tonight on #RAW, it's the debut of @apollocrewswwe! #WWENXT

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Making his RAW debut, Apollo Crews entered to a roaring ovation. One of NXTs best performers took his talents to the main roster, as he took on Tyler Breeze. Demonstrating some of his incredible athleticism, Crews would make easy work of Breeze by finishing him with his signature powerbomb.

With his high-energy offense, Crews has what it takes to thrive in the WWE. With guys like him, WWE has a handful of talent at the moment that will step up for the veterans that are sidelined at the moment.

So my question is, will Apollo Crews be handled the right way? Time and time again, we've seen Superstars with incredible talent go to waste. It's only his debut, but it's a question that had to be taken into account following Raw.

9 Are The Bella's Finally Stepping Out Of the Spotlight?  

The future of The Bella Twins isn't certain at the moment. With Nikki recovering from a neck injury and her sister supporting her retired husband, could The Bellas be taking a step out of the spotlight? Last night could have been Brie Bella's final match for all we know. With the Women's Division in good hands, The Bellas don't need to rush back.

8 Are Zayn, Owens, Styles and Cesaro Heading To The Main Event Scene? 

He's back! The #KingOfSwing @wwecesaro has returned! #RAW #RAWAfterMania

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With Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and John Cena still out of action, we could finally see some new competition in the title scene. Roman Reigns invited anyone in the back to come challenge him for the WWE Championship. Instead of getting one hungry competitor, he got four: Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho all surrounded the ring, with the hopes of taking up Roman's offer. In the end, Shane placed all four men in a fatal four way match to determine Roman's opponent at Extreme Rules.

Unfortunately, Zayn was taken out of the match thanks to a backstage attack from Kevin Owens. To replace him, a returning Cesaro would be part of an exciting match.

With the young talent fighting in the main event, was this a glimpse into the future of the main event scene?

7 Was Barrett's "Boot" A Sign Of His WWE Departure? 

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The Bareknuckle Brawler was kicked to the curb this past Monday Night, after The League of Nations suffered a loss for the Tag Team Championship against The New Day. Sheamus brought to the attention that the team should be sheer dominance. This would lead him to mentioning a weaker point of the team, which resulted in the team turning on Barrett and Brogue Kicking him out the door.

According to Ryan Satin of WrestleZone, Sources told him that Wade Barrett will not re-sign with the WWE after his contract expires in June. Things could change in the upcoming months but for now this is what is speculated.

Could tonight's action be a sign of Wade Barrett's WWE departure?

6 Why Did Creative have Ryder Drop The Title Already? 

For almost five years now, Zack Ryder has been scratching and clawing to get some TV time At WrestleMania 32, Ryder did the unexpected, defeating six other men in a 7 man ladder match for the Intercontinental title.

During last night's post-WrestleMania Raw, Ryder reflected on his special moment, reminiscing about the the time Scott Hall took a picture with Ryder holding his newly won championship. After Ryder won the title, he would repeat history, except this time, it was Hall who took a picture holding Ryder's Intercontinental championship.

Just as he was sharing a special moment with his father who was in the crowd, The Miz would interrupt, challenging Ryder for his title. Ryder would accept his request after being pressured, which would result in him losing, due to distraction from The Miz's wife, Maryse.

So now we ask, WHY.... ? Why did they have Ryder drop the title after only having it for 24 hours? Is Ryder gonna be in a lengthy feud with Miz? I guess we will have to wait and see.

5 What's Next For The Wyatts? 

The #WyattFamily unleashed their fury on the #LeagueOfNations! #RAW

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Last night on Raw, we saw The Wyatt Family trample The League of Nations, shortly after they kicked Wade Barrett out of the stable. What we don't know is what is next for The Wyatts? There doesn't seem to be a clear path for them to walk down. Will they set up a feud with The League of Nations or will Bray Wyatt finally get a crack at the main event scene? Their promo with The Rock at WrestleMania brought some credibility to the stable, but left them on an unknown path. Their legion of fans showed plenty of love and support for them last night, but what will the stable do to keep their fans support? The future will tell all.

4 Was Cena's Absence A Sign That He's Still Recovering? 

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After coming to The Rock's aid this past Sunday at WrestleMania, the 15-time champ looked like he was ready to wrestle once again. Unfortunately, Cena didn't make his return to Raw last night. Cena has been sidelined since the end of 2015 with a shoulder injury. Cena has been known to return earlier then expected, so his return at WrestleMania backed that fact up.

His absence on Monday Night Raw might say more then we could have learned at Mania. Cena didn't get too physical, so it's possible that he is still recovering from his injury. Nothing has been mentioned yet, so we will have to wait and see.

3 Whats Next For The Authority? 

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The Authority was nowhere to be seen last night on Raw. After suffering a defeat from Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania, Triple H could have possibly wrestled his final match. We don't know what's left in the tank for The Cerebral Assassin, but what we do know is that he is still running Monday Night Raw. Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are sure to make their return to Raw next Monday. I wonder what we could see next. All we know now is that The Authority will have a lot to discuss upon their return.

2 Will Shane McMahon Stick Around? 

Let's see what he's got! @shanemcmahonwwe is running tonight's #RAW!

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After going through hell and back with The Undertaker, Shane McMahon added to his legend by partaking in what could be named Match of the Year. The whole purpose of his return was to take control of Monday Night Raw. The problem with that, is that he lost.

He was granted control of last night's Raw, showcasing one of the best main events Raw has ever seen. Maybe we haven't seen the last of Shane McMahon. He could possibly be sticking around a lot longer then we think.

1 Can AJ Styles Take Down Roman Reigns? 

It didn't take long for Reigns to find his first opponent for his newly won WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  The main event of Raw showcased some of the best talent WWE has to offer. The number one contender's spot was determined in a fatal four way match between AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and a returning Cesaro. A star studded match that would end with The Phenomenal One hitting the Styles Clash on Jericho to secure the win.

Now that AJ Styles gets his much deserved shot at the richest prize in pro wrestling, can he beat Roman Reigns? We've seen one champion already drop the title within a 24 period, so don't be surprised if Styles upsets the new WWE World Heavyweight champion, Roman Reigns, at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Styles isn't getting any younger, so now would seem like the perfect time for him to get a lengthy run with the gold. At the same time, Roman went through hell and back just to get the title back, so him dropping it already would be senseless, making this match pretty interesting.

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