Top 10 Golfers Who Suddenly Lost Their Game

The word “hacker” is commonly used at public golf courses, but for PGA Tour players the word gets tossed around every now and then too.

As hard as it is to make it to the PGA Tour, it’s even harder to stay there. Golfers everywhere will tell you that no round is ever the same and anything can happen on a given day to make or break the day. With the struggle being real for so many golfers, it’s really only those who people have heard about that get thrown on a list of those who “suddenly lost their game.”

In order to be considered washed-up, a player first needs to rise to the top. Therefore, a player may consistently be a top-50 player in the world, but they will only be recognized to have been falling apart if they win a major first. Someone like Tiger Woods is receiving a lot of heat right now, because even though he won multiple tournaments just two years ago, he hasn’t done anything of note lately.

Golf is a rare sport where you can’t get bailed out by your teammate or even sign a long-term deal where you can coast for a few years. Every shot and every tournament counts because wherever you finish on a given week is how much money you are going to get. If you win a few tournaments and make a lot of money, that is great, but if your game begins to struggle, it’s incredibly hard to make it back to the top.

With that being said, there have been many golfers who have gained popularity to suddenly fall off the map. Here are the top-10 golfers who have summoned to the word “hacker” and who have suddenly lost their game.

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10 John Daly

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

9 Trevor Immelman

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

8 David Howell

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

7 Lee Janzen


6 Chris DiMarco


5 Mike Weir

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

4 Padraig Harrington

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

3 Anthony Kim


2 David Duval

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

1 Tiger Woods

Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic via USA TODAY Sports

He's arguably the greatest golfer to ever live, but right now he's fallen to 62nd in the Official World Golf Rankings. Say what you want about Tiger's legacy and career, but at this current stage, he has fallen and may never get back up. After finishing in the Top-10 in 62.4 percent of the tournaments he participated in from 1992-2009, that percentage has dropped to 32.3 percent since. The way Tiger is playing right now is horrendous. He is chunking shots, sculling shots and, most importantly, missing putts. He'll be 40-years-old in December and although golf is a sport where many peak in their 40's, the legend may be over.

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Top 10 Golfers Who Suddenly Lost Their Game