3Helio Castroneves – IndyCar Champion – Acquitted of $2.3 Million Tax Fraud Charges

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Helio Castroneves is one of IndyCar’s most successful drivers. He has 23 career wins including three at the Indianapolis 500, but the battle of his career took place in a court room. In October 2008, Castroneves was charged with six counts of tax evasion and one count of conspiracy. Castroneves

pled not guilty, while the IRS claimed he owed over $2.3 million in taxes. The charges centered on a contract Helio had signed with Penske Racing in the wake of driver Greg Moore’s death and a Panamanian company called Seven Promotions. After nearly two years in court, Castroneves was acquitted on all six counts of tax evasion and the remaining conspiracy charge was dropped.

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