Top 10 Hilarious Fan Streakers in Sports History

Whoever invented the idea of undressing yourself at a sporting event and rushing onto the field of play strictly for the enjoyment of the fans and the players is a genius. Nobody knows where the idea

Whoever invented the idea of undressing yourself at a sporting event and rushing onto the field of play strictly for the enjoyment of the fans and the players is a genius. Nobody knows where the idea originated from, but we’re just glad that people do it. Of course these days it’s not the same anymore… people do it in the hopes that the video goes viral and they cash in on their sponsorship deal… which is why you often see a streaker wearing messaging on their body. In the olden days you just kind of got drunk and did it for fun with no expectations of people tracking down your blog to try to find you or a sleazy sponsor trying to pay you for exposure… literally.

Nevertheless we will never truly get into the minds of these people and understand why they do what they do, except for one lady who blatantly explained why she did it if you watch the full video. The point is that no matter what the motive, we enjoy watching every second of these hilarious people exposing themselves for our enjoyment and adding a different kind of excitement to the game. It is in honor of those people that we count down the 10 Most Hilarious Fan Streakers In Sports History.

These streaking incidences are hilarious for different reasons. Most of them are funny on their own because they were unexpected. Yet some of these clips stand out even more because the person dressed up in a funny costume, or because they got straight up hammered by security guards once the running part was over, or because they managed to score a goal, or because they simply looked good doing it.

While we don’t endorse streaking here at The Sportster, if you’re going to do it, be like one of these people.

10 Packing A Punch

Alright so this particular streaker isn’t exactly naked, but we’ve included this incident on this list because he gets absolutely smoked after stealing the football from former Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre. Even more devastating is the hit that comes before the streaker gets nailed as two security guards nail each other. That sounds wrong and the video looks painful. All in all it’s a great clip… and a great lesson in terms of what is supposed to happen when you run onto the field during a professional football game… you get smashed. Kudos for getting to meet Brett Favre, but we hope the dude handled the after effects of the licking he took.

9 The Hot Chick Who Can Kick


Streakers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more attractive than others and this one would be one of the more attractive ones we’ve seen. Not only is she attractive because of her physical appearance, she’s attractive because the girl can kick. Watch her score this goal past a diving keeper who evidently didn’t realize that she wasn’t on any particular team. If only it was as easy to score for men as it is for women….generally speaking. The only thing more attractive than a hot blonde baring it all is one that can play sports, and this girl obviously proves she may have spent some time at the YMCA in her youth. Extra marks go to the goalie for keeping things professional and not taking any scoring chances for granted. Although we can't include the video here, as it features nudity, you should have no trouble finding it with a simple Youtube search.

8 Off To The Races

Here is a unique spin on things. This streaker tries to out race a horse, or rather a whole bunch of horses before falling on his face. The announcer does the smart thing and doesn’t acknowledge the streaker at all, finishing the call of the race as the horses hit the finish line. Of course the announcer couldn’t stop the cameraman from leaving the camera still just long enough to show the audience what happened. Although a very entertaining incident, this streaking saga wasn’t exactly the stuff thoroughbreds are made of. Maybe he could have put some time in at the stables and had a real stallion demonstrate the importance of footwork on the track.

7 The Round About

Shout out to this streaker from Portland State University, who looked really silly in a Viking hat and a green, team colored thong that no doubt made people laugh. The best part about this guy is that he streaked all the way down the field, didn’t get caught, jumped the fence to leave the field of play and then came back around to do it all again. So much for coming to your senses after the adrenaline rush is over. Clearly it wasn’t over for this guy.

6 Borat Gets Taken Down

Anybody remember the ridiculous bathing suit that Sasha Baron Cohen, aka Borat wore in the movie? Well, this streaker decided to wear it to a soccer game. He pranced around the field for a little bit before getting taken down by one of the players, who was subsequently given a red card by the referee for his harsh treatment of the streaker. So much for getting bonus points for helping security out with a big time wrestling move.

5 Surprise Attack

At first glance, it looks like this video ends pretty quickly but this streaker actually comes back into the picture, talks a bit with the cheerleaders and then promptly gets pummeled by a security guard who spears him to the ground. People expect football players to crush each other while the ball is in play, but this hit probably made the poor guy wish that he had pads on. So much for getting a cheerleader’s phone number. Maybe next time he should go for the kill the first time around instead of making a circle like an idiot and waiting to get what was inevitably coming to him anyway.

4 Feeling Presidential

You can always count on Americans to do something stupidly patriotic every once in a while. This woman did it by streaking at the 2013 Presidents Cup in Dublin, Ireland. She gained international acclaim for her efforts, mostly because she wore strategically placed patches of the American flag on her body… and let’s face it she looked good doing the whole thing. This incident inspired the crowd to chant USA and cheer loudly, which is generally the whole point of streaking in the first place… to get people going.

3 Fake Ref


Nothing like the good old fake referee trick to really get the crowd going. This guy uses a jockstrap that has a football attached to the outside of it to cover his parts, and he proceeds to do a fair number of push-ups in order to demonstrate his physical strength. A very entertaining incident for the fan that no doubt got security irritated as nobody got to him for quite a few seconds. This guy not only gets bonus points for his outfit and for drawing attention to himself, which is the goal of any true streaker, he gets extra credit for bringing a little more fun to the supposed No Fun League. Would it really surprise anybody if the league eventually gives the home team of said streaker a penalty for allowing the fun to happen? We certainly don’t think so.

2 Streakers Fall In Love

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Two streakers from opposite sides of the planet, one in Australia and one in the midwestern United States, get connected because a fan who spotted both of their individual websites realized they should probably meet each other. They get connected, fall in love and decide to meet for the first time, where else but naked on a soccer pitch. Not even Shakespeare himself could write up a love story like this. It’s obvious that the days of daters being nervous about meeting for coffee are dead. One can now apparently share it all and end up falling in love in the process. Who knows if there will be any kind of a dress code at the couple’s wedding. Perhaps they can provide a questionnaire in their wedding invites to assess whether other people want to bare it all or not. A largely nude wedding party would make for interesting dinner conversation at the reception to say the least.

1 Seminole High School

Check out this beauty from Seminole High School. A guy puts on a Spiderman mask with nothing else on and interrupts a football game. He jumps not one but two fences in order to escape security guards who are chasing him and undoubtedly trying to get him in some trouble. And then he jumps into a getaway car. Streaking at a sporting event is always entertaining to watch but people seldom get away… bonus points to this guy for doing so. One has to wonder if the guy driving the car was also dressed in a superhero outfit. Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure.

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Top 10 Hilarious Fan Streakers in Sports History