Top 10 Hottest National Volleyball Teams

Looking back on probably the greatest movie to come out in the 1980s, there were two things wrong with Top Gun. The first was the painfully awkward romance between Maverick and Kelly McGillis' character and the second was the volleyball game montage. That movie had quotable lines, MiG's and F-14's a decent plot and bromance before it was weird and before it was called something as stupid as "bromance."

But getting back to the topic of volleyball, its a tough game to play that requires a great deal of athleticism. While men do play the game, men's beach volleyball was never made into an oddly sexual video game. Thank you Japan for coming up with Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball; the game that made young men think..."hmmm, are video game women now allowed to be considered hot?" We keep getting off track, but that happens when thinking about women's volleyball. It's like women's tennis but occasionally with less clothing.

Getting to the task at hand, if it is news to you that female volleyball players are usually beautiful, we're glad to be an enlightening force in your life. Think about it though, they get tons of exercise and spend large amounts of time either on the beach or in the gym. If they weren't in fantastic shape, it would be almost concerning. All discussion aside, here is our list of the world's hottest national female volleyball teams.

For those of you who like tall, statuesque women with legs 'til next month, you're in the right place. In the same breath, if you're a militant feminist with a belief that female athletes need not be ogled, it may be time to shield your eyes...or read, then send me hate tweets, whatever you prefer. I'm sure I'll read them eventually.

*All stats and ranknigs are taken from FIVB.org.

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10 Brazil

via grindtimesports.wordpress.com

One of the most successful volleyball programs in the sport starts off our list at number ten. Brazil has won gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics along with ten World Grand Prix wins. Due to a third place finish in the 2014 World Championship they are number two in the world. The three hottest members of Brazil's team are (all 6' tall plus) Fabiana Claudino, Ana Carolina Da Silva and (this one is very important) Thaisa Menezes. For those upset to see Brazil so early on this list, calm down, wipe away those tears and keep reading.

9 Italy

via italy2014.fivb.org

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but Italian women are some of the best looking in the world. Their national volleyball team is no exception. Italy has a history of placing high in international volleyball tournaments, with many Mediterranean Games golds and a couple of World Cup wins. Captain Francesca Piccinini, Cristina Chirichella, Raphaela Folie are among the beauties on the team and Francesca Ferretti is the unquestionable number one in this category. The team currently sits at the ranking of number five according to the Federation Internationale De Volleyball (FIVB), after a fourth place finish at the 2014 World Championship.

8 Dominican Republic

via norceca.info

Back to the Americas once again, and we come to the Dominican Republic. They are a relative newcomer to the elite in the volleyball world, currently occupying FIVB's sixth spot. While they have won many regional contests over the last couple of decades, glory on the world stage has yet to come. If you want to see some of the finest looking athletes the small island nation has, look up Brenda Castillo, Niverka Marte or Candida Arias.

7 Germany

via zimbio.com

How many Germans does it take to screw in a light bulb? Doesn't matter, they have a great looking volleyball team. Sadly they have seen less and less success since they basically ran the show back in the 1980s. While unified Germany has done well economically and in other aspects of society, they have had limited volleyball success since the early 90s, with a couple of World Grand Prix third place finishes in 2002 and 2009. Most of their players are blond, tall and gorgeous; Maren Brinker and Margareta Kozuch being perfect examples of all three.

6 Argentina

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To the Americas once again and Argentina is our number six. In terms of the team's historical success, the nice way to put it is that their golden age has yet to come. A ton of second and third place finishes in South American championship tourneys and a few Pan-Am bronzes have been tacked up but worldwide success has evaded them. Their team is beautiful however. Lucia Fresco, Juliana Lazcano and captain Paula Nizetich are among the most beautiful members of the team, but as can be said of all these teams, even the "average" are still pretty great.

5 Japan

via wsenetwork.com

Historically speaking, Japan is one of the most decorated nations in the sport of women's volleyball. They have a few Olympic golds along with a few World Championships. All of these took place prior to the 1980s. In recent decades however, their success has been less abundant. Still however, they are a perennial contender and currently sit fourth on the FIVB ratings. They finished seventh at the 2014 World Championship. Did we mention how attractive they are? Arisa Sato, Arisa Takada, and Yuki Ishii are among the beauties on this team. Saori Kimura, is another, who also has an awesome last name for those versed in martial arts lingo. While it is the name of an armlock, it is also a common Japanese last name.

4 Netherlands

via cev.lu

FIVB's current number seventeen is the Netherlands, who start off the top half of our list. In the team's history they have a single World Grand Prix gold and a European Championship. They were thirteenth at the 2014 World Championship and have not qualified for an Olympic Games since 1996. With that said, most of their team could make a career in modelling. With respect to their looks, Femke Stoltenborg, Robin De Kruijf, Myrthe Schoot and Manon Flier are this team's front-runners.

3 Croatia

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Tied with the Netherlands' team, Croatia sits at number seventeen in the FIVB rankings. All in all, the team has had little success in its history outside of some high finishes at the European Championships in the 1990s. But, aside from winning in the traditional way, Croatia is a country known for great looking women. As such, their team is no slouch and is incredibly easy on the eyes. Among the beauties are Nikolina Jelic, Sanja Popovic, Bernarda Brcic and Marija Usic.

2 Russia

via thecairopost.com

While they were the Soviet Union, they won ten World Championships and four Olympic golds. As Russia, their success has continued, as they have two World Championships and two Olympic silver medals. Of the tall stunners on the team as it stands right now, Yana Shcherban, Aleksandra Pasynkova, Irina Fetisova and Natalia Malykh are all model material. They are currently FIVB's number seven, having placed fifth at FIVB's 2014 World Championship.

1 United States

via norceca.net

For those upset to see the United States at the top of this list, sorry but the team is number one according to the FIVB and our list, as they are amazing at volleyball and kill it when it comes to looking fine. They don't have as many historic wins as some of the other teams on our list but the States did win last year's World Championship, along with a few Grand Prixs and tons of medals at other regional events. Look up any or all of the following to see why the States takes number one here: Alisha Glass, Nicole Davis, Kristin Hildebrand, Jordan Larson, Nicole Fawcett, and Kimberly Hill. But once again, the rest of the team is also pretty great looking and are tall and have legs 'til next month.

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