Top 15 Hottest Streakers of All-Time

Streaking is as old as sport itself. This fact is made up and likely not true. Streaking is the act of running naked through a public place such as a sporting event as a prank, a dare, a drunken display or an act of protest. It's not sexual, it's just a fun activity for those who have had a few too many. Erica Roe, one of the first female streakers, was said to be "inspired by alcohol."

Streaking is an English/Australian export to North America, that circulated college campuses and then became mainstream, making all of the way to the Super Bowl.

It turns out streaking can also be big business. One of the world's most famous streakers, Mark Roberts, has streaked at more than 500 events, including Super Bowl XXXVIII between the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers. He was paid one million dollars to streak at the Super Bowl. At some events, security guards carry his photo around. The brit is no longer allowed in the United States but he's a millionaire so it balances out. Mom, dad, I run across fields naked for a living.

Roberts goes prepared with two seats of clothes, his own and the referee’s uniform underneath. Both sets had Velcro so they can be torn away easily. His lawyer is Richard Haynes, one of the best lawyers in Texas who argues at trial that Roberts is not guilty: nobody told you you couldn’t go onto the field. There were no signs, no warnings. Common sense can't win against the law.

Roberts isn't the only person who thinks streaking is super funny. The US Open, Wimbledon and seemingly every second football game have hosted a streaker.

Here are the hottest streakers of all-time.

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15 Rugby Fan 

via sportal.com.au

Rugby players are pretty good looking men for the most part. The ones who haven't had their teeth knocked out are typically chiseled and fit. So, perhaps this streaker wanted to impress a group of attractive young men to get a date? Or maybe she was drunk? Maybe it was a joke? We'll never know, but one thing is for sure, the majority of the players look like they definitely enjoying the moment. It's hard to blame them, as it's a positive respite from getting knocked around all game.

14 Michelle Cassidy

via streakersusa.tumblr.com

In 1995, Michelle Cassidy ran across the pitch during the England vs. Australia match. Not much is known about Cassidy. She didn't seem to do it for publicity because no interviews are available and there is nothing about her online. It seems she was just a girl up for a little fun or really bored. Either way, we'll assume that most of the males didn't really care for her reasons.

13 Fan of American Football...in Austria

via reflexcamera.be

Very little is known about this streaker, except for the fact that she's streaking at an American football game that was taking place in Austria, leading to the obvious question: "They play American football in Austria?"

On top of that, we'd really like to know the intentions of this security guard.  Between the look on his face and his hand positioning, it's hard to determine whether he's trying to do his job or be incredibly, incredibly creepy.

12 Kimberly Webster

via fabwags.com

When Kimberly Webster decided to streak at the President's Cup, she had a noble cause. Frustrated by the lack of female streakers in the world of...streaking, she decided that she'd add to the female tally at this golf tournament. Apparently, she first mentioned the idea as a joke, but then looked online for streakers to find there were mostly men. Had she seen most of the entries of this list, she might have reconsidered.

11 Sampdoria Fan

via nydailynews.com

Last year, while Sampdoria were getting a beating from Napoli in Serie A action (they lost 5-2), their fans had only one reason to cheer and that's because this beautiful young lady decided to streak across the field, draped in their team's flag. While she wasn't completely naked underneath, she still got a strong reaction from the crowd before being removed by a security guard who appears to be enjoying his jobfor the first time.

10 Guy at Twickenham England vs. Barbarians

via youtube.com

The streaker at the Twickenham England vs. Barbarians turned streaking into a performance art. Afterwards, the attractive gentleman commented "Greatest try of my life!! Sorry if I offended anyone! All for a good laugh!!" That's right, he scored a try during the match.

He definitely made security work hard to catch him.

9 Melissa Johnson

via pinterest.com

Melissa Johnson got naked for men's singles final at Wimbledon. Richard Kraijek and Malivai Washington were in contest at the time but didn't seemed to mind the interruption from Ms. Johnson, who at the time was a 23-year-old student. From this pictures, they seem to be greatly amused.

It was one of the less classy Wimbledon tournaments. Normally everybody has to wear a golf shirt. Or at least a shirt.

8 Helen D'Amico

via heraldsun.com.au

Helen D'Amico is an exotic dancer from Adelaide, Australia. She attempted to go to second base with Australian rules football player Bruce Doull during a streak at the 1982 Grand Final.

As you can see, he was not into it. It was probably a good thing Doull rejected D'Amico's naked hug. She was only 17-years-old at the time. Apparently her employer wasn't into checking identification.

D'Amico told the Herald Sun that,“When I got out to the middle I had no idea what to do. I ran to Bruce Doull. He looked like my father."

Carlton, Doull's team, ended up losing. His teammate, Kevin Bartlett blamed the loss on the streaker.

“Helen D’Amico came on the ground and stuffed it up,” he says in his book.

“But we were a young team and we lost focus. I was the only one old enough to handle it.''

Bartlett grabbed D'Amico by her scarf and told her, in a not very nice way, to get off the field.

7 Yvonne Robb

via ushandicap.com

At 21, Yvonne Robb decided she would spice up the British Open and Tiger Woods' life. The television viewing audience topped 100 million television viewers.

Woods, smiled and laughed when he saw the female streaker coming along. He allowed Robb, like many exotic dancers to come, to plant a little kiss on his check.

Robb's lawyer would later tell the BBC that, "The drink getting the better of her, she ran. I understand the player smiled and said 'thank you' and she did a celebration dance then left the green."

Robb worked at a club called Private Eyes. She was fined £100. Surely, her business picked up well enough that covering the fine was no big deal.

6 Jacqui Salmond

via publicfigures.tumblr.com

If they had a streaker Hall of Fame, Jacqui Salmond would be the crown jewel. Jacqui worked as a lap dancer in the Burke and Hare pub in Edinburgh and thought that streaking would be great publicity for her modelling career.

Salmond targeted the streaker favourite Tiger Woods at the 129th British Open.

Shortly before running naked through a golf course, Salmond dropped her two children off with her mother and finished off a can of beer in the parking lot with her baby daddy.

Tiger later admitted that her actions had spoiled the final hole of his championship-winning round.

Just you wait and see what strippers are going to do to your career, Tiger.

5 Guy From 18 Super Rugby Match Between the Chiefs and Hurricanes

via rugbydump.com

This streaker made an appearance during the round 18 Super Rugby match between the Chiefs and and Hurricanes in New Zealand. Once security caught him, they covered him up with a garbage bag. Here's what he streaker had to say about his fifteen seconds of fame:

"I apologize to all the viewers that didn't appreciate me streaking. It was a stupid and inappropriate thing to do! I was just drunk and wasn't thinking..."

4 Brittney Skye

via kaosklub.com

If you Google Brittney Skye for more information, don't do it at work or on the family computer. Skye is an adult entertainer.

Skye streaked for/at/in front of Jim Furyk at the US Open in 2003. She calls it one of the scariest things she's ever done.

She ducked under the ropes and ran around with the URL of an online casino marked drawn on her chest. Hopefully she received a nice big cheque for her efforts.

3 The Christmas Streaker

via pic.sports.sohu.com

Look, Christmas is an extremely festive time and sometimes those feelings of joy can get the most of us, like it did for this young lady back in 1998. Not much is known about this streaker or her motives on this fateful night at The Riverside Stadium, so we'll assume she was just trying to raise the spirits of the two Middlesbrough players we can see in the picture. One of them is Paul Gascoigne, who's actually faced streakers a couple of times in his career, though the other time didn't involve as attractive a streaker...

2 Katrina Torres

via totalprosports.com

Quite simply, the Pro Bowl sucks. It's incredibly boring to watch a football game where the players aren't trying to hit each other. It goes against the entire purpose of the sport. Well, back in 2014, we got the most exciting moment in Pro Bowl history: the presence of an incredibly hot female streaker.

Guess what she does for a living? She's a fitness model. One look at her and it's super obvious why.

1 The Girls From the Italian TV Show Lucignolo

via thespoiler.co.uk

As part of a publicity stunt for the Italian TV show Lucignolo, two actresses from the show streaked across the field at the Italian National Team’s first day of practice. One of them was even able to kiss and hug one of the Italian players, which you can assume he didn't complain about, especially if you look at all the smiling face in this picture.

What a way to promote a show.

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