Top 10 Most Unreasonable Ways Floyd Mayweather Has Spent Money

A couple weeks ago, rapper/Vitamin water investor 50 Cent broke news that Floyd Maywealther's reading skills may not be top notch.

If you were to search Floyd Mayweather in Google, the top Google headline is mostly likely “Flyod Mayweather 'makes it rain' in LA strip club” or something along the lines of Mayweather bets millions of dollars on a college basketball game. Headlines like Mayweather makes it rain in Silicon Valley are rarer. Put these two things together and it basically spells out that Mayweather probably makes some questionable spending choices.

At the end of the day, it is his money and he should spend it however he wants. At the same time, the guy is 37-years-old. Although, he is undefeated, the ride is coming to an end. In fact, he plans to retire in 2015. Nobody wants to see Mayweather move into a one bedroom in Grand Rapids.

According to TheRichest, Mayweather's net worth sits at $280 million, most of which he keeps in a chequing account. He has famously claimed to only have "one account."

Mayweather's earnings are up there with Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo. His only real financial competitors in the sports world. This isn't Jeremy Lin money that Mayweather is working with. He's on the next level. He's got a Justin Bieber sized purse.

Unlike most top athletes, Mayweather doesn't have any endorsement deals but he aways has his day job to fall back on. While, guys like Shaq and Michael Jordan continue to grow businesses and brands long after their careers end, Mayweather makes money gambling.

According to Mayweather himself, he won $1.4 million when the Denver Broncos beat the New York Jets. He claims to have made over $3,250,000 in NFL betting in the last three weeks.

Of course, he isn't sharing his loss receipts on Twitter and Instagram.

Mayweather likes to spend his money. And he should. He owns a 100-foot yacht, spent $80,000 on four Miami Heat tickets instead of having his guy take care of the seats when they cost $2,000 a seat, and he owns a personal G-5 jet. And he also finances the G-4 that flies with the G-5 because Mayweather worries that his four bodyguards will weigh down the cabin.

And those are his reasonable purchases. These are the less reasonable.

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10 Ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson

via mycolumbuspower.com

Floyd Mayweather posted photos on Instagram of a closet full of women's handbags. In one shopping spree, he purchased $1,000,000 in Hermes handbags for then fiancee Shantel Jackson.

Even if Jackson changed her bag as frequently as she changed her underwear, these bags were likely well out of season before she had a chance to use them all.

Hermes bags are not the only benefit of being Mayweather's girl. He captained an Instagram photo of a red car, “whatever I buy me...it's only right to get her one too. Just one of her gifts!”

However, all of the gifts Mayweather gave Jackson were in his name. And after the messy breakup, he took back all of her gifts. According to some reports, Mayweather took back over $7 million in jewels alone.

So there really wasn't a point of buying his and hers when it is really all his...

9 Gifts for the “Other Girlfriends”

via larrybrownsports.com

Over the past couple of years, Mayweather is rumored to have somewhere between two and six girlfriends. On the evening of one of his fights, each of his six girlfriends received an expensive gown.

Some girl, most likely new girlfriend number one, who goes by @BadMedina on Instagram, received a Rolls Royce for her birthday. She also seemingly was gifted another car, along with two other women. Mayweather has gifted bags, luxury watches, a pair of diamond-studded shoes and a $100,000 dollars for her company.

When you are buying his and her sports cars, six girlfriends is a little unreasonable.

8 Watches

via upscalehype.com

The first million dollar watch? Not unreasonable. The second watch? Again, he's rich, who cares? The third, a slight indulgence, maybe. The seventh? Probably the cut off.

First off, nobody really needs a watch anymore. The iPhone kinda killed that market.

Mayweather's watch collection sits at about $6.5 million. Last March, the boxer added a new one-million dollar 60 carat piece to his collection. The piece was crafted by Rafaello and Co. and it is made out of Russian cut diamonds.

7 Diamond Encrusted iPod

via businessinsider.com

An iPod is kind of an obsolete purchase due to the technical advances iProducts have made over the last couple of years. First off, you can just get the 64 GB iPhone and it's basically the same thing, except it can make phone calls too. Second, there is a new iPod out every season.

The best part about his iPod is that he wears it hanging from a lanyard around his neck like elderly people wear their credit and identification cards while on daytrips.

Floyd's iPod is estimated to have cost $50,000 dollars.

Pure diamonds just like Mayweather likes.

6 Big Bird Coat

via instagram.com

PETA and Mayweather have history taken shots at each other for years. However, Mayweather continues to say, "I'm gonna wear chinchilla and I'm gonna rock mink coats." And he does.

One of those fur coats looks considerably like the body of Sesame Street's Big Bird.

And he got a bright yellow Ferrari to match.

The fur coat is actually a mink. In the end, the mink/Big Bird is obnoxious, and just plain yucky looking. He hasn't been seen it in for years.

5 Disposable Clothes

via theheatmag.com

Mayweather only wears his undergarments once before he disposes of them.

The guy likely doesn't do his own laundry, so why does he care if his underwear is has already been worn? In fact, underwear that has been through the Whirlpool front loader a couple of times is probably cleaner than the stuff on the selves.

Mayweather also leaves his shoes in hotel rooms for the hotel staff after only one wear.

Hopefully his shoes provide enough sole support for a long day of housekeeping.

4 Louis Vuitton Assistant 

via theybf.com

The undefeated boxer claims that his "luggage is worth more than a plane." Mayweather travels with all Louis Vuitton luggage.

Even Mayweather's briefcase is Vuitton. He is even rumored to have purchased a $175,000 Louis Vuitton punching bag.

Last year, Mayweather tweeted, "I'm looking to hire a new assistant to keep my Louis Vuitton bags in order."

3 $13-million-dollar Engagement Ring

via rucuss.com

In 2013, Floyd Mayweather proposed to then girlfriend Shantel Jackson with a $13 million dollar engagement ring. The reason the engagement between Jackson and Mayweather come to an end is that Mayweather was not too keen on the idea of monogamy. He was willing to forgo the old prenuptial agreement if Jackson agreed to allow him to keep mistresses.

Mayweather has had girlfriends throughout his relationship with Jackson. She apparently refused to marry Mayweather if he continued to keep mistresses.

If Mayweather wanted to be single and keep girlfriends, what's the point of getting engaged?

2 Full-time Barber

via espn.go.com

Plenty of wealthy people have full-time hairdressers.

It's not exactly a luxurious expense for a person who makes over $40 million dollars in one night of work. This would be a completely reasonable expense if Mayweather did not keep a shaved head...the guy is bald.

This is the type of nonsense that led heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson to spend $150,000,000 in under twenty years.

When you have to pay salary plus travel plus accommodation, this stuff gets expensive.

1 Buying Back the Bags His Ex Pawned

via jadeafrican.com

After Mayweather and his “film actress” fiancee ended their relationship, she reportedly had a very difficult time financially, as her job had previously been being a professional girlfriend. Not the most stable market in the world. Instead of rejuvenating her acting career, she took to pawning off the gifts that Mayweather that hadn't already repossessed.

Jackson's friends took her $63,000 Birkin bag to Beverly Loan Company-a luxury Pawn Shop in Los Angeles with the original receipt. The staff at the upscale pawn shop recognized Mayweather's name as the purchaser and called him to inform him about their recent acquisition.

Mayweather went and bought back the bag that he had already purchased and likely has absolutely zero use for.

Except to post photos of the bag on Instagram to further humiliate Jackson.

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