Top 10 Sexiest Sportscasters

Let's be honest, gentlemen; when we turn on SportsCenter, or any sporting event for that matter, while the main intention is to watch an entertaining game or sports show, we can all admit that we're not complaining about the beautiful women usually featured as reporters or anchors across all walks of sport.

There's nothing more enticing to a sports fan than a pretty girl who can drop stats and break down defenses as easily as she can paint her nails and pick out a fancy dress. Some choose to see this as the objectification of women, and while in the past that may have been the case, there's no arguing the fact that today's women sportscasters are not just pretty faces, but knowledgeable and articulate sports reporters who probably know more, or are at least better at getting their points across, than the former athletes that are often handed jobs by major networks before their retirement papers have been filed.

The influx of beautiful women in the sports news industry has of course led to heated discussion as to who earns the crown as the prettiest of them all. While this may lead to accusations of objectification again, we're taking into account the quality of the reporting and not just how good any of these particular ladies look in a bikini. Like everything else in sport, there always has to be a winner, and at the highest level, the competition is the fiercest, especially considering that the "pretty sportscaster" trend has caught on worldwide, especially over the pond and in South America.

With that in mind, we present to you our top 10 sexiest sportscasters - of course this list will not go over well with everyone, as every guy has their sportscaster heartthrobs, but one thing no one can argue is that these girls always make game-day a little bit sweeter.

10. Inez Sainz

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you may be wondering how the stunning Sainz ends up so low on the list. Perhaps it's a matter of taste, or perhaps it's simply the "relevance" of the sportscaster in question. Since the New York Jets locker room scandal, where Sainz became a worldwide sensation (as if she needed the help), we haven't really heard much from the Mexican TV reporter. That being said, she still earned a place in most of our hearts (especially the hearts of Mark Sanchez and Jason Taylor), and will always be remembered fondly as any variation of the "Queen of Jeans"...if you don't get the reference, simply check out the outfit she had on when she was at the Jets practice when the alleged harassment incident went down.

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9 Charlotte Jackson

via youtube.com

In America (and all of North America, by extension), we generally associate the words "sexiest sportscasters" to some of the names ranked higher on this list (you'll have to keep reading to find out who). Over the pond, though, they have their own superstar woman reporter, known by sports fans and those who couldn't tell a baseball from a football: Charlotte Jackson. Jackson is often overlooked in the discussion in Western markets, but she's everyone's favorite sportscaster in the UK. Currently wooing viewers on Sky Sports, it's only a matter of time before Jackson becomes as big here as she is in Europe.

8 Erin Sharoni

via erinsharoni.com

Erin Sharoni is another less-known name, despite the fact that she has skyrocketed to prominent positions in the sports media world. She's worked with major networks like CBS, specifically working with Jim Rome, as well as CNBC and NBC Sports Network. If you ask the average Joe, he might point out something else about Sharoni that has men across the country raving about her on-air work (or her Instagram account), but just listening to Sharoni talk sports - either on the radio or through social media - and you'll be crushing on Sharoni not only because of her good looks, but because of her sports knowledge.

7 Kristen Ledlow

via about.me

Kristen Ledlow is a heartthrob if there ever was one - the cute girl with the glowing blonde hair and perfect smile, a stylish pair of glasses and a bubbly demeanor that would leave you blushing and fumbling for words if you ever had to have a conversation with her. She's worked her way up to a high-profile gig with NBA TV, so she's got a big fan-base in the basketball world. And she nearly beat Shaq in a free-throw competition. While beating Shaq at free throws isn't saying much, the fact that she almost did it in heels makes it that much more impressive.

6 Amanda Pflugrad

via plus.google.com

Pflugrad is a bit of a mouthful, but you'll put it up with her after you get a look at the woman behind the name. Pflugrad currently works as a sideline reporter for CBS Sports, mostly covering Olympic-style events like beach volleyball and gymnastics. She also spent time working for FOX in Arizona covering the NFL and NBA. Like many women reporters before her, she has the added benefit of having "cheerleading squad" on her resume, having served as the Oregon cheerleading captain in her senior year.

5 Leeann Tweeden

via hdw.eweb4.com

Tweeden may not be the most famous of women sportscasters, but you kind of wish she was after seeing some of her fieriest of photo-shoots. Tweeden was featured on ESPN2's "Fitness Beach," but also made appearances in Playboy back in the 90's. She also hosted her own show called "Bluetorch," which focused on extreme sports (part of the reason she never blew up nationally). While some might argue that Tweeden is past her prime, there's a lot to be said for a "classic" sexy sportscaster.

4 April Rose

via foxsports.com

If you're a connoisseur of men's magazines, you'll recognize the name April Rose from her numerous appearances in Maxim magazine. You might even know her from her work on on MTV, or more recently in her role as the beautiful dance instructor in "Grown Ups 2." In terms of her sports experience, Rose's resume isn't as impressive as others on this list, as most of her work has been spot duty for FOX Sports at various car shows and events, but her good looks make up for the lack of experience though.

3 Charissa Thompson

via bleacherreport.com

The top 3 was extremely difficult to decide on, as any of the next three sportscasters could have taken the crown. Coming in third is Charissa Thompson, who currently works as an anchor with the new FOX Sports 1 network. She previously worked on the popular "Sportsnation" show on ESPN. Regardless of where she's worked, she's been loved for her charisma, on-air charm, and of course, the drop-dead gorgeous looks that no doubt helped her land some of the premier sports anchor roles in the business - don't get it twisted, though, Thompson can go toe-to-toe with anyone who wants to throw down in a sports debate. She's a must-follow on Twitter as well, as she's always entertaining on social media, and even gives an inside look into her relationship with former NBA player Jay Williams and her conversations with girlfriends Erin Andrews and Chrissy Teigen.

2 Erin Andrews

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Surprised? It was hard not to slot Andrews into her standard #1 spot - once you get to the next slide it might make more sense. None of this to take anything away from the stunning Andrews, who's not only established herself as one of, if not the best, female sports reporter in the industry, but has managed to also maintain her reputation as one of the most attractive women sportscasters of all-time. While there have been ups and downs throughout Andrews' career, from the naked photos scandal to the "fan-girl" accusations after the Red Sox World Series championship, Andrews has always been called upon in the biggest moments in sports throughout her career. She'll always be remembered for her the stunned look on her face during Richard Sherman's outburst last season, but there's no doubt about Andrews sportscasting ability.

1 Molly McGrath

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps this is just a matter of preference, or maybe it's just a matter of a "changing of the guard," but Molly McGrath is on her way to the top. Three years ago she was still in school, and in the same way that I myself discovered her - watching her work court-side at a Celtics came for Comcast - FOX snapped her up and made her a star. Before our eyes McGrath "grew up" from a sideline reporter to a national anchor on America's Pregame, one of the most watched pre-game shows in all of North America. She'll also work the role as FOX's lead college football sideline reporter. McGrath's meteoric rise gives us reason to believe that there's a lot more good to come from the stunning blonde from the San Francisco native.

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