Top 10 Sports With the Fattest Athletes

When one thinks of an athlete, our immediate thought is most likely an individual of immense physique. Most sports are incredibly physically demanding, and as such, the vast majority of the athletes and competitors have to train religiously, adhere to very strict dietary programs, and of course, stay in shape. There are however, a few exceptions, and some sports do contain a number of athletes that we wouldn't perhaps immediately associate with the appearance of a professional sportsman or woman.

There are some sports which have fat competitors, but they are very rare. In soccer, the likes of Ronaldo, Tomas Brolin and Neville Southall have all played the game looking rather rotund, with varying degrees of success, but in truth, most soccer players are superbly fit. Likewise, there have been some chunky looking American Football and basketball players over the years, but they are very much the minority in the sport.

The sports featured on this list, have more than just the odd case of fat competitors. It should go without saying, but is worth pointing out anyway, all sports on this list's inclusion is not to detract anything from them, or the athletes who are involved in them; they are still immensely talented and hardworking sportspeople. Some of the sports are far less physically demanding, with more emphasis on skill, whilst others actually demand large weight from their athletes. Here are the top 10 sports with the fattest athletes.

10 Heavyweight Judo


9 Golf

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8 Pro Wrestling


7 Baseball

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6 Super Heavyweight Boxing

Lisa Bernheim/Staff

5 Discus


4 Weightlifting


3 Shot put


2 Darts


1 Sumo Wrestling


Sumo wrestling is, in essence, a very simple sport, in which the only objective is to force one's opposite number out of the ring, or have them touch the ground with any body part other than the soles of their feet. Factor in some huge men in nappies and it all gets a little bit more confusing. Despite being considered a modern form of martial arts, sumo itself actually dates back centuries in Japan. One may think the athletes look almost obese, but their lifestyle, diet and fitness regimes are perhaps the most regimented in all of sports.

Sumo wrestlers are required to live in communes, where all their lifestyle choices are controlled. So strict are the sumo authorities, after one wrestler was involved in a car crash, they introduced a new law banning athletes from driving their own cars. Everything from hairstyles, clothing, sleep patterns, and more are dictated for them. The best sumo wrestlers are paid around $30,000 a month, although they have significantly shorter life expectancy rates than the average Japanese male.

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Top 10 Sports With the Fattest Athletes