Top 10 Sports With the Sexiest Outfits for Women

Every time the Olympics come around, amid all the stories about perseverance, dedication, endurance, and passion, there is one fascinating outlier. It’s a story most wonderful, and one that isn’t particularly dwelt on for too long. It happens towards the end of the event, and goes something like this: ‘the Olympics are running low on condoms.’

That’s because, not surprisingly, athletes are sexual creatures. They train hard, focus on their bodies, and as a result, not only are they in top physical condition, but they have a lot of energy to expend. What’s more, because they work so hard, sometimes they don’t always have the time to release. So things happen during the Olympics.

It makes sense that athletes are highly sexual. They are also highly sexualized, which also make sense. Of course, it’s more so with women, but there are those of both genders that don’t mind being in the spotlight when the spotlight doesn’t have much to do with sports.

What’s more, the sexualization attracts fans. Now, football players have to wear helmets, but in the NBA, look and style is an important thing. Other sports, like tennis and golf, do well to show off your features because you’re not wearing equipment or masks, but you also have a chance to make a fashion statement as well. Visibility is key.

When it comes to women’s sports, there are many that feature attire that is more sexualized than not. It may be somewhat practical, but it also serves a purpose to gain attention and keep it. Sometimes the look is also stuck in the past and ruled by tradition, as is the case with some sports forcing women to wear skirts. In men’s sports, it seems more ruled by practicality, and the sexual component happens more by accident.

Of course that happens in women’s sports too. Because they are at their physical peak, they will be seen as sexually attractive to many, so it doesn’t really matter what they wear. Let’s get on with it then: here are the top ten sports with the sexiest outfits for women.

10 Swimming

9 Figure Skating

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

8 Field Hockey

7 Volleyball

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

6 Surfing

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5 Mixed Martial Arts

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

4 Tennis

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

3 Cheerleading

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

2 Track and Field

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1 Beach Volleyball

When it comes to number one on the list of sexiest outfits, there is no competition. And truly, if this list were about male athletes, it would probably be number one there too. That’s because of the simply fact that what we have are incredibly athletic bodies running, jumping, and diving in the sand while wearing bathing suits. Skimpy, tight-fitting bathing suits. Practically, this is the right outfit – you’re on a beach after all, and it’s likely going to be hot, so the bikini is the right way to go. It doesn’t hurt the sport at all that this these fit females are as a result easy to look at. Beach volleyball for the win.

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Top 10 Sports With the Sexiest Outfits for Women