Top 10 Things Wayne Gretzky Wants You To Forget About Paulina

Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, you probably still know who Wayne Gretzky is. The Canadian hockey player is an absolute legend in both the hockey world and the world of professional sports in general. After all, you don’t get the nickname “The Great One” without a lot of merit and skill.

Gretzky’s personal life is often as chronicled as his hockey stats, because let’s face it – we all want to know more about The Great One. His wedding way back in 1988 to stunner Janet Jones had people around the world watching. And, as with the children of any professional athlete who try their own hand at sports, everyone is closely watching Gretzky’s sons as they dabble in sports themselves – after all, what if they have even a sliver of the skill their father has?

There’s a lot about Gretzky to be celebrated, as you don’t get to the iconic level he has gotten to if you’re not at least somewhat charming and admirable in your personal life. Sure, some pro sports stars behave egregiously, but the majority who go on to achieve enduring popularity also win their fans' love and respect. There’s one small part of the Gretzky family that Wayne may not want you to be paying such close attention to, however and she goes by the name of Paulina.

That’s right – Paulina Gretzky.

Now, of course The Great One loves his daughter and is proud of her regardless – he’s her father, after all. However, he’s known for his wholesome image and insane skills, while his offspring has made a name for herself (and a bit of a reputation) by posting incredibly risqué and scandalous photographs of herself on social media, usually in nothing more than an itty bitty bikini.

Despite growing up in the spotlight thanks to her famous father, Paulina pretty much seems to do or say whatever she wants to, something that likely has Poppa Gretzky scratching his collar nervously at times.

Here are 10 things Wayne Gretzky wants you to forget about Paulina.

10 10. The Bikini Picture-Driven Reputation

Lounging ☀️ @kouroshbabaeian @juiceranch

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9 9. Oh No Canada


8 8. Make-Out Selfies with Dustin Johnson


7 7. The Maxim Cover


6 6. The Golf Digest Cover


5 5. Her Failed Career


4 4. Her Twitter Account

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3 3. Her Husband’s Less Than Squeaky Clean Image

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

2 2. That's She's Now in MILF Territory

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1 1. The 99 Tattoo


Oh, the 99 tattoo. For anyone who doesn’t know, 99 was The Great One’s jersey number and any hockey fan knows exactly who Number 99 is. It’s an iconic number in the sports world thanks to Wayne. So, as a bit of a tribute to her father, Paulina got a tattoo with the number on it. Many people get tattoos that pay homage to someone they care for or admire, so it’s not really that big of a deal, right? Well, that is, until you see where Paulina got it. Rather than getting her tribute to her dad in a classy place, Paulina inked a ‘99’ on her pelvis. Ankle, shoulder blade, arm, there’s literally a thousand places she could have got it. After all, she’s almost constantly in bikinis, its not like it would have been covered up. The location of the tribute tattoo is a bit odd to say the least, and Gretzky probably doesn’t want you looking at it because of how close it is to certain parts of his daughter.

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Top 10 Things Wayne Gretzky Wants You To Forget About Paulina