Top 10 Weirdest Things Thrown By Fans

When the camera pans to the stands at a sporting event, it often picks up a lot of enthusiastic fans holding or wearing team memorabilia. From the fairly mundane, individuals dressed in jerseys or hats demonstrating their support of their team, to the slightly strange, like the wobbly foam fingers that used to be a popular sporting event staple, fans will show up with a lot of different items.

There are also several well known sporting superstitions or practices that lead fans to throw something onto the ice. The most commonly known is probably the hat trick – when a player scores three goals within the span of one game, many fans will honor his or her achievement by tossing a hat onto the field or ice in acknowledgement.

However, sometimes things will get a little bit weird and fans will toss something just plain strange. Of course, in some cases the strange item will have a clear significance for a certain team– fans will throw something that has sentimental value to those who know the ins and outs of the team, a kind of fan to player private joke if you will. Other times, it seems like someone just turned up with a really weird item and is determined to get it onto the field and get a bit of attention. There are two questions you definitely want to ask after seeing some of the things fans have thrown at a sporting event. First – how did they get the item in question into the stadium, given how tight security can be? And second… why? What did the people sitting near them say?

Whether it was a heat of the moment decision where a fan picked up something from the stadium or a premeditated choice to bring in a certain item, it remains a bit of a strange mystery.

Here are 10 of the weirdest things that have ever been thrown at a sporting event.

10 A Shark


9 Lemons


8 Teddy Bears


7 Pig Head


6 Rats


5 Mars Bar


4 Beer Cups

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

3 A Wheelbarrow

2 A Scooter


1 Hamburgers

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

All hockey fans know who Curtis Lazar is – he’s competed for Canada at an international level and was snapped up by the Ottawa Senators in the first round of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. He’s touted as one of the biggest young talents and he’s on the path to becoming a star. However, in a recent game, he proved just how silly young athletes can be sometimes. During a Senators game, Ottawa won and fans celebrated by throwing hamburgers onto the ice. Why hamburgers? It’s understandable if you know the team – it was a bit of a hat tip to the Senators’ goalie, Andrew “The Hamburglar” Hammond. Lazar responded to the strange hamburger shower by bending down, snatching one of the burgers, and proceeding to take a big bite. The moment quickly went viral on sports shows everywhere as everyone wondered what on earth the young player was thinking. In case you were wondering, he even posted a funny message to his Twitter account after lamenting how the burger could have used some ketchup. Let’s hope Lazar loads up on carbs before his games from now on.

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Top 10 Weirdest Things Thrown By Fans