Top 12 Athletes Who Hate Justin Bieber

The universal hatred for Justin Bieber cannot be understated. Regardless of whether or not Biebs can sing and dance, non-Beliebers hate him not because of his music, but because of the kind of person

The universal hatred for Justin Bieber cannot be understated. Regardless of whether or not Biebs can sing and dance, non-Beliebers hate him not because of his music, but because of the kind of person he is or, at the very least, the persona he presents to the world. Athletes, in this respect are no different.

It’s nothing new to see actors, pop stars or political figures taking in a game or two, or even being loyal sports fans that can be associated with specific teams: Jack Nicholson and the Lakers, Vince Vaughn and the Blackhawks, Drake and the Raptors, you get the picture. Biebs takes things a step further in a couple of ways. Firstly (and erroneously), he thinks he can actually play these sports (see below) and he wants the world to know it. Secondly, he doesn’t seem particularly loyal to any team, but rather shows up to usurp the show, which he has done on many occasions. He’s widely criticized for being a band wagon guy, taking selfies and playing on his phone during basketball and hockey games. In fact, Biebs has literally been booed by entire arenas while taking in a game. And it’s not just because crowds envy his courtside seats, they simply don’t want him there.

In sum, no one can appreciate a poser, least of all professional athletes. Some of the things Bieber has done in the sports world are downright shameless. As Orwell would say, “Biebs is Narcissism and Narcissism is Biebs.” Here are the Top 12 Athletes That Hate Justin Bieber.

12 Steve Nash 

“Justin Bieber Breaks Steve Nash’s Ankles” is perhaps the lamest, most inaccurate, and ludicrous retelling of an event since Comrade Ogilvy won the Order of Conspicuous Merit. Prompted by Bieber’s Twitter post, the story proposes several untruths. First, that Justin Bieber can “hoop.” Second, that he crossed over Steve Nash like he was Tim Hardaway. Third, the story supposes that Nash was playing defense. Watch the clip – Bieber ignores the pick being set on his right, which Nash actually leans into, Nash then basically stands still and Bieber goes left. Then Selena Gomez gives a cheer for Bieber’s huge accomplishment, which the world can all hear thanks to Bieber posting the video. Nash, like most in the basketball world, must hate Bieber for that stunt.

11 The US Olympic Hockey Team 


“Loser Keeps Bieber,” is what a Chicago billboard read prior to the Canada vs USA showdown at the Sochi Olympics in 2014; which would add additional shame to to the loser in an already bitter hockey rivalry. After the American loss, the billboard was updated to “Worst Bet Ever,” which also boasted a picture of an eagle sporting a gold “Belieber” medal. With the weight of the country on their shoulders, even their collective hatred of Justin Beiber couldn’t skate with the Canadian squad, who eventually won Gold in Sochi.

10 Wayne Gretzky 


Professional athletes do all sorts of good charity work and they do this as a sign of their gratitude for their privileged position in life and because of their role model status, which can be used to promote the greater good. At the same time, you have to think that there are public appearances that athletes would rather not attend, which is just part of being human. It seems logical, then, to think that it was with great distaste that Wayne Gretzky showed up on The Talk, impromptu style, to play Justin Bieber in a game of air hockey. After the match, which ended in a 1-1 tie, Gretzky’s daughter, Emma, met and presented Bieber with an autographed jersey. The Great One demonstrated that although he likely hates Bieber, fathers will to anything for their daughters.

9 Ronda Rousey 

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

At the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, Biebs was approached by Ronda Rousey and her 16-year-old little sister with a photo request and, according to Rousey, they were “dissed” by Biebs. Although this was deemed unacceptable by Rousey, it’s par for the course with run of the mill Beliebers, who are constantly being snubbed in the interest of Beiber’s personal space. Beiber did apologize for his aloofness and asked Rousey not to knock him into next week. Being the absolute poser that he is, and apparently Floyd Mayweather’s best bud, Bieber wants to be a better boxer (implying that he boxes already and wants to better his craft). Maybe he’ll tweet some video of him taking down some Golden Gloves winner.

8 Fernando Vargas 

Former boxing champ Fernando Vargas says his son, Fernando Jr., an undefeated amateur, would put Biebs down for the count. We already know Bieber likes to hang with Mayweather and that he can apparently box, given all the photos and video footage out there. On the prospect of a fight actually happening, Vargas says “bring him down, we'll meet him anywhere, I'd love to do a fight with Justin Bieber and my son." Down Goes Bieber, down goes Bieber!

7 Keyshawn Johnson 

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Athletes, like the rest of us, cross their fingers when it comes to new neighbors – it’s luck of the draw for the most part and former NFL great Keyshawn Johnson unfortunately drew Justin Bieber, In 2012, Biebs moved into his Calabasas mansion and it didn’t take him long to make Keyshawn Johnson wish he hadn't. Upon Bieber’s arrival, Johnson had made several complaints about Bieber’s reckless driving and even chased down his Ferrari at one point to confront him. When Bieber was arrested for a DUI, Johnson tweeted “They finally caught HIM! Glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. Everyone grows up at some point. Hopefully he learns from it.” Bieber has since left the neighborhood.

6 The Chicago Blackhawks 


It’s utterly insulting that Biebs, while claiming to be a huge sports fan and athlete, would break one of professional sports’ universal locker room codes of conduct. Rule #1: When in a locker room, never, ever, ever, walk or stand on the team’s logo. A picture often tells the story and in this case it’s one of familiar Bieber disrespect. In the shot, Bieber is literally stationed right in the center of the Blackhawks logo in order to get his photo with f the Stanley Cup. Loser Keeps Bieber!

5 Blake Griffin 

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

What do Blake Griffin, Justin Bieber, and a Starbucks barista have in common? As it turns out, nothing. It was falsely reported though that the Biebs was being very disrespectful to a Starbucks barista before Griffin stepped in and smacked him upside the head. Despite the story being fabricated, Griffin was asked by Rolling Stone Magazine if he would smack Bieber if he saw him behaving like that. Griffin said,

“If he was tormenting a Starbucks barista, yeah, I’d have to. . .as a citizen, you do your part.”

4 The Dallas Stars 


The Dallas Stars have made a point to use Justin Bieber’s mugshot as a form of entertainment for a fan base where  hockey simply isn’t enough. The goal for the Stars is two-fold. First, putting Biebs up on the jumbo tron in his ridiculous mugshot, which read “Toronto Maple Leafs Fan” before the Buds were in town, gives the fans a good laugh at Bieber’s expense, while playing Canada’s game. Secondly, it creates buzz – fans take photos and tweet them out, thus creating interest in the Stars and what’s going on in the American Airlines Center. Smart move.

3 Kobe Bryant 

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Bieber continues to compare himself to the likes of Justin Timberlake and, although that is plain crazy talk, from solely a record sales standpoint certain supposed comparisons can be made. However, Biebs doesn’t have the longevity component to warrant a more holistic comparison. Will people be listening to Bieber a generation from now? Kobe Bryant says no, as the kid has no staying power. In fact, according to The New Yorker, Bryant has a running bet with a business associate of his on who will last longer in the music industry between Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Kobe says Perry and let's hope he's is right on this one; Bryant knows a thing or two about hard work, longevity, perseverance, and that people hate Bieber.

2 Shaquille O’Neal 


On the surface, and in the “real” world, there is no recorded feud between Biebs and The Big Aristotle. However, Shaq is one athlete that didn’t hold back when given the opportunity to unleash on Bieber at the Comedy Central Roast. What makes roasts so funny, is that, for the most part, the insults are true. In the case of Shaq’s remarks, we’re not talking verbal jabs, as he went for the kill. First he said to Bieber, "last year you were ranked the fifth-most hated person of all time. Kim Jong-un didn't even score that low, and he uses your music to torture people." Then Shaq remarked, "Justin has a tattoo of Jesus on his calf. Why you gotta bring Jesus into your mess? That man has suffered enough!"

1 Anyone Who Plays Hockey 

My dangles were unreal did u see that shot I'm number 20 #dontfuckwithecanadian #dangles #20 #younggretzky #iceicebaby #uthoughtthiswasagame #imadethatpuckmybitch #iknewistillhadit

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Like the Nash video, which helped create the false impression that Bieber can run with a two-time NBA MVP, Justin Bieber also likes to post videos of himself playing hockey. This is Bieber’s unedited Instagram post of his goal:

My dangles were unreal did u see that shot I'm number 20 #dontf***withecanadian #dangles #20 #younggretzky #iceicebaby #uthoughtthiswasagame #imadethatpuckmybitch #iknewistillhadit

Anyone who plays hockey would consider all of this absolute nonsense; and check out the big “stick in the air” celly after his beer league goal.

“Bieber, you’re a joke bud!”


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