Top 12 Hottest Female Referees

Without a shadow of a doubt, women are the most attractive beings in the universe. More beautiful than cosmic explosions and hotter than any sun. They can captivate our hearts, so we’re sorry fellas,

Without a shadow of a doubt, women are the most attractive beings in the universe. More beautiful than cosmic explosions and hotter than any sun. They can captivate our hearts, so we’re sorry fellas, they’re hotter than us and it’s not even a contest. Regardless of what gender identification you’re attracted to, the beauty of a woman is breathtaking and undeniable. When you combine their pulchritudinous shape with sports, it’s one of the greatest things we can cherish.

This list is to pay homage to all the beautiful women who love sports and want to be involved. It’s especially true for female officials or those pursing to be one. It’s hard enough to officiate a sports game but a female working in a testosterone filled game can be challenging. We can admit the sports industry is male-dominated. For more women to participate and climb the administrative ladder is only a good thing. You’ll see some of these beautiful bombshells had to go through their own adversity, however, other members on the list are only starting to make their way into their respected sports.

So let us celebrate women. We don’t care if they wear overtly sexy costumes at Halloween parties, act like one of the guys, or play dumb for no reason at all, they’re awesome in every way. Everyone one of these marvelous ladies on the list has been certified at one time or another to referee a game in their respective fields. Some of them might be retired, so we took into account how hot they were when they were officiating.

Here’s the 12 hottest female referees on the planet.

12 Katie Patterson


The Australian was the first female to officiate the A-League series in 2015. She told The Daily Telegraph she almost quit officiating due to A-holes in the crowd yelling derogatory things to her.

As WWE’s New Day would say, shame!

Luckily she persevered by taking that hate, crumpling it up into a ball, and then marinating it in some J.R. Family Bar-B-Q sauce before feeding it to a grizzly bear. A champion for women’s equality, Patterson is not only sexy on the outside but also in body and soul. A bundle of cuteness, mixed with a pinch of dazzling gracefulness, we would know doubt take her home to mom. We hope to see her more on the international level.

11 Chelsea Gurr


One of the most popular referees in New Zealand, Chelsea Gurr has traveled around the world as a rugby official. She learned the trade from her father who was also a rugby referee and coach. Not only does she referee women’s rugby, but also refs the men’s senior league in Christchurch, New Zealand.

A true member of the community, she was part of the Fulton Hogan Earthquake Rebuild Team in Christchurch after a deadly earthquake hit the area. She’s a beautiful blonde, athletic, and gives back to the community, hotness is written all over this woman.

10 Michaela Tabb


We think she might put the rest of the members to shame because her looks are as beautiful as they were twenty years ago. The former professional snooker and pool referee is one of the most well-known faces of the industry. She started refereeing in the 90s and has over 47,000 Twitter followers, which is impressive for a sport that doesn’t get much exposure compared to others.

The English native sued her former employers, World Snooker, in 2015. She claimed there was sex discrimination in the company and a breach of contract. The case was settled out-of-court and we hope to see her back on television some time again.

9 Sian-Massey-Ellis


She has the girl next door look, her smile is radiant, and her eyes can put a spell on you. The natural and wholesome appearance isn’t the only thing she has going for her. Massey-Ellis is also an accomplished referee for both men’s and women’s professional soccer in England.

Not only does she do a great job in her home country but she also represents them overseas. The Coventry resident has officiated in the UEFA Women's Champions League and FIFA Women's World Cup qualification rounds. With her talents and skills, we will be seeing her officiating for years to come.

8 Lauren Holtkamp

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA official became famous over night when superstar Chris Paul, of the LA Clippers, criticized Holtkamp’s decision to give him a technical foul during a game. His quote, “this might not be for her,” got him a $25,000 fine. As the third full-time female referee in the NBA, she has done a great job, regardless of Paul’s frustration.

Most of the photos Holtkamps are when she’s working a game. So we can’t imagine what this stunning woman looks like if she wasn’t wearing those atrocious uniforms but rather something fashioned by Joseph Altuzarra.

7 Maia Chaka

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

She became the first black female official for the NFL when she was a back judge during a preseason game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots in 2014. Her roots as an official started with high school football and she then worked her way into Conference USA games.

After working at the collegiate level, she was then picked up by the NFL’s Advanced Development Program which is designed to bring in the best officials in college for training. It’s the same process our next member on the list went through.

6 Sarah Thomas

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In 2015, she became the first women to ever be a full-time official for the NFL, but did you know that she was also the first female to officiate a major college bowl game? All the haters probably had their jaws hit the ground after taking one look at her.

The beautiful blonde and mother of three proved she has what it takes after making the correct call during the most important play of a Monday Night Football game between the Pittsburg Steelers and San Diego Chargers. Not only is she smart, but her smile can stop anyone in their tracks. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to your favorite wide receiver on a play.

5 Aurélie Sarà Bollier


A beautiful creature of Mother Nature, Bollier has made a name for herself refereeing in amateur leagues in Switzerland. Judging by her Instagram, the exquisite Swiss is comfortable showing off her tattoos and loves animals.

In an interview with a Swiss News publication, Blick, Bollier said she doesn’t see herself becoming a professional referee. Sorry for all you fans out there, the only way you’ll get to see her in action is if you travel to an amateur game. With only 2,000 Instagram followers, how about we give her TheSportster bump?

4 Josefin Dahlback

Pretended to be a princess at the castle all day today 👸🏼🙏🏻 #didnotcometrue

A post shared by Josefin (@josefindahlback) on

An absolute hidden gem, Dahlback should be the face for referees in tennis. Just call up the people in charge of Wimbledon, the French Open, and U.S. Open and tell them to hire her. Just like Bollier, we need to give her TheSportster bump on her Instagram and Twitter.

All we know is she’s a Swedish line judge trying to break out into being one of the best in the industry. She makes you wish you played tennis just so you can use it as an angle to start up a conversation with her. It’s the piercing blue eyes that get you. Just like the ancient Greek myth of Medusa, we doubt you can move after eye content.

3 Elena Tambini


Hot Italian girls and soccer go together like milk and cookies and wine and cheese. She was a part-time model but also worked as a full-time match official in Italy’s lower leagues. Is it just us, or would you gladly accept a yellow or red card just to get her attention?

She put down the whistle and went into the television business but that hasn’t stopped Tambini from being one of the hottest women on the planet. There has never been a female ref in Italy’s Series A and they definitely dropped the ball on this one.

2 Claudia Romani


The Italian model has worked for many publications including GQ and Maxim during her career. Her beauty has attracted the attention of so many that in 2012 she reached the finals in a VH1 bikini contest. Who did she go up against? It was none other than the Queen of R&B, Beyoncé.

It wasn’t until 2014 when she decided to make a career changing move. After passing an exam, she became qualified to referee both Series A and B (the top two soccer divisions of her native home) matches. She caused a controversy by posing in AC Milan’s gear, causing many to complain that she wouldn’t be impartial on the field. Basically, she’s dripping in hotness.

1 Fernanda Colombo Uliana


Brazil is widely known for producing top-notch footballers and mixed-martial artists. They’re also known for their women. So, it’s no surprise that the internet exploded like it was dropped into a raging volcano with a nuclear bomb strapped to its back when people found out that Uliana was an assistant official (Line Judge) at a Copa do Brasil match featuring Sao Paulo against CRB in 2014.

She was already in the business for a while but wasn’t recognized as a FIFA official by the refereeing committee of the Brazil Football Federation until two years ago. She has the looks, curves, and fortitude to work in a male dominated industry, what more can you want?

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