Top 12 Ways WrestleMania Could Have Been Better

...And there we have it. The near five hour extravaganza has come to a close in what can be argued as one of the better Wrestlemanias in quite a few years now. To see The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

...And there we have it. The near five hour extravaganza has come to a close in what can be argued as one of the better Wrestlemanias in quite a few years now. To see The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, Cactus Jack and Stone Cold Steve Austin team up and pick apart the League Of Nations, before turning their legendary prowess to the brilliant New Day, made me feel like a teenager once again. Shane McMahon falling, rather awkwardly, from a cell clearly taller than the one which almost broken Mick Foley in half will forever live as a 'Wrestlemania Moment'. However, as a lifelong fan, you almost become a full time critic of the show too, finding little spots in matches or outcomes that, to all of us fans, just seem confusing or, in some cases, pointless.

Admittedly, with a solid Wrestlemania behind us now, I was clutching at the straws with the first few entries on my list below but I'm sure that you can agree with at least a couple of talking points here. Feel free to leave a comment or let me know if you disagree with my views. Happy reading, WWE Universe!

12 Maybe More Legends? 


Now, I know that we were treated to quite a few present and future Hall Of Famers last night, with a few of them clearly in shape as they paraded the skills which endeared them to us all those years ago. I also understand that the torch needs to be passed on. I also felt though that the few legends in Dallas were all compressed into just a few segments and so it felt as though there should have been more. Maybe Edge and Christian on commentary for the Ladder Match?

11 Cena Turning on The Rock 


I know I know. 'Cena turning heel, that's such a clichè nowadays', I hear you cry. And you're completely right. John is seemingly fading, bit by bit, into irrelevancy as proven by Cena coming back 'unexpectedly' to aid The Great One against The Wyatt Family, in yet another pointless targeting of someone. Maybe if Cena were to help The Rock as he did, but turn around and hit Rock with an insulting Rock Bottom, they segment would've had more of a purpose. I do think we would be talking more about that segment today, if that were the case. But it's also understandable that WWE wouldn't want to waste that kind of moment on a segment like that one.

10 If Taker Never Moved

@shanemcmahonwwe off the top of the steel cage! #Wrestlemania

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As mentioned in the introduction, Shane McMahon falling from the cell was, by far, the most shocking moment of this year's Wrestlemania and definitely a moment that will live on for years to come. Without really sounding too bloodthirsty though (a viewer from the Attitude Era tends to be!), what if The Undertaker never rolled out of harm's way and took what would have been the most devastating elbow drop in history? Would the outcome have been any different? Would any of the competitors even have been able to stand? I'm afraid we can only speculate as The Deadman rode on to 23 and 1 and The Authority lives on (to be continued....)

9 Charlotte Don't Need You, Ric


One of the highlights of the whole night was the excellent tussle between Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks for the new WWE Women's Championship, replacing the God-awful Divas title. This match had everything you could want, with great wrestling, twists, turns and a match that actually turned out to be better than the main event itself! Unfortunately, as it always seems to be lately, the great match was soured at the end by Ric Flair interfering in the match by holding Sasha as Charlotte got the 1,2,3 and became the new Women's Champion. When will those booking the Women's division realize that Ric Flair is not needed in such a talented division, currently led by his talented daughter? Baffling, if you ask me.

8 A Different Celeb in the Hall of Fame

Now, I'm not directly having a go at Snoop Dogg himself. He is a pioneer of the West Coast rap scene, an actor, producer and has had a journeyed and successful career to date. However, to be named to the WWE Hall Of Fame after making less than a handful of appearances on WWE TV is, to put it politely, a curious decision to say the least. It's understandable that there is a celebrity wing nowadays and that these public figures can be good ambassadors for the business on a global scale, but surely there are celebrities who appeared in WWE more times that are more deserving.

7 Someone Helping Shane


From the moment that this match was announced, there was a general consensus that it could go one of two ways. Either the match would be an awkward botch-fest which had no real fluidity or the match would leave us with our jaws dropped and our posteriors on the edge of our seats. In the end, the match gave us both of those qualities and, thankfully, in that order, which left us astounded by the end of the match. What we all spoke of beforehand though was the intrigue that was intrinsic with this bout and who could gain orlose something by coming out and assisting either competitor. Just imagine if someone was to assist a Shane win, only for Shane to lose. You just know Vinny Mac would unleash his wrath on the poor soul! I feel creative dropped the ball here, but that is nothing new...

6 More Baron Corbin 

Once again, this seems like a brilliant idea that just wasn't seen through all the way. To give a NXT rookie an interesting accomplishment, which is almost becoming the modern equivalent of the King Of The Ring, is an excellent idea. However, we didn't really see enough of Corbin during the match. He was expectedly taking shots from vastly more experienced Superstars and staying down for a considerable amount of time, before climbing off the canvas to eliminate Kane, who seemed smaller than Corbin, and claim a monumental victory (a great accolade in itself). If WWE are to bring out new talent on stages like this, then maybe they should showcase them a little more.

5 Why-2J?

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So, after what has turned out to be a good run between Chris Jericho and The Phenomenal AJ Styles, we had the payoff at The Grandest Stage Of Em All. Like the rivalry, it far exceeded a fairly low expectation from the get-go. Both wrestlers seemed to compliment each other in the ring and you can easily see that Jericho has been teaching the ways of the WWE to the former Bullet Club leader to good effect. The thing to put a dampener on the whole storyline is WWE handing Y2J the WrestleMania victory. I think we can all agree that Y2J has maybe one Heavyweight title run left in him with his age and musical commitments, whereas there are more places to potentially go with an AJ title run, so unless he now progresses to main event status, there's no reason that the man from Manitoba had his arm raised last night.

4 Bray's Segment 


A question on many of our lips before last night's showpiece was, 'What's happening with Bray tonight?' or 'Will we see Sister Abigail'? For someone as technically gifted as Wyatt, inside the ring and on the microphone, you would think that he would have been involved in some titanic Heavyweight Title matches by now. Unfortunately, this has not been the case, as we been subjected to Bray and his band of brothers aimlessly targeting one person at a time, often for reasons that leave you scratching your head or knowing that this is yet another storyline to be flushed down the drain prematurely. Last night was a fun little segment and Bray once again proved that he could swim with all the sharks in the Attitude Ocean in his dialogue with The Brahma Bull. Even though The Rock complimented him, he was buried again. A real shame...

3 Dean Catching A Break


In this modern Reality Era of professional wrestling, there are only a few stars who you feel would have held their own in the biggest time for wrestling, The Attitude Era. The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, is most certainly one of those competitors. My biggest gripe is, like Bray Wyatt above, the seemingly lack of faith that the WWE top brass have in a talent such as Ambrose. Why do stars such as Dean never get the push to the very top when they have the capability to improve the wrestlers they face off against, the mood of the crowd and the general outlook of the company? I'm sure that with Ambrose running around as champion would have a lot more people tuning in than Sheamus. Once again, a ball was dropped in handing the win to Lesnar. A win for Ambrose could have paved the way to bigger and better things.

2 Shane Winning Hell In A Cell

As mentioned above, there are a number of possibilities that could have occurred in this match that could have made for a very exciting next few months, in terms of the Power Struggle between Shane and The Authority. This storyline had the potential to be huge, with the company almost split in two with different loyalties to the two groups of leaders. Instead, Vince and the geniuses at Creative decided to give Taker a clean win in his yard. Where they go from here remains to be seen, but, going on previous experience, it likely won't be as entertaining as if Shane would have taken Taker to 22 and 2.


#RomanReigns is #WWE World Heavyweight Champion. #BelieveThat #WrestleMania

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Yes, you guessed it! The number 1 reason that WrestleMania could have been better is the one that we all thought of. Triple H, a man who is still in shape but waaaaay past his prime puts himself in the title picture and goes up against Roman Reigns. A man with limited mic skills, not a sound worker  and the obvious company face of the future. Lifelong fans such as myself find this an insult to the rest of the roster who shock and awe us every single time we tune in to watch them. Think of the matches you would rather have seen than this one. Owens vs Zayn? Nakamura vs Cena? There were many matches we would have preferred over this one.

It truly is a good job that these were the only things to critique about last night in what was a thoroughly entertaining night. Same time next year, folks!!

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Top 12 Ways WrestleMania Could Have Been Better