Top 13 Athletes You Didn't Know Have Adult 'Tapes'

When cavemen discovered that they could draw images on the walls of their caves it was a pretty big deal. Centuries later the video camera was invented and it took no time at all for people to begin d

When cavemen discovered that they could draw images on the walls of their caves it was a pretty big deal. Centuries later the video camera was invented and it took no time at all for people to begin documenting EVERYTHING they did, including what they did in their bedrooms. There are numerous examples of pornographic films dating back to the invention of moving pictures.

These days everybody has access to videotaping devices from camcorders to cell phones. Naturally, more and more people are using this technology to record sex.  Unfortunately, amateur directors and actors don’t always take consequences into account. We read about leaked videos and embarrassed participants on a daily basis it seems. These videos lead to all sorts of unintended results such as lost jobs, broken relationships and even blackmail.

Sex tapes have also been used to propel some attention seekers into the spotlight. Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson boosted their fame thanks to their widely seen exploits on film. Kim Kardashian upped her stock while Paris Hilton did the same.

People just need to realize that by participating in such activities, they open themselves up to potential trouble. Making sex tapes has almost become cliché. We are no longer “shocked” when our favorite celebrity, or athlete is discovered to have taped themselves having sex.

Here is a list of 13 athletes that you didn’t know had sex tapes.

13 Kazuhito Tadano


He was in college and struggling with his bills. Desperate for money, he did what most industrious up and coming athletes would do. Japanese-born pitching prospect Kazuhito Tadano made an adult video. This decision caused him to be shunned by the Japanese leagues so he tried to establish a career in the United States. After being brought in by the Cleveland Indians as a free agent in 2003, Kazuhito addressed the media about his foray into film. He expressed regret and described the incident as a one-time event that would not be repeated.

Tadano was unable to find success in the Major Leagues due to inconsistent play and a string of injuries. He took his talents back to Japan where he was drafted by the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2008. He recently made headlines for his use of the “Eephus Pitch” which is rarely thrown. He appears to have a stable career in the Japan and has put his embarrassment behind him.

12 Brandon Spikes

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Spikes’s NFL career has been dogged by some pretty bad decisions. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2010. He was named as a starting inside linebacker and immediately made an impact. His fast start was quickly derailed by a four game suspension for violating the NFL’s banned substance policy.

He also made headlines in 2010 when it was revealed that a video of Spikes surfaced on the internet.

He would go on to play three more seasons with the Patriots before signing a one-year deal with the Bills. Spikes did not impress in Buffalo and was not re-signed. He was given another shot with the Patriots May 2015 but was released a month later when it was revealed that Spikes was involved in a hit-and-run accident.

Brandon’s NFL career appears to be stalled due to his legal troubles as well as his history of injury.

11 Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich


Former Aston Villa teammates Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich decided to secretly film themselves engaging in a wild romp with four women. While the cross-dressing escapades were likely meant for their own viewing pleasure, that wasn't the case. The tape, which features Bosnich wearing a skirt while being spanked, was carelessly thrown in the garbage where it was somehow discovered. It was subsequently splashed all over the internet.

Yorke would continue to play out his career until 2009. He continues to work in broadcasting and has coaching aspirations. Bosnich, on the other hand, would see his career and personal life spiral out of control. Heavy drug use as well as nagging injuries plagued him up until his retirement in 2010.

10 Tonya Harding


The one-time Olympic hopeful was at the center of one of the biggest scandals in sports history. She was part of a plot to injure her figure skating rival, Nancy Kerrigan. After the infamous attack on Nancy Kerrigan, Harding’s much anticipated Olympic performance was underwhelming and her figure skating career was finished. She pleaded guilty to numerous charges stemming from the attack, was stripped of  her 1994 title and was suspended. Harding would not fade from the spotlight easily.

Later in 1994, a video tape of her wedding night surfaced in which she is seen with her now ex-husband Jeff Gillooly.

9 Louis Smith


One day, Louis Smith is encompassing the virtues of setting a good example and a few days later a video surfaces of him, well, not setting the best of examples. Louis is a pommel horse wizard and two-time Olympic Bronze medalist. Controversy and embarrassment have recently come into poor Louis' life. It seems he, like many other celebrities and athletes, has an adult video circulating online. What makes Louis’ romp stand out from the rest is the fact that he appears in it alone. He apparently is seen doing a dance, talking and then performing a self-satisfying solo routine. The video was reportedly recorded on Skype sometime around 2011. We will see if this hampers his efforts to pursue a career in television.

8 Lamar Odom 

One of the most fascinating facts about the former NBA player is that he was the most Googled person in 2015. Still, this trivial tidbit shows that he has gained worldwide celebrity status. Of course, none of this really has anything to do with his basketball career. His fame is mainly a result of his public self-destruction and high profile joke of a marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar enjoyed a long and successful NBA career. With two NBA championships, Odom was known as an unselfish teammate and a positive force in the dressing room. In the meantime, he also made a adult tape with Khloe and she recently admitted to still having the tapes locked up in her safe.

The Odom-Kardashian sex tapes are merely a footnote in Lamar’s recent tumultuous life. In 2013 he was arrested for DUI. To top it off, Khloe filed for divorce. On October 15th, 2015, Odom was found unconscious in a brothel and was in a coma for several days. By all accounts, he is recovering well and there are rumors that he and Khloe might try to reconcile meaning that we may see even more of the couple.

7 Konrad Hurrell


Konrad Hurrell is a standout player rugby player with the New Zealand Warriors. He was also suspended in 2015 after he kneed an opposing player in the face causing severe facial injuries. He also gained notoriety in 2014 when an adult tape surfaced that featured Konrad and actress Teuila Blakely, which was made public on Instagram and Snapchat. This led to an investigation by the NRL which resulted in Hurrell being fined $5,000. This incident did not really affect the young stars career. Hurrell is signed through the end of the 2018 season and he is yet to enter his prime either on the field or in raunchy videos.

This is not to say that the video didn’t have harmful impact. Teuila Blakely has said that the experience left her heartbroken and humiliated.

6 Yusaf Mack


With a 31-8-2 record as a professional boxer, Yusaf Mack fought quite a few high profile battles. His career got off to a great start in 2000 with several consecutive wins but those victories were few and far between after 2010. His last pro bout was late in 2014. Then, in 2015, the father of 10 children who was also engaged decided to make a career change. He appeared in a same-sex adult film called Holiday Hump’n.

He originally claimed that he was drugged by the film’s producers at the time and had no memory of making the film, while adamantly denying being gay. Then he said that he was in fact gay and was tired of holding it in.

While this coming out party and journey of self-discovery has made Mack a happier person, it has sadly harmed his relationships with his children. Oddly enough, his now former fiancée has been supportive through the ordeal.

5 Chad Johnson 


Chad Johnson is an ex-NFL wide receiver who was nominated to six Pro Bowls and four All-Pro teams. He spent 10 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals which means that he didn’t win a Super Bowl. He was traded to the New England Patriots in 2011 and finally got an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. The Patriots lost to the New York Giants and Johnson was released in the off-season. He signed with the Miami Dolphins but was cut from the team following allegations of domestic battery. His NFL career was over.

He has since been active in many areas including television, Major League Soccer and even bull riding. Oh yes, he also has a budding career as an adult star. Just kidding. Although Johnson did have a video leak that was apparently shot in 2009.

4 Trent Richardson

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2012, much-hyped running back Trent Richardson has been quite the disappointment so far in his career. In fact, his career could possibly be finished already after only four seasons. After being traded to the Indianapolis Colts he saw his star plummet further over his two seasons there. He signed with the Oakland Raiders in 2015 but was waived prior to the start of the season. He is currently still training and has been discussing a come-back with the Baltimore Ravens.

Richardson might have flamed out on the field but he certainly is no dud in the sack, as shown in his adult tape that was being shopped at the height of his fame. If his NFL playing days are over, he can always pursue a career in the adult film industry.

3 Rio Ferdinand

Former professional soccer player Rio Ferdinand is thought to be one of England’s greatest players. He was a member of three FIFA World Cup teams and enjoyed a very long and prosperous career as a pro, most notably with Manchester United. On May 30th, 2015, Ferdinand announced that he was retiring after an illustrious 20 year career.

Aside from a slew of individual achievements, the decorated athlete has written an autobiography, appeared in television and started a record label.

However, he is no stranger to controversy. He drew complaints after making homophobic remarks during a radio interview in 2006. He also has been given several driving bans due to speeding and driving under the influence. He really made waves when he appeared in a sex video that was made in 2000. Despite all of this, he persevered and had one heck of a career.

2 James Pearson, Tom Hopper and Adam Smith


These three young Leicester City soccer players embarrassed the Premier League as well as themselves when they decided to videotape a romp with three Thai women. The three were in Bangkok as part of a “goodwill tour.” The video was recorded on a cell phone and then sent back to friends in England where it was leaked. It features what would be expected in such a situation but it also contained some racial slurs and other verbal abuse directed at the Thai women.

Understandably, the three were sacked by the club despite their apologies. James Pearson is making a comeback after signing with Barnet on February 2016. Tom Hopper resumed his career with Scunthorpe while Adam Smith is now playing for Northampton Town. All three are presumably on their best behavior and can't ill-afford to have anymore controversy, while Leicester City is on their way to a Premier League title.

1 Warren Sapp 

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best defensive tackles to ever play in the NFL, Warren Sapp carved himself out a stellar 13-year career that saw him enshrined in the Hall of Fame. He won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay and was the recipient of several individual honors. Despite a few unsportsmanlike incidents, he was well respected.

After his playing days were over he quickly became a broadcast analyst and competed on Dancing with the Stars. Things were looking up for Warren until February 2nd, 2015, when he was arrested for solicitation of ladies of the night and assault. While in Phoenix, he allegedly paid them $300 each in exchange for their services. He videotaped one of them. An argument ensued and security was called. Sapp was later fired from his analyst job with the NFL Network.

Sapp is currently trying to put the past behind him. He is working as a coach and mentor to young football players.

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Top 13 Athletes You Didn't Know Have Adult 'Tapes'