Top 13 Hottest Tiger Woods Mistresses

This has been a rough time for Tiger Woods. Obviously not as rough as 2009, but it's not an ideal time to be the once best golfer on the face of the globe. It's been ten years since he won the Masters and 2008 was the last time he won a major tournament. 2013 saw some wins for Woods but in 2014 he got hurt and he looks like a different golfer altogether in 2015.

Adding insult to injury, he has been dethroned as the EA Sports Golf cover athlete, as Rory McIlroy is the new golfer for that franchise. As if that's not enough, he just split with Lindsey Vonn. That's right, the drop dead gorgeous skier. with whom he got together following his disastrous divorce in the wake of his cheating scandal a few years ago. has moved on.

As if there is any surprise, there are plenty of people speculating that the split had something to do with another cheating incident. "Friends" of the couple have come out of the woodwork to spill the beans about Tiger once again. Apparently it is old news to them and every time he loses a tournament on the road or plays poorly, he goes and finds himself a willing local and does the deed.

If it is true that he has been cheating again, there is little doubt that a few ladies will announce interesting traits about Woods' "preferences" and personal details. With that in mind, here is a look back at the hottest women with whom he cheated during his scandal back in 2009. Why is it a list of 13 you might ask? Considering that he may have been caught cheating once again, that's bad luck. If it turns out he fell into his old habits, we may be able to see a new parade of Tiger's mistresses.

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13 Theresa Rogers

via telegraph.co.uk

As a wise man once said, always start with a cougar. That's what we're doing. Theresa Rogers may not be the shiniest penny in the fountain, but there is something incredibly attractive about an experienced woman willing to pass on some knowledge and helpful tricks. That's what Rogers was to Tiger Woods. She's fifteen years older than Tiger and was 48 at the time of their affair.

12 Holly Sampson

via vibe.com

Another older lady with whom Tiger knocked boots, Holly Sampson is a veteran actress and adult film star. In one of his earliest cheating incidents, the two had their encounter before the marriage to Elin Nordegren took place; at Tiger's bachelor party, according to The Huffington Post. Apparently the two met while Woods and his friends were partying and he chose her as a "companion" for the evening.

11 Emma Rotherham

via metro.co.uk

There really is something enchanting about a beautiful woman with a British accent, and apparently Mr. Woods agreed. He called her accent classy and sexy, and looking at the London-born but Florida dwelling mother of two, there are plenty of other reasons too. She and Woods had a lengthy affair, and she was paid nearly half a million dollars to keep it quiet, according to The Daily Mail. She, like others with whom he was involved, said that Tiger was very possessive and territorial when other men would talk to her.

10 Joslyn James

via freddyo.com

Another prolific adult star with whom Tiger hopped in bed, Joslyn James had a lengthy affair with Woods that was heavily publicized, especially due to some of the texts back and forth between the two. He described in detail, exactly how he planned to treat her in bed, and it was far from his eloquent and pleasant tournament win speeches. Looking at it as miss James may have, getting it on with Tiger, given the aggression and nature of his texts, it may have just been another day at the office, but minus the video cameras.

9 Devon James

via dailymail.co.uk

Another woman who works in the adult industry with the last name James, she came forward with similar stories about Woods and his demeanor in the bedroom. After she announced her time with Tiger, people started asking about other aspects of her life. To make a long story a short couple of jot notes: cocaine addiction and multiple arrests for prostitution. This lass was not Tiger's finest conquest.

8 Kalika Moquin

via starcasm.net

Moquin is a nightclub owner and manager who now works in San Diego, but used to manage clubs in Las Vegas, where she met Tiger Woods and had an affair with him. She never actually commented but multiple friends of both parties said it happened a few times over a weekend when Tiger had visited Las Vegas, according to Business Insider. It was also leaked that Tiger had confided in her about how dissatisfied he was with his marriage.

7 Raychel Coudriet

via huffingtonpost.com

Coudriet was just 22 at the time of her hookup with Tiger Woods, and was the daughter of his neighbor in Orlando. When she announced the affair, she was quoted as having said that he did not use a condom, and that "I felt used and violated, like I meant nothing to him but a night of casual sex, I just wanted to dig a big hole, crawl in and die," according to Daily News.

She said that the sex was decent, but nothing special and despite the fact that she felt guilty and wanted no part in Tiger after their first night together, he continually texted her looking for more action. Tiger had allegedly known Coudriet since she was fourteen.

6 Julie Postle

via starcasm.net

Julie Postle was a dancer at a club when she met Tiger Woods over ten years ago. She was just over 20 years old, and Tiger became obsessed with her, according to her ex-boyfriend, who was a bartender at the club. Postle worked as a dancer, waitress and a model and during her affair with Tiger (which lasted into his married years) he used the alias "Mr. Brightside" which was a reference to The Killers' song about a jealous boyfriend. She is one of the "mistresses" who claimed Tiger had said his marriage to Elin Nordegren was for publicity.

5 Cori Rist

via nydailynews.com

While a couple of the women on this list were not blown away by Tiger's prowess between the sheets, Cori Rist had a different idea, describing him as "fireworks" and "passionate." She also revealed an interesting tidbit about his post-sex habits, saying that he'd watch cartoons and eat Fruit Loops, according to The Huffington Post. She also admitted that he had his controlling side, and was frequently in contact with her, to the point of being completely overbearing.

4 Rachel Uchitel

via BigStockPhoto

Rachel Uchitel, the woman whose texts actually led to this entire fiasco, has led an interesting but somewhat tragic life. Well before she became involved with Tiger Woods, she was engaged to a banker. He was killed on 9/11. Friends described her time after 2001, as involving many brief relationships with men they deemed "unsuitable."

Then she encountered Woods, while working as a hostess at an upscale nightclub, and believed that their relationship was the real thing. As the first woman to have been implicated in the Tiger Woods affair scandal, she had to deal with the first and largest wave of negative publicity; despite the fact that many who know her and have met her consider her to be a top notch gal. Dealing with her fiancee getting killed in a terrorist attack and a legion of judgmental strangers writing and shouting names at her, she is a trooper as well.

3 Jaimee Grubbs

via zimbio.com

Miss Grubbs was a waitress in Los Angeles during the two and a half year affair she had with Tiger. They texted with some frequency and she believed, like many of these ladies, that his feelings for her were sincere. He played the part of a charmer, and told her things along the lines of "secretly we will always be together," according to The New York Post. She was seeing another man for much of the time she was sleeping with Tiger, but that didn't deter him, as he called her constantly. She also commented that he frequently complained about several aspects of his life, including his family and finances.

2 Loredana Ferriolo

via zimbio.com

This New York escort wrote a book about her experience with Tiger called; The Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion. In the book and in interviews, she argued that Tiger was a great guy, both fun to be around in public and fun to be with romantically. She commented that he was a troubled soul who had his demons, a sleeping disorder and a painkiller addiction. Her most controversial comments may have been about Elin Nordegren, who she called an "uncaring gold digger," according to The New York Post.

1 Jamie Jungers

via group.mtime.com

By far the most beautiful woman with whom Tiger cheated (and who some think is hotter than his wife, girlfriend etc) is model Jamie Jungers, who he saw for over a year. She recalled that he was fond of role playing, and had a great sense of humor. She told plenty of interviewers that she was in love with him and still wanted to be with him. She believed that they would be together eventually and that Elin was just a temporary setback to their relationship.

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