Top 13 Superstars Who Would Benefit From A Brand Split

Things are changing in the WWE. Thanks to NXT there is a flowing talent for the WWE that is constantly developing new talents such as Neville, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn. Though a lot of the NXT stars are from other promotions, it's been told been noted that the WWE style of wrestling is different from other promotions. So, NXT is the perfect platform for new comers to adapt to their wrestling style. With that being said, this has produced so much talent for the WWE that the roster is starting to get crowded. It's very tough to get all the talent proper TV time on just one show, because let's face it, Raw has been the only real WWE show on TV. SmackDown has been more of a speed bump to the pay per views and a recap of Monday Night Raw.

Though, recently the WWE has begun to really take SmackDown more seriously then it seems they have in years. It's a smart idea because it is seemingly inevitable that the brand split will be making a come back. The WWE would be able to have two faces. One face of SmackDown and one face of Raw. A broken up roster provides more room for some stars who haven't quite been able to have time in the spotlight.

Making SmackDown live would create a show just as relevant as Raw and the WWE's product would improve because of it. The hugely exciting WWE draft that used to happen once a year would a provide a yearly event that wrestling fans can get excited for. The WWE could even create a special on the WWE Network by having the draft take place there. So, these are some superstars that would really benefit from a draft extension.

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13 Kalisto 

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For someone who is the current United States Champion, this man is really floating under the radar. He's got an upcoming match at WrestleMania against Ryback, however it's hard for me to remember what he even did on Monday Night Raw this past week to be quite honest. I think Kalisto probably will never be a main eventer, but he seems like he would be able to shine in the mid card, as opposed to the lower card.

He is still the United States Champion, which is why he's not higher up on this list. At least he's had a couple of big matches in the past couple of months, though he could be doing more.

12 The Miz 

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This one might surprise a few people, as The Miz has already been in and out in the main event over the last few years and has pretty much had his time. However, some of The Miz's recent matches have reminded us how good of a heel he can be.

He doesn't have to be fighting for a title, or even be in the main event, but he's the perfect guy to provide as a first feud for new Superstars, be it a rookie from NXT or a new signing. The Miz could certainly bring the goods as a mid card opponent for championships and maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to pair someone up with The Miz in a tag team.

11 Rusev 

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When Rusev first came up to the main roster, the WWE seemed like they were going to be pushing him to the moon. Rusev went undefeated for a couple of months before finally losing to John Cena. However, the WWE did allow him to defeat John Cena in their feud. Since then, however, he's certainly lost a lot of steam that began when he was split from Lana.

However, Rusev could provide a good heel opponent similar to how Big Show has been used over the years. Rusev seems like the type of star who could lose his fair share of matches, but still be a believable opponent for any wrestler on the roster.

Now, will he ever become a WWE Champion? Maybe not, but somewhere down the road, he could have a title run.

10 Dolph Ziggler 

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Dolph Ziggler is in a similar boat to The Miz, but to a lesser degree. Ziggler has had some time in the main event scene and has had his fair share of moments. However, he never spent much consecutive time in the main event scene. His recent interaction with The Authority has proven that Ziggler does still have the ability to be that guy if called upon.

Ziggler has improved on his weaknesses through the years, such as his promo ability. We don't see why Ziggler can't pop in and out of the main event of his show. He's got storytelling ability to make an feud seem important and with extra TV time, he could flourish even more.

9 Neville 

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Unfortunately, Neville just went down with an ankle injury. However, when he comes back, he should be able to provide an impact for whatever show he is on. Neville has multi-time Intercontinental Champion and multi-time US Champion written all over him. He could make his mark on the tag team division as well. However, the recent product has seem him get lost in the shuffle. There is only so many spots for the mid-card on one show.

And who knows, on a separate show with less stars, the WWE could sneak in a short major title run for Neville.

8 Sami Zayn 

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Sami Zayn's situation is almost identical to Neville's in a brand split. Sami Zayn certainly has mid-card titles written all over him. Though many of us would like to see him on the main event scene, including myself, you have to imagine that Vince McMahon's idea of a champion doesn't really resemble Sami Zayn.

However, in a brand split, his chances of getting lost in the shuffle would be extremely low, especially with the WWE Universe behind him as much as they are.

7 Ryback 

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This one definitely may draw some mixed feelings from WWE fans. Ryback is more of the same in many eyes. The image of exactly what Vinnie Mac looks for in a star, which is size. Ryback has that.

However, he has shown some improvement in the ring and doesn't seem like a robot in the ring like other big men. I most certainly could see Ryback having a run as a champion on a show, especially as a heel for someone like Roman Reigns to feud with. The Authority angle isn't going to make a full career for Roman Reigns, so down the road, Ryback could be built up as a top heel to feed to Reigns.

6 Cesaro

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In our opinion, Cesaro should be in the main event picture. The guy has the support of most wrestling fans, from IWC marks to casual fans, since he is pretty good as a face and a heel.

He also has some of the size that Vince McMahon looks for in a superstar. He also has the in-ring ability, the power and is not to shabby on the microphone as well. If given the green light, Cesaro could be one of the top faces on his show and be an important part of this era.

5 AJ Styles 

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First of all, AJ Styles helped give TNA relevance for the time that he was there. So, we shouldn't question AJ Styles' ability to lead a show. As of right now, it seems like the WWE is going to have AJ Styles stay put in the mid-card. It's possible that somewhere down the road that changes and he receives more of a push.

However, the WWE's main focus is certainly Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose right now. When John Cena comes back, the main event picture will be even more crowded for someone like AJ Styles to get a stable spot. So, with split shows, AJ Styles could be given a top spot on his show.

4 Dean Ambrose 

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Unlike most superstars on this list, Dean Ambrose has a top face spot secured as of this moment. The WWE has given him some big matches over the past couple of month, which has proven that Dean Ambrose has his ticket punched for a top spot in the company. However, the one disadvantage for Dean Ambrose, in the future, is going to be Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns clearly is the number one guy that WWE wants and it will likely keep Dean Ambrose at number two for the majority of his career.

However, if the two are separated on different shows similar to how Batista and John Cena were at one point, both superstars could be the number one guy on their show. There is only one guy that seems to be standing in their way... We'll get to him in a minute.

3 Kevin Owens 

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Kevin Owens is one guy on the roster that has the potential for a top heel role in the company. He seems like he could even handle a role as a face down the road. With that being said, Kevin Owens should be a part of the main event at some point in his career. On his own show, he could absolutely be that guy.

Right now, the top heel spot goes to The Authority and others, which calls for Kevin Owens to get his own run as a heel on a show without them. It would be darn entertaining to watch.

2 Seth Rollins 

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Well, we mentioned someone else that was in the way of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns being the top two stars in the company, and that is most certainly Seth Rollins. He's already proven that he can be a main event heel who gets under everyone's skin. The crowd is already emotionally invested in this guy.

However, he could possibly excel even better as a face, by himself obviously. He has an incredible move set and high flying ability to get the crowd on their feet, similar to Daniel Bryan. There is no need to really get the crowd behind him because he's already done that. There is no reason why Seth Rollins shouldn't be “The Man” on his show. I mean, he is Seth freaking Rollins right?

1 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt has been under the radar, despite having some relevant feuds, to the point where WWE doesn't know what to do with him and his group. He plays his character to absolute perfection and his mic skills are ridiculous

If tTe Authority weren't the main focus, we could see The Wyatt Family doing a takeover angle where they demolished everyone. They could be a monster heel stable similar to The Nexus and be an uphill climb for any face to go after.

Somewhere down the road, Bray Wyatt could also play a face role creepily like The Undertaker has done for years. However, due to the crowded roster, Bray Wyatt has just been floating around and wasting time. With a less crowded roster, he can really run wild.

So, do you agree with this list? Did I miss anyone important? Would you order it differently?

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