Top 15 Animals That Have Interrupted Sporting Events

I know the animals

Are laughing at us

Don't even know

What a joke is!

- David Byrne, from the song "Animals" off 'Fear of Music'

Animals think they're pretty smart. They've got us all well-trained, we watch their cute videos incessantly and we allow them to freely ruin our national sporting events. A couple of weeks ago, a squirrel tight-roped its way above a Phillies-Cardinals game, came across the Phillies dugout and fell right on top of the Phillies' Chase Utley (who absolutely FREAKED OUT, naturally).

This is truly unfortunate considering how nice we are to most of the animals we don’t eat. We care for them, treat them like family, give them loving homes, feed them without reservation even when they howl at us at ungodly morning hours and exhibit unconditional affection for them despite their inability to sometimes properly clean their own butts.

Perhaps as some sort of revenge for, say, grooming them into insane shapes that we find ‘cute’ or amusing, they have decided to come after us guns blazing into our sporting events. Over the years they have been shameless in their disdain for our organized sports activities, wreaking havoc on playing fields, golf greens, courts and even racing courses where their own lives are jeopardized in the process.

We decided to look at 15 other instances where cute, adorable, annoying, inconsiderate and awesome animals decided to interrupt sporting events. Most of the animals survived these altercations (even the crazy kangaroo trying to be a race car) as they did their darndest to interrupt our oh-so-important sporting event.

15 15. Black Cat Curses Cubs for Roughly the 10th Time


14 14. Gigantic Bear Wants to Play Left Field, Possibly Eat People

13 13. Bees Swarm Zurich Classic

12 12. Snakes on the Green

11 11. Seattle Seahawk Mascot Flies Onto Man's Head

10 10. Pine Marten Attacks Player During Swiss Soccer Game, 2013

9 9. Bugs Attack Yankees During ALDS, Cleveland, 2007

8 8. Cat Freaks Out at Citi Field's First Game


7 7. Flock of Seagulls Terrorize Horses


6 6. Owl vs. Jose Canseco


5 5. The Zurich Classic is the Animal Interrupting Gift that Keeps on Giving

4 4. Steve Lowery Has Ball Taken By Seagull at the Players Championship

3 3. Bat Interrupts D-League Basketball Game

2 2. Kangaroo Pretends to Be Race Car

1 1. Randy Johnson Sends Message to All Interrupting Animals

Perhaps one of the most famous animals interrupting sports related videos ever. A dove is obliterated in the craziest Sports Science way ever when a Randy Johnson five million mile per hour fast ball hits the bird just at the same moment it is crossing in front of the mound. Feathers fly, ball and bird become one but the message falls flat as animals continue their reign of terror. If Randy Johnson couldn't stop animal invasions, who will?

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Top 15 Animals That Have Interrupted Sporting Events