Top 15 Athlete vs. Cameramen Altercations

As a professional athlete or coach, the spotlight is inevitable. Athletes have had to deal with snooping reporters and tabloid-headline seekers since the dawn of modern media, the same way famous artists and movie stars are constantly hounded by paparazzi.

For the most part, athletes today have learned to accept this part of their hectic and very public private lives - some might be less inclined to talk to media, or give them anything "juicy," which for fans can get a tad bland, but is completely understandable to (rational) people.

Even the most revered and respected athletes can have their moments of weakness, in terms of letting their temper get the best of them or letting their guard down at the wrong moment.

That's when the fireworks usually start going off.

Every once in awhile (usually after a negative result on the field, court, or ice) athletes will go off, losing their minds on anyone near them. In moments like these, the people who are usually closest - in an attempt to capture the meltdown, of course - are cameramen looking for the money shot of the moment, or some good video to put on the highlight reel (and eventually YouTube).

Over the years, several of these aforementioned cameramen have been caught in the crossfire of an athlete's tirade, and some have been worse for wear because of it. Those who say sports photographers have a cushy job should read some of the harrowing experiences that cameramen have had to deal with when it comes to athletes losing their cool after a poor performance or a big loss.

Perhaps the athletes mentioned in this list were worried about what others might think of them as they show their frustration and emotion after a tough loss or bad break - something that you would think they would want fans and media to see; passion for the game, letting one's emotional guard down in defeat.

Instead, they end up showing off a nasty side that no one particularly cares for (but enjoys watching anyways, for obvious reasons).

15 15. Mike Tomlin

14 14. Billy Cundiff


Poor Billy Cundiff. Guy can't catch a break lately.

13 13. Colin Kaepernick


12 12. Alex Ovechkin

11 11. Cristiano Ronaldo

10 10. Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo has always come off as a bit of a quirky, brooding individual, but no one can dispute his immense talent on the basketball court. Seems like no one can question his "care-level" either, especially after his run in with a cameraman a few years back following a loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Rondo was clearly rattled by the loss and was about to talk the media before noticing that he was being filmed. Rondo went off on the cameraman, essentially saying that this wasn't part of his media availability.

9 9. Tyrone Wheatley

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

8 8. Andre the Giant


Let's be clear about one thing with regards to this one: why you would do anything to piss off a behemoth of a man, aptly named Andre the Giant, is beyond me, but some brave soul wanted to get the perfect shot. Andre the Giant was actually arrested for his run-in with a cameraman back in 1989, as the 7'4, 540 pound monster of a human being headlocked the assuredly much smaller man and damaged his equipment. Perhaps the best quote of the Chicago Tribune piece on the story came from one of the officers who spoke to the media about the incident:

7 7. Joe Paterno

6 6. Randy Johnson


5 5. John Daly


4 4. Carl Pelini

3 3. Kenny Rogers


2 2. Tim Belcher


1 1. Dennis Rodman

It was too easy to slide Rodman into the number one slot on this list. Dropping him down was contemplated, but Rodman is the unofficial king of  the "Brotherhood of Athletes Who've Assaulted Media Members." We all remember the vivid image of Rodman kicking a photographer sitting behind the baseline after Rodman fell into the crowd chasing a loose ball. Something set Rodman off, because he viciously kicked the man and yelled at him afterwards. Rodman got 11 games and a massive fine for the outburst, but still managed to justify his actions by saying in an interview that he "could have done a lot worse to him."

Then again, would you expect anything else from Dennis Rodman?

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Top 15 Athlete vs. Cameramen Altercations