Top 15 Athletes Arrested For Possessing Mary Jane

Marijuana is a major topic of discussion in 2016. Questions like should it be legal, and why is it illegal, are often brought up in arguments. Many athletes have admitted to consuming marijuana to

Marijuana is a major topic of discussion in 2016. Questions like should it be legal, and why is it illegal, are often brought up in arguments.

Many athletes have admitted to consuming marijuana to cope with the injuries related to sports. Whether it is frowned upon or not, there is no denying the fact that weed has become very popular all over the United States. Today, individual states choose to legalize based on their statewide values, but most sporting franchises still don't condone its use. Sports organizations generally look down upon marijuana usage. Players are suspended, or fined large sums of money for smoking or consuming the drug.

It seems that athletes are likely to smoke marijuana, because they endure so much more physical play than normal people from day-to-day. There is a correlation between the athletes that smoke more, and the hard hitting sports they play. It seems that marijuana use is the most prevalent in sports like football, where the very game is predicated on inflicting pain.

Whether the athlete believes marijuana should be legal or not is irrelevant, as it is a topic that needs to be discussed within organizations of sports. There needs to be a definite answer to these player's injury needs, and maybe it doesn't need to be marijuana, but the sporting organizations around the globe need to address the situation at hand.

The players in this list have been arrested for marijuana possession, meaning they were caught with it in a place where it is illegal. That being said, even in the states where marijuana has legalized, the athletes still get in serious trouble if they are found with marijuana. Not by the state or police, but by the league and organization. The drug policies of sports league's in the U.S. are very serious, and are not taken lightly internally.

As always feel free to leave us some comments in the section below, and let us know if there is an athlete that we missed on this list.

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15 Santonio Holmes


Santonio Holmes played for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a wide receiver, and was the Super Bowl MVP when they won. The Super Bowl champion also used to deal drugs in his home town in Florida, which was known by many people. In October of 2008, he was arrested for marijuana possession, a year before making it to the big game. Holmes missed a game, but came back for the big game against the Cardinals, and played fantastic. Though he hasn't been caught with marijuana since, Holmes is often spotted with red eyes.

14 Ferguson Jenkins


Jenkins played in the MLB, and was a Cy Young winner during his Hall of Fame career. In 1980 during the middle of his playing career, he was arrested, and also charged with cocaine, hash, and weed possession. He received a nifty suspension of 20 games, and was fined $10,000 for the infraction.

Jenkins had a nice career after, which is pretty crazy, but I guess this guy was really THAT good. Apparently, he had over $500 worth of cocaine with him at the time of his arrest, but it wasn't enough to scare him straight, as Jenkins still admits to drug usage, often.

13 Damon Stoudamire


The 1996 NBA Rookie of the Year couldn't stay off the wacky tobacky. In 2002, Rasheed Wallace and Damon Stoudamire were pulled over for speeding, and in the process they were arrested for marijuana possession, and driving while high. In 2003, he was also arrested for a similar possession charge. After a 90 day rehab treatment, Damon was back in action for Portland, as he passed all the drug tests, and returned to the NBA.

The situation was ironic because he was a weed smoker and played for the Trail BLAZERS. Ha ha get it, yeah I'm hilarious.

12 Chris Webber


The former NBA player was pulled over in May 1998, and was arrested for resisting arrest and driving while high. Chris Webber was also was charged with second degree assault, and resisting arrest during the traffic stop. Additionally while Webber was coming back to the country with the U.S. team, he was busted by the U.S. Government for marijuana possession. The brand FILA dropped their endorsement with Chris, and he lost a whole heck of a lot of money.

11 Robert Parish


The NBA, and Boston Celtics legend, was arrested for having two ounces of weed shipped to his house. The drugs were sniffed out by a police dog, who was able to detect the drugs addressed to the Hall of Famer. He only had to pay a $37 fine, but was charged with marijuana possession without any time in jail. It seems that the gaff did not influence Parrish's legacy, as he is still considered one of the all time greats.

10 Warren Sapp

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A seven time NFL Pro Bowler, and Super Bowl champion, Warren Sapp was pulled over by police and charged with possession of 12 grams of marijuana possession in the late 90s; apparently, the weed wasn't his, and his friend's. Either way, Sapp was a topic of conversation on every sports show for the obvious mistake. Sapp would continue to have brushes with the law following this incident, and rumors of his drug use continued for years after his retirement.

9 Rasheed Wallace


Wallace was known for having a bad attitude in the NBA, but he was damn good at playing ball. He was arrested in 2002 for possession of marijuana with fellow pot head Damon Stoudamire, and subsequently got the nickname "Jail Blazer", from the league and his friends. "Sheed" played for the Celtics, Trail Blazers, and also the Pistons, without too many more allegations of drug use. Maybe it was to settle him down so he'd stop yelling at officials.

8 Michael Vick

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the guy who led a dog fighting ring was also caught with drugs during his career. In 2007, he attempted to sneak weed through security in the airport in a water bottle. He also tested positive for THC during drug tests with the NFL early in his career. Vick's drug use is usually not remembered, as his dog fighting debacle made headline news. Vick earned a second chance in the NFL, that he deserves. Everyone deserves a second chance.. right?

7 Nick Diaz

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The MMA fighter tested positive for marijuana, and was charged once. But I mean come on, this guy takes thousands of shots to the face, that are so painful you can't blame him for wanting relief. Either way, Nick Diaz got in trouble with the UFC. This guy is still very respected in the ring, and a beast, and Diaz may toke up a little now and then, but he gets beaten up day after day, and practices hard. I think the sport can give the guy a break.

6 Ross Rebagliati


Ross Rebagliati was stripped of his gold medal in 1998, after THC was found in his system during the Winter competition. He was actually awarded his medal back, after marijuana was deemed not to be on the list of banned substances. Rebagliati's victory led to him becoming a leader in the pro-marijuana community, even opening up his own medical marijuana shop in 2013.

5 Tim Lincecum

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

This is one athlete who just looks like a stoner, and with good reason as Tim Lincecum was charged with possession of marijuana and a misdemeanor charge in 2007. The pitcher was found with 3.3 grams of marijuana, one year after winning the Cy Young Award. This led many join the growing movement of athletes who advocated for marijuana in sports. The line of thinking being if Tim can smoke marijuana and be so productive, the drug may not be such a bad thing

4 Ricky Williams


The former Miami Dolphins running back has a long list of trouble with the law. He failed three drug tests, and had a one year ban from the NFL back in 2004. He returned to the league in 2006, but also faced drug charges and problems with the NFL for trying to avoid policies.

Williams studied Holistic Drugs at college during his year off from the NFL, and said that he believes marijuana is not a drug. He thinks it can treat his mental disorder of anxiety, and other mental problems.

Ricky supports marijuana, and differs from other athletes who just like smoking it, as he believes in the science behind it. Ricky has a unique opinion on usage and applications of THC.

3 Randy Moss

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Moss is one of the greatest wide receivers the NFL has ever seen. His skills however didn't stop him from serving a 30 day sentence in 1996 for battery charges. During the arrest, he tested positive for THC, and was sentenced to a longer jail time. As a result Florida State University got rid of Moss's scholarship, and he was kicked out of the university. He passed other tests and made it to the NFL eventually.

2 Michael Phelps

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

No, the legendary swimmer wasn't charged with possession of marijuana, but it is necessary to put Phelps on this list, because of the infamous bong hit. Phelps has admitted to smoking pot, as a means to cope with tough training techniques. Though no repercussions were given, he received a three-month suspension from swimming, and lost sponsorship deals with many of his former partners. Again, is it so bad if Phelps could be so successful with it?

1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Kareeem was known for the legendary sky hook, and not so much for being a pothead. The six time NBA champion, and the NBA's All Time Leading Scorer was arrested twice for drug related charges. His first charge was for having six grams of marijuana in Toronto, and his second charge was for driving under the influence in L.A. He now has a prescription in California for medicinal marijuana, which puts him in the clear as far as the law goes.

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