Top 15 Athletes Caught Taking a Leak on Camera

Nature calls at the worst of times for even the very best of us. And as we all know, when you gotta go, well you've just gotta go. Who hasn't taken off up an alleyway while walking home for a relieving leak? Luckily for us, the rest of the world isn't out filming to try and catch our misdemeanors on camera and spread them to the wider world. This is of course one of the great disadvantages of being an athlete.

In a world of instantaneous social media, the camera has fast become the enemy of the famous. When you're a professional sportsman this makes it extremely difficult to let your hair down. Sometimes they'll be out on the drink and they can't locate a toilet, so they opt for the nearest tree only to find a Paparazzi snapper recording their every move. Or sometimes they're on the field and they just get the urge.

Imagine this for a second. You've just come out for the second half in a soccer game, you're leading 1-0 and the manager has told you to defend that lead as if your life depended on it. The referee blows his whistle to kick things off and suddenly you're hit with that burning desire to locate a restroom. What do you do? You can't exactly run off the field and duck down the tunnel, lest the opposition put one past the keeper in your absence. Better off waiting for a break in play, and discreetly taking care of business on the field. Now that's not quite as easy as it sounds when there are tens of thousands watching from the stands and millions more from the comfort of their armchairs at home.

Here's a handful of athletes who have been caught on camera draining the main vein.

15 Jack Wilshere


Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere felt the urge to go at England training a couple of years back. Usually this wouldn’t pose much of a problem but unfortunately for the talented midfielder, this training session was being filmed. His plan? Find the nearest wall and hide behind a human shield of English teammates and staff. Wilshere fooled no one, and the British tabloids had a great time with it claiming Wilshere was ‘Bursting To Play’ against Poland a few days later.

14 Wayne Rooney


13 Cristiano Ronaldo


12 Robby Painter


11 Don McKinnon


10 Russell Packer

Another rugby league player who emulated McKinnon's efforts two years ago. Packer was a little more discreet, not using his hands and just letting the stream trickle down and through the underside of his shorts. The ever-vigilant cameraman wasn't to be fooled though, capturing the incident just before kickoff. Packer's team won the game and he later tweeted "u gotta go u gotta go".

9 Jerry Collins

8 Nick Novak

7 Manny Ramirez


6 Mario Gotze

5 Fabian Barthez


4 Jens Lehmann

3 Douglas Dos Santos


2 DaMarcus Beasley

1 Todd Carney


For starters, let me clarify from the outset that we are not making this up. Look it up, it's not digitally enhanced photograph...that actually happened in a Sydney nightclub toilet midway through last year. Todd Carney is an Australian rugby league player who has been sacked from almost every club he's represented for off field indiscretions. His latest and most creative stunt was to urinate into his own mouth.

Naturally someone decided to film the episode and within days it had gone viral on the internet and he'd been sacked by the Cronulla Sharks. Carney ended up moving to France and the photo no doubt continues to haunt him. Now that really is taking the piss.

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Top 15 Athletes Caught Taking a Leak on Camera