Top 15 Athletes Linked to Adult Entertainers

That’s the dream isn’t it? Making it big in the sports world and then settling down with some hot young number who is with seemingly limitless partners for a living? Okay, maybe it’s not the dream for everyone.

Whether or not you think that sounds like an ideal life, plenty of professional athletes have found themselves in the company of adult entertainers. It makes sense from a certain point of view. Athletes are in great shape and take care of themselves. Adult film stars are also fit and are probably among the only people who can keep up... if you know what I mean.

But the debate over the cleanliness of the adult film industry aside, there are numerous athletes who have been linked to these stars. Some have simply been spotted in public together, while other times a lengthy relationship unfolds but then blows up in everyone’s face later (no pun intended).

Whether you like the industry or not, keep on reading because here are 15 athletes who have been linked to adult film stars. Whether they have settled down and gotten married, hooked up and gotten caught, or have simply been seen together and the media created a stink about it, enjoy the list, you know the people on it enjoyed themselves…allegedly. This list is ordered from least notorious/may not have happened, to most notorious and definitely happened.

One honorable mention goes do Forrest Griffin, who is rumored to have dated Brittney Skye years ago. If so, good for him, but there is very little proof to these rumors and they seem to come from message boards deep inside the shady underbelly of these dark caves we call the internet.

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15 Dwight Howard and Mary Carey

via insidehoops.com

This one is so delightfully outrageous it might just be nonsense, but for a story like this I really hope it is true. Mary Carey met Dwight Howard when the two met at an airport and like two people from opposite genders often do, they started shooting the breeze. They stayed in contact for a few months after. During this time, Howard is reported to have tried to get Carey to leave the adult business, with no success. Effectively ending their friendship, courtship, or whatever one wants to call it: he entered Chris Fitzpatrick's (her boyfriend, from N'Sync) house and dropped his pants after she concealed the two of them in a washroom.

That's it: boy meets girl, girl makes living copulating with other men, boy tries to lead girl away from that life, boy finds girl at boyfriend's house and whips it out. A true romance story if I've ever heard one.

14 Nate Robinson and Samone Taylor

Robinson: via fivemagazine.es / Taylor: via twitter.com

Three time NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion Nate Robinson was linked to adult film star Samone Taylor back in July 2010. Taylor tweeted several times about Robinson back during his time with the Boston Celtics. The media went absolutely insane at these tweets, but both insisted that they were just friends. Many called shenanigans on the two of them but nothing was ever proven.

via massholesports.com

13 Willis McGahee and Gizelle

via hiphopmorning.com

Back in 2012, two time Pro Bowler Willis McGahee was rumored to have been dating Gizelle. McGahee is known to have nine children from eight women. Back in August of this year, it was reported that McGahee and girlfriend Marsheveet Hooker (yep, that's her last name) were expecting a child. In 2012, neither he nor Gizelle denied their involvement, but neither confirmed anything. The important thing to remember is that he dated an adult film star in 2012 and in 2014 he got someone named Hooker pregnant. You can't make this stuff up.

On top of the bad jokes, if he is looking at a tenth child in the future, it may be time to hit the gym and get signed to a team. Kids cost money and being a free agent doesn't pay very well.

12 Barry Bonds and Devon Shire

Bonds: via sfexaminer.com / Shire: via complex.com

This is a bit of a blast from the past. Before Bonds came to look like a meat covered robot and hit the MLB home run record, he was in the middle of a divorce while an adult film actress Jennifer Peace (Devon Shire) was suing him for child support. 1995 was a rough year for Bonds, but he came through it unscathed. Shire had little proof that it was Bonds who had impregnated her. Bonds himself claimed that the rumors of their involvement were complete nonsense and chalked it up to bad press.

11 Rob Gronkowski and Bibi Jones/Britney Beth

via bombasticview.com

Possibly one of the best looking women ever to bless the space in front of a camera took some great pictures with New England Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski back in 2011. The two reported that they were friends, but that nothing serious had happened. Jones stated that part of one of her side projects had her hanging out with athletes on a regular basis,and when Gronk was unable to come up with an excuse he just apologized to Patriots' owner Robert Kraft. I hope Kraft just high-fived him but life is rarely that awesome.

By the way, he's a tight end and she's an adult film actress: the ingredients are there for a great joke.

10 Chuck Liddell and Jayden James

Liddell: allwrestlingsuperstars.com / James: plus.google.com

One of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, the Iceman was seen out several times back in 2009 and early 2010 with Jayden James. They were seen at multiple parties and many in the media speculated a relationship. Liddell never seriously addressed the issue but James insinuated that the two had only hung out a few times and that she spent time with him mainly for publicity. Even if that is the case, I'm sure Chuck has no trouble finding women in his day to day life with a Mohawk like that.

9 Marcus Jordan and Rachel Roxxx

Jordan: huffingtonpost.com /Rachel: en.wikipedia.org

The son of the GOAT sent a tweet to Rachel Roxxx back in May 2012 that essentially implied that they had done the deed and that he intended to see her again. The message looked like it may have been an attempted direct message, but who really knows. Again this seems like a situation when some men would start looking for high fives, but not his Airness Jr. He said that he had been hacked and that it was a clever prank, but denied any involvement with Ms Roxxx.

It wasn't the only time he had earned some trouble on Twitter. Years prior, Jordan Jr had tweeted about massive losses of money at casinos. Some people need to just avoid Twitter.

8 Scottie Upshall and Gina Lynn

Upshall: via prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/ Lynn: via topnews.in

Scottie Upshall, who has played for the Nashville Predators, Philadelphia Flyers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Phoenix Coyotes and now the Florida Panthers, reportedly got with Gina Lynn back in 2011. According to her now ex-husband, Travis Knight, her sleeping around and her affair with Upshall ruined their relationship. She has been quoted as saying she slept around because she needed to "get some."

That one hurts the brain.

7 Rashad Butler and Mya G

Butler: via zimbio.com / Mya G: via niketalk.com

Rashad Butler and Mya G have one thing in common. They both used to have careers that could make people famous, but never actually became famous. Butler was on NFL rosters from 2006 until 2013 but is a free agent right now. He was always small compared to other tackles, which hurt his potential to start. Mya G on the other hand was in a few films but achieved a small amount of renown in the adult industry. The two got together back in 2011 but they were rumored to have split in 2012 after alleged infidelity on the part of Butler. Who saw that coming?

6 Hines Ward and Lisa Ann

Ward: via galleryhip.com / Ann: via isxdead.com

Probably the Pittsburgh Steelers' greatest receiver of all time was seen with Lisa Ann at an adult film company Christmas party. Neither of the two ever indicated a direct yes or no, but at the time Ward was going through a divorce so it makes perfect sense that he was where he was. If this is true, Hines Ward bedded the queen of the cougars, well done, sir!

5 Tanard Jackson and Jemini 

Jackson: via bleacherreport.com / Jemini: therichest.com

Back in 2010, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' starting free safety, Tanard Jackson, knocked up adult star Jemini. A great story comes with this entry, as the two of them stayed together and agreed to raise the kid together. Unfortunately, Jemini may have to start doing shoots again, if Jackson can't pass a drug test and get back in the league soon. He has failed multiple drug tests and has been suspended a few times. He is currently on the Washington Redskins' roster but is suspended for his second failed drug test in three years.

4 Jennifer Capriati and Dale Dabone

Dabone: via famousdude.com / Capriati: via ksbw.com

Tennis lingo doesn't have a lot in the way of innuendo type words, so this is not going to be nearly as funny as I'd like. I mean, I could say Dabone was her "ball-boy" or that the two of them frequently made an awful "racket" that kept the neighbors up. I could even say that he "returned her serve" (see it's a stretch already), but not all sports are ideal for somewhat NSFW references.

The tennis star had a very rocky relationship with Dabone which lasted from 2003 to 2009. During their involvement, she suffered from drug issues and had a suicide attempt in 2010 after Dabone re-entered the business in that year.

3 Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson

via drfunkenberry.com

Tito Ortiz, who some like to call the most overrated mixed martial artist of all time, had a lengthy relationship with the most successful adult film actress of all time, Jenna Jameson. The two have children together, but their relationship has been a rough one. Tito was arrested in 2010 for domestic abuse and despite being married the two never really seemed to be particularly content with the relationship.

They broke up in late 2013 and have been periodically at each others throats on social media ever since.

2 Tiger Woods and...A Few of Them

via Woods: via ihd-wallpapers.com / James: via shufflingdead.com

I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but Tiger Woods is on this with three film stars and one Playboy model. Say what you will about the fact that he was married with kids, but Tiger was scoring like a real pro.

Devon James, Joslyn James and Holly Sampson were the three adult actresses who "dated" Tiger over the years and Loredana Jolie is the Playboy model that he dated. As a male, I say Tiger was just having a great time, but as a male with a girlfriend who might be reading this, I say he shouldn't have done all that... while winking.

1 Jon Koppenhaver/War Machine and Christy Mack

via whoatv.com

This duo is higher on this list than Tito/Jenna and Tiger and his parade of women because the events of last month were so notorious in the media. Bellator mixed martial artist War Machine and gorgeous, tattooed, head-half-shaved Christy Mack had a relationship prior to the August 8th incident during which he mercilessly beat her, leaving her with missing and damaged teeth, broken bones and a ruptured liver.

In the wake of the assault, responses to the event varied from questions about War Machine's mental state and sanity, all the way to victim shaming of Christy Mack, and a few people on Twitter who criticized battered and bruised lass for being outside "so soon" after a brutal beating. She responded by saying she was out for some groceries and not a night on the town.

Koppenhaver/War Machine was arrested a week after the event. Maybe this goes without saying, but if you date a man who legally changes his name to "War Machine" you might have a bad time. War Machine himself had a brief adult film career that started in 2009 and consisted of twelve flicks.

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