Top 15 Athletes That Can Go Broke

We need to set the record straight to all the big spending athletes out there – the television show Ballers is not a documentary. Filling your garage with 5 different types of Lamborghinis and drinking Cristal on weeknights is a recipe for disaster. Before long someone has to be responsible and tell the crowd the party is over! Truth be told, a lot of people get a level of satisfaction or schadenfreude when an athlete reaches the mountain only to fall off the cliff. These are people who have overestimated their own standing in society and forgot the humble beginnings of their upbringing.

But losing it all can end in dire consequences. Players who don’t have the capacity to hold their life together go down a dark path that proves extremely difficult to recover from, if indeed they ever do. There are warning signs athletes should heed to stop them going completely broke. These include excessive spending on needless luxury items, expensive divorce settlements, starting a business venture with a dodgy partner or being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Before they know it they’re being filmed on another Celebrity Apprentice season and desperately asking their left over acquaintances for a few dollars for charity. When the cameras stop rolling and time passes by, they end up being the ones in need of charity. This can be the moment of intervention. So let’s go around the room and let the athletes that we know and love how damaging their lifestyle is and what they should do to curb their habits. These are the Top 15 Athletes That Can Go Broke.

15 Tim Tebow

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

14 Michael Phelps

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

13 Kevin-Prince Boateng

12 Nick Kyrgios

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

11 Mario Balotelli

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

10 Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

9 Johnny Manziel

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

8 Joey Barton


7 Josh Hamilton

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

6 Radamel Falcao

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

5 Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

4 Emmanuel Adebayor


3 Tiger Woods

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

2 Lance Armstrong

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1 Floyd Mayweather

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather defines himself by 2 things – his undefeated boxing record and the amount of coin in his bank account. While the Money Team seems to have locked in an endless future of financial security for his kids and grandkids, his own family has expressed concerns that his extravagant lifestyle habits could see the boxer go bust. There is a slippery slope Mayweather is about to head into now he has hung up the gloves. At all times he carries around $1 million in a bag, spends a huge amount on lawsuits, has bought a second private jet for the leftovers of his entourage and his garage is complete with an array of supercars. Without the ability to go back in the ring and keep the money coming in, all we know is from here on is there will be a lot of money going out.

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Top 15 Athletes That Can Go Broke