Top 15 Athletes Who Allegedly Slept With Another Athlete's Wife

They might not be up on the big screen in Hollywood, but many talented athletes still grace the screens of our TV and have become household names, which basically makes them celebrities, right? With this superstar status, it doesn’t just come with the perks the money will make, but the types of crowds and company it attracts, in particular, the waves of women. These girls lets just say like to have a good time and push the pace, and best case scenario find themselves with a big ol’ diamond ring on their finger. Once the chase is over, however, both parties might eventually grow apart, or stray, sometimes ending up in the arms of the unspeakable, a teammates significant other.

The increasingly common accounts of athlete indiscretion is almost inevitable now a days, but the only thing that remains the same is one of those unwritten rules in sports to never cross the line and find yourself with another athlete, or especially a teammate's, wife. Despite this, sometimes the uniting front of a jersey the squad shares does not necessarily reflect what goes on behind those closed locker room doors. This sad occurrence not only destroys marriages, but also majorly affects the bond of a team and everyone around them.

Here are some scandalous accusations of the Top 15 Athletes Who Allegedly Cheated With Another Athlete’s Wife (not necessarily a teammate).

15 Mike Comrie (Tommy Salo)

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Tommy Salo was the Swedish goalie to the Edmonton Oilers, playing for a total of six seasons. While Mike Comrie bounced back and forth between a number of teams, he did spend some time on the roster with Salo. Rumors from The Edmonton Journal circulated that the young Comrie had hooked up with Salo’s wife. When Salo found our about the alleged hook-up he confronted his wife who ended up packing up and heading back overseas.

14 Pavel Bure (former teammate Sergei Federov)

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Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Bure were two of the biggest Russian hockey stars of the 90s. They also happened to be good friends, due to their roots back in Russia, where they were both part of the Soviet team before coming to the NHL. When they both came to the United States, Federov scored a relationship with the blonde tennis player Anna Kournikova. When the two were going out, Kournikova started to become friendly with friend and Russian national teammate Bure as well, leading to rumors of the two allegedly becoming engaged in 2000, which was obviously denied, as she was 18 years old at the time.

A year later, Kournikova actually ended up marring Federov back in Moscow, divorcing in 2003.

13 DeMarco Murray (former teammate Brennan Clay)

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DeMarco Murray is an accomplished running back currently with the Tennesse Titans, previously drafted to the Dallas Cowboys where he played for four seasons. Previously he played at the University of Oklahoma where he met former friend and teammate Brennan Clay. Back in 2014 Clay publicly took to Twitter to announce that the Cowboys running back was having an affair with his wife of four months, after finding more than 50 inappropriate text messages between the two. Needless to say Clay said he was going to divorce his wife a day later.

12 John Terry (teammate Wayne Bridges)

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John Terry is an English soccer player who acted as England’s captain and played alongside teammate Wayne Bridges. Bridges and his girl French model Vanessa Perroncel shared a son together who was born November 21st, 2006. The very next day he signed a contract to go play in Chelsea…funny right? Well turns out Terry had an affair with Bridges wife, and got her pregnant! Whoops! She had an abortion within months of the affair starting but that didn’t stop the secret from coming to light!

11 Avasial Garcia (teammate Prince Fielder)

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Back in 2013 the Detroit Tigers of the MLB proved to have quite a colorful season in the personal lives of a few certain players. Avasial Garcia was a right fielder to the Tigers, but he did not become well known because of how he played, but whom he played with. Garcia was sleeping with well-known first baseman Prince Fielder’s wife. Not good. Anyway, Miguel Cabrera caught wind of what was going on, resulting in a swiftly planned clubhouse brawl. The Tigers traded Garcia after the fight, but also to... you know… keep him away from Prince’s wife.

10 Sean Avery & Mike Komisarek (Dion Phaneuf)

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Elisha Cuthbert is a Canadian actress and one of the most infamous ladies to have an NHL fetish. Currently married to Dion Phaneuf, she has had her share of bitter exes. The first, Sean Avery, a notorious mouthpiece and longtime flame of two years broke up in 2007, in which she quickly moved on to Mike Komisarek right after. When those two broke up she started seeing current husband Phaneuf, resulting in the most controversial statements from an angry Avery along the lines of referring to Cuthbert as his ‘sloppy seconds’. Needless to say the comments resulted in a six game suspension.

9 Shannon Brown (teammate Pau Gasol)

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Lakers All-Star Pau Gasol was one of the premier players during the 2011 season that failed to show up to the playoffs later in the year. It was rumored that an unnamed teammate had broken up his engagement to fiancée Silvia Lopez Castro, resulting in the decline of numbers up on the board. It later publicly came out the alleged name at hand was none other than Shannon Brown, who was married to the R&B singer Monica. Brown slept with Castro during the season and Gasol discovered the affair at the end of the regular season.

8 Golden Tate (teammate Russell Wilson)

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In 2014 Seattle Seahawks star quarterback filed for divorce from his wife of less than two years for ‘undisclosed reasons’. The alleged reason for the separation of the two stems from a rumored affair between his wife and then teammate Golden Tate. There was no insight into how Wilson learned it may have been going on, but Tate was a little miffed Wilson didn’t immediately deny the allegations. Tate held Wilson responsible for letting the “rumors” spiral out of control.

7 John Harkes (teammate Eric Wynalda)

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John Harkes is now a retired American soccer player, but at one time was the sought after captain to the U.S. team. It was brought to light that he was apparently having an affair with teammate Eric Wynalda’s wife, Amy. The rumor caused tension in the locker room, and the matter was brought to the attention of then head coach Steve Sampson, keeping it all hush hush, never making the details public.

In what is referred to as a highly controversial move, Sampson dropped Harkes from the team just two months before the World Cup opener in 1998.

6 Tony Parker (teammate Brent Barry)

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Tony Parker was married to Latin beauty and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria for three years. Along side him was close friend Brent Barry, who was also married, to his wife Erin. Both sets of spouses divorced after rumors suggesting that Erin had exchanged hundreds of dirty and flirtatious text messages with Parker. Parker denied that the relationship went any farther than digital but that didn’t stop both marriages from falling apart.

5 Russell Wilson (Joseph Fauria)

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Joseph Fauria, the Detroit Lions tight end at the time (now free agent), was dating brunette stunner Erika Ann Hammond when a rumor circulated that Hammond was also involved with QB Russell Wilson. Fauria, in a rage, called out both of them on Twitter, but later deleted the tweet that said:

“Hey @DangeRussWilson enjoy her @ErikaAnnHammond. She had me thinking she was a loyal GF. I feel you @BrennanClay24”.

After the tweet. Fauria followed up with an apology for letting his emotions get the better of him, but not long before Wilson and Hammond were pictured getting ice cream together.

4 Leandro Barbosa (teammate Steve Nash)

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Leandro Barbosa played with the Phoenix Suns from 2003-2010, resulting him in becoming a desert fan favorite and longest tenured player, who was suddenly shipped off the team after the 2010 season. Rumor has it he was messing around with teammate Steve Nash’s wife, who was pregnant, and when Nash caught wind of it he waited out the relationship until the baby was born. The following day after the baby’s birth he filed for divorce as the child came out, well, of African American descent, leaving the true father’s identity to be rather clear.

3 Shaquille O'Neal (Gilbert Arenas)

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Rumors swirled around in 2011 that Shaquille O’Neal was having an affair with Wizards star Gilbert Arenas' fiancée and Basketball Wives star Laura. Emails were leaked leading to speculation to the fact that the two were romantically involved, and were rather NSFW in nature. Shaq’s wife filed for divorce weeks after the affair was discovered, despite the fact Laura claimed they were “actually made up fake emails”.

2 Paul Terry (Dale Roberts)

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Paul Terry is the brother of John, the English soccer captain mentioned above for having an affair with someone’s wife, proving genetics really do have a way of following pattern. Little Terry was found having an affair with goalkeeper Dale Roberts fiancée Lindsey Cowan. Roberts and Cowan briefly split up after she had the affair with Terry, but on one particular night Cowan came home to find Roberts hanging in the home they shared. It is reported Roberts killed himself over the embarrassment of his fiancée having the affair.

1 Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich

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One of the most bizarre affair results to date, and the original wife swap story occurred between Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. The pair announced they would be quite literally switching wives at spring training back in March of 1973. The families had been friends since 1969, but the two men had pursued each other’s counter parts while still married. Not only that, they swapped entire families, kids included. According to Kekich, he didn’t favor the term 'wife-swapping'. "We didn’t swap wives, we swapped lives”. There you have it.

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