Top 15 Athletes Who Cried Like Little Babies On Camera

Professional sports are not matters of life and death, of course, but this does not mean that tournaments and competitions are not taken seriously by those who are involved. Professional athletes who are involved in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the Premier League and other top-tier competitions are paid millions of dollars for their services. The lives of athletes will go on relatively unchanged even if they fail to win championships and personal awards. Some, admittedly, would rather play for massive paychecks than worry about taking home trophies and titles. That's fine, of course, because sports are jobs to those athletes.

For every athlete who treats his craft like it is nothing more than a 9-to-5 occupation for him, there have been numerous examples of athletes who have become emotional over events that have taken place during games. Some were overcome by their emotions after winning a big game or because of something that had recently occurred in their personal lives. Others, meanwhile, were left heartbroken due to suffering a harsh defeat. Sports give and sports take away, and nobody should be surprised that these superior athletes cried on camera when they did.

Granted, there have been times when it has been humorous to watch athletes break down and cry “like babies” while the cameras are rolling. That could have to do with the fact that the athlete doing the crying was not all that popular among the majority of fans. We are, of course, referencing a former NFL wide receiver who had a public meltdown during a post-game press conference. Everybody who witnessed that moment will remember who was his quarterback on that fateful day. We miss you, T.O., and we can confirm that the sports world is just not the same without your antics.

15 Roger Federer

14 Ric Flair

13 Brett Favre

12 Thomas Hill

11 Adam Morrison

10 Glen Davis

9 Tim Tebow

8 Nancy Kerrigan

7 Tiger Woods

6 Chris Bosh

5 Wayne Gretzky

4 Mark McGwire

3 Andres Iniesta

2 Michael Jordan


1 Terrell Owens

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been on the receiving end of criticism throughout his career. Some of the hate that has been piled on Romo over the years has been unfair. Terrell Owens, a teammate of Romo's for a time, once took the negativity being directed toward Romo personally while speaking to reporters following a game. “That's my teammate,” Owens said as he nearly sobbed on camera. “That's my quarterback.” Maybe, had that event happened several years later, we would all be laughing at a “Crying Terrell” meme rather than a “Crying Jordan” meme.

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Top 15 Athletes Who Cried Like Little Babies On Camera