Top 15 Athletes Who Looked Terrible As Blondes

I have something that I need to confess. When I was in grade 10, I decided that I would look super awesome if I dyed my hair blonde. The image ended up making me look more like a boy band reject, then any respected sex symbol.

When I look at famous athletes, I am often amazed by their physical strength and skills. Yet no matter how strong or talented that these athletes may seem, their hairstyle at times can be reminiscent of my own on that fateful Grade 10 morning. Not everyone is made out to have blonde hair and the sooner you figure it out, the better off everyone will be.

There are no shortage of memorable hairstyles throughout professional sports. Whether it's Jagr's mullet or Troy Polamalu's iconic hair, there are countless athletes that brought their 'hair game' to a whole new level.

It is when looking at some of the best, that you get depressed when you realize just how many athletes have decided to dye their hair blonde. Not only is this a risky move to begin with, it is even more risky when you realize that if it does not look good, that it is going to be all over Twitter in the morning.

As people whose personal image garners them income, they should do a better job of making sure it isn't ruined by an awful hair style. It does not matter if you are the best athlete in the world, if your hair looks like some of these athletes, then you are going to get teased.

Every athlete is going to make a mistake at one point or another in their career. Make sure that your biggest mistake is not in a barber's chair.

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15 Mike Piazza 

via reddit.com

Mike Piazza is a legend in the city of New York. As the backstop for the New York Mets for eight years, Piazza helped make several game winning plays. Piazza perhaps never stole the spotlight more than when he decided that his hair needed to be bleached blonde. It's almost as if he didn't realize there would be cameras to document and forever capture the legacy of the blonde piazza. To add insult to injury, Piazza's natural brunette hair was totally cool and even appeared in a commercial for Pert Plus! Sure, it wasn't the best hair in baseball, but it had a reputation and Piazza ruined that.

14 Jason Kidd 

via ftw.usatoday.com

Jason Kidd has been known for his ability to always make the right decision on the court. It is with that in mind that we are stunned that Kidd made such an awful decision when going with the blonde hair. To make matters worse, Kidd was a member of the Suns at the time and that opened him up to all kinds of bad jokes. Thankfully, as Kidd's career continued on, he decided that a bald look was far better then the blonde 'hairdo'. There is still no word on who it was that convinced him it was a good idea.

13 Neymar 

Neymar is one of the best athletes in the world and, at only 23 years old, Neymar is already a premier player for Barcelona. Yet, no talent in the world is going to make people forget that he thought his hair would totally look awesome blonde. Not only does it not look good, but Neymar styled it all kinds of ways to further accentuate the blonde. Whether it's the blonde mohawk, the blonde streaks or the full bleach-blonde, Neymar continues to make a mockery of his hair, as well as his oppositions on the field.

12 Tiger Woods 

via golfcomphotoblog.wordpress.com

Tiger Woods, what on earth were you thinking here? You might be incredibly good at golf, but maybe consider that in golf, you have a caddy that helps you make decisions on the course. Where was your caddy when you strolled into the barber shop and decided that you wanted to rock a blonde look. Sure, it may have made you feel more youthful, but that does not make it a good look by any means. Not to mention that at one point, Tiger decided to make his hair spotted in different patches of blonde. Tiger if you're going to go for the blonde, at least commit to the whole thing (but also don't...because it was absolutely awful).

11 Dennis Rodman  

via showbizgeek.com

Is it cheating to put Dennis Rodman on this list? Arguably the most colorful character in sports history, Rodman has dyed his hair every color under the sun and has even used several colors at once. Rodman's hair was perhaps never more prominent than during the season finale of the 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice'. At 6'7", Rodman does not need to add to his height but that did not stop Rodman from growing his hair long, blonde and then styling it the mohawk so it could be spotted from miles away (only a slight exaggeration).

10 Usain Bolt 

via dailystar.co.uk

Usain Bolt might be the fastest man in the world. The man that should hope to be even faster, is the person that suggested to Bolt that he should dye his hair blonde. Bolt decided to go for the blonde hair when he visited New York back in 2012 and while you can't fault him for feeling like he wants to mix up his style, there are some trends that do not need to be experienced.

In fairness to Bolt, he actually took on the hairstyle for an SNL skit where he impersonated Chris Brown, but that still doesn't mean it looked good on him.

9 Nick Swisher  

via ftw.usatoday.com

Nick Swisher has never been an elite baseball player with a career batting average of .249. Yet to Swisher’s credit, he’s remained in the big leagues since 2004. On top of that Swisher had a cameo role in the TV series How I Met Your Mother. However, it is Swisher’s blonde hair, or should I specify Swisher's blonde facial hair, that lands him on this list. So often you see players dye their hair but not bother to try and dye their beard. While Swisher did not look cool, he without a doubt showed a strong level of dedication to the blonde look and you can’t fault his efforts.

8 Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash 

via dallasnews.com

It’s hard to blame Dirk and Steve for these hairstyles. They had both been drafted into the NBA and were obviously excited, so they wanted a cool new hairdo. Yet no excitement in the world could really excuse their absolute horrendous hair on draft day. Dirk’s streaked blonde hair, that was combed off to the sides, was not a great look for any day. Steve’s was somehow worse, as it was slicked back and golden...and terrible. Perhaps it was their bond over bad hairstyles that started the long-term friendship and professional success for Nowitzki and Nash . At least both athletes had the good sense to avoid streaking their hair for the rest of their professional careers.

7 Bacary Sagna 

The amount of time that has to be dedicated to maintaining cornrows is more than most hairstyles, which is why any professional athlete that decides to rock such a look must need to know they love the look beforehand. How on earth Bacary Sagna looked himself in the mirror after dying his cornrows blonde is beyond me. It’s like he got tired of the jokes about cornrows and decided he needed to expand on the joke possibilities. Unfortunately, the hair is not long enough to cover his eyes and block his sight of such an awful look.

6 Ron Artest/Metta World Peace 

via basketball-n-ent.com

Whether going by Metta World Peace or Ron Artest, Artest has been an interesting character as long as he has been in the NBA. While he is most notorious for going after fans in the stadium, that did not stop Artest from also attempting to rock some blonde hair at several points in his career. Attempting being the key word here, as the overall look was horrendous. To make matters even more ridiculous for Artest, he decided to also have part of his hair dyed purple and styled to represent Chinese characters. It might have promoted team spirit for the Lakers, but it certainly did not help Artest woo any women.

5 Tom Brady 

via thebiglead.com

If you are married to a super model like Gisele Bundchen, you also might want to try and do crazy things with your hair. Well, instead Brady proved that the football field is his only field of excellence when he tried to pull off platinum bleach blonde hair. Combined with the fact that he tried to style it into a fauxhawk, it is amazing that his wife looked at that and was like “oh yes, that’s an excellent look Tom.” With their immense fortune, perhaps looking at photos of Tom with this hairstyle will lead them to spending a bit more money on hair design.

4 Odell Beckham Jr.  

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

OBJ is one of the most marketable names in the NFL at the moment. After making a spectacular catch last year, alongside having one of the best rookie campaigns for a wide receiver ever, Odell won over legtons of both fans and sponsors. What is truly unfortunate is that for all the talent he has, he also has some awful looking hair. The fact that his blonde tipped top is often flattened out from a game of football can make for some truly unflattering images. I may be alone with this, as Head and Shoulders are one of his many sponsors, but the look isn’t winning me over any time soon.

3 David Beckham 

via ptuszoo.com.au

David Beckham has had a soccer career that has had many unforgettable moments. On top of that, Beckham is married to Victoria, the former ‘Spice Girl’ Posh. You would think such a successful, power couple would have realized that platinum blonde hair is not a good look for Becks. Especially when Beckham has a reputation for being good looking as a brunette or with a shaved head. Combined with other instances where Beckham tried to streak his hair blonde, it's clear that this star is best seated far away from any type of hair dye.

2 Chad Johnson

via pixshark.com

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is one of the most entertaining players to ever play in the NFL. Never shying away from the spotlight, Chad had several seasons in which he was a premier talent. Unfortunately, Chad’s love for attention also extended to his hair and this terrible blonde mohawk. I suppose this is what happens when everyone is afraid to tell you that your hair does not look good. His hair did match his gold teeth, so at least he had that going for him.

1 Marcus Stroman 

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Stroman is one of the most exciting players in baseball. After tearing his ACL in spring training, Stroman defied the odds with his rehab process before eventually making it back to pitch for his team, the Toronto Blue Jays, in the same season. Perhaps all that time off gave Stroman time to watch some football, as he came back sporting a look that is very similar to OBJ's. It is also a positive for baseball fans that players often are wearing caps or helmets, but that does not stop the awful hairstyle from coming out in the dugout or during postgame interviews. Take the offseason to reconsider some fashion choices Marcus, as all eyes are going to be on Toronto when they take the field again and you don't want to look awful.

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