Top 15 Athletes Who LOVE Strip Clubs Way Too Much

There is no feeling more horrifying and confusing than being told by a stripper "that will be $200.00" and realizing you zoned out in a beautiful whirl of lap-dancing and nudity. The choice then presents itself, does one run for one's life and hope not to get mutilated by bouncers, or bite the bullet and pay up. More often than not, "pay up" is the choice and the poor sap in question goes home broke and in shame.

It goes without saying, but being able to be the biggest spender in a strip club has to be a great feeling. Among the only people in the world who can have as much fun in "gentlemen's clubs" as they want are professional athletes. Millions of dollars per year can put plenty of young women "through college." Unlike working girls however, there is much less of a stigma if an athlete gets seen in a strip club and plenty fans love to live vicariously through their favorite star who just dropped $30,000 watching two girls I'm not allowed to write that each other on stage.

While there are plenty of other costly methods of finding female companionship, dropping thousands on strippers a couple of times per month may actually be more economical than marriage, with far less of that nasty legality issue that comes with hookers.  Here is a comprehensive list of our favorite athletes who have spent tons of time and money in strip clubs. But remember, just watch, trying to have as much fun as these guys may find you drunk, broke and being used as a speed bag by tough men several times your size.

15 Zach Randolph

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Now playing for the Memphis Grizzlies, forward Zach Randolph has had a couple of interesting run-ins with strip club related mishaps. He was known to frequent these places, but two incidents stand out in particular. Back in May 2010, he was investigated for his part in a massive brawl at a gentlemen's club in Los Angeles.

March 2007 takes the cake however. He was playing for the Portland Trail Blazers and asked for some time off for his girlfriend's cousin's funeral. The leave period was granted but the next night (while the Blazers were playing and losing) Randolph was spotted at a strip club, where he stayed for much of the night and allegedly left without paying his tab.

14 Michael Phelps

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Truth be told, Phelps himself has never admitted to this one or even addressed the issue. Back in 2009, the greatest Olympian of all time was featured in many newspapers and magazines for his stamina outside of the pool.

A stripper, named Theresa White of Baltimore, claimed that her and a few of her coworkers were invited to party with Phelps one night, and the two ended up having a three-way with one of the said coworkers. She claimed that his endurance in the pool translated well to land and said the three of them went at it for over three hours.

13 Jeremy Shockey

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Four-time Pro Bowl selection and two time Super Bowl winning tight end Jeremy Shockey spent his early career with the New York Giants followed by three years with the New Orleans Saints and a single year in Carolina.

It was during his time with the Saints (shortly before their Super Bowl win in 2010), that certain local strippers told reporters that he was a regular and a favorite customer.

12 Brandon Jennings

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Now with the Detroit Pistons, Brandon Jennings started out his NBA career with the Milwaukee Bucks, playing four seasons there. He is talented, and has some very notable NBA accolades, but there is some speculation over whether he can be called "elite".

For our purposes, he isn't an elite strip club patron either. He hasn't been documented frequenting strip clubs with any frequency, but he's made our list because he notoriously dropped $25,000 in one night back in 2012. He went to the King of Diamonds in Miami after losing to the (then) Charlotte Bobcats, and took a picture with a topless woman. He tweeted about how much fun he was having a few times throughout the night.

11 DeSean Jackson

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Averaging over 1,000 yards per season thus far in his seven year career, DeSean Jackson is one of the few things the Redskins' (is that still their name?) fan base has to look forward to this year. While fans may look forward to seeing their receiver/returner, the man himself is a fan of the strippers. He was seen at a gentlemen's club back in 2012, but more recently, there was a rumor that he was flying a stripper out to watch his games in 2014. He never confirmed anything, but a girl who was seen with him and with his family at games was alleged to have been a featured dancer at a club at the Pink Rhino in Arizona.

10 Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Andruw Jones, Jamal Anderson, Dikembe Mutombo (A few Others) - The Gold Club Trial

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Why list these stars together? Well, they were among the most notorious to be implicated in the infamous Gold Club criminal case. In short, the club came under a massive criminal investigation as it was believed to be a front for prostitution, money laundering and owner Steve Kaplan was alleged to have been associated with the Gambino crime family.

Each of these athletes admitted in court that they frequented Atlanta's Gold Club. They shared stories of what sounds like amazing partying and, of course, plenty of sex with great looking women.

9 Jason Kidd

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Though he is now coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, Jason Kidd was also one of the best point guards of the last few decades. While he has never said such himself, the source of his skill may have been strippers. We have no data to back up such a thought but his ex-wife did indicate that during the last few years of his career, he spent tons of time in strip clubs and had many extramarital affairs. They were married for roughly a decade and she claimed that he had affairs with strippers across the country.

8 Adam "Pacman" Jones

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pacman Jones is one of those NFL players who has had a successful but turbulent football career. He was named to the 2014 All-Pro team as a return specialist and was the only Cincinnati Bengal to receive such an honor.

Early in his career, he was involved in a couple of violent incidents in strip clubs. He allegedly assaulted a dancer in one club and was involved in a strip club related shooting back in 2007. This shooting occurred after he "made it rain" but became enraged and assaulted a girl when she tried to collect the money off the stage.  It's hard to determine whether Jones actually likes strip clubs or just gets violent when he is in them. Nonetheless, he makes the list.

7 Charles Barkley

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

One of the greats from the 80s and 90s who has continued to periodically dominate the limelight as a spokesman and analyst, Charles Barkley is also a well known patron of the strip clubs. One of the funniest moments of his post-playing career was his Hall of Fame induction speech in which he thanked the usual parties, including family, friends, and of course strippers!

He was well known at Delilah's in Philadelphia. The staff their said one of his habits was to bring his own singles so that he would not have to use the recycled bills they keep at the club.

6 Tiger Woods

Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic via USA TODAY Sports

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article detailing a nostalgic look at the hottest women Tiger Woods bedded during his glory days. Number one was Jamie Jungers; a perfect ten from Vegas. She called herself a model, but that's one of those words that can have multiple meanings. In her case, she was a stripper. Cheating is bad and all that jazz, but look at her, good for Tiger!

He was also linked to Joslyn James, an adult entertainer who was working as a dancer when she met and canoodled the former star golfer.

5 Lamar Odom

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The currently unemployed Lamar Odom has a history of being seen with strippers. He was married from 2009 until 2013 and normally I'd feel bad for the wife of a man who frequented such places, but his wife was Khloe Kardashian; I could never feel bad for one of them.

Odom has been well documented as a patron of the peelers. He notoriously dropped several thousand (peanuts) on a stripper named Jasmine in Minneapolis and has been seen in many other establishments from Las Vegas to Washington D.C. Most recently, he had a great night in Vegas just a few days after finalizing the details of his divorce.

4 Alex Rodriguez

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For those who aren't fully versed in baseball "dirtbagerry," A-Rod is one of MLB's most notorious. Most people hate him for his multiple PED related controversies, but a few despise him for having been caught with strippers a few times, a couple of which occurred while he was married.

Whether or not his wife was around, he fooled around behind her back and was known to frequent several "men's clubs" throughout New York and had favorite joints around the country.

3 Dennis Rodman

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One of the most unique and crazy stars in the history of the NBA, Dennis Rodman is also a huge fan of young women who remove their clothing for singles. He's never made a secret of it and whether he is celebrating something or feeling down, there is a good chance there will be strippers present.

Most recently, he held a massive birthday bash for himself back in May of this year. Surprise surprise, there were strippers and adult stars everywhere. A couple of years ago, Rodman took on the project of coaching a basketball team comprised of strippers.

2 Floyd Mayweather

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The highest paid athlete on the face of the Earth is also high on the list of stripper loving, bill-tossing, dream-living athletes. "Money," "TBE" or whatever he's calling himself this month, has a literal ton of money to chuck around and one of the amazing places he likes to do so is in the company of strippers. While there is no shortage of such incidents, he notoriously paid a group of these young ladies to twerk in his hotel room back in late 2014 and just over a month ago, he made it rain, to the tune of $35,000 at a strip club in Houston.

1 Allen Iverson

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Iverson is retired of course, but his financial woes have been in the news recently. He's played the deny game about his problems, but skeptics still consider the former guard star to be close to broke. In an interview earlier this year, former teammate Matt Barnes explained exactly how much Iverson loves strip clubs. He said that Iverson attended these clubs frequently and that EVERY time he went, he dropped between $30,000 and $40,000. This was occasionally a weekly event. That's a year's salary for plenty of poor souls and Iverson was throwing this amount of money like it was nothing.

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