Top 15 Athletes Who Outkicked Their Coverage

Professional athletes basically have no trouble finding a woman to act as arm candy for any given event – pro athlete groupies are practically throwing themselves at their favorite athlete the minute they see him. The more famous you get, the more women are desperate to get a piece of you. Some professional athletes are genetically blessed in more ways than one – in addition to amazing athletic prowess, sports superstars like Tom Brady could retire as supermodels thanks to their good looks. However, for every jaw-droppingly handsome pro athlete, there’s a somewhat goofy looking one who, while amazing out on the court or the field, isn’t exactly a perfect 10.

Now, everyone has their tastes and preferences, and what’s attractive to one person may not be attractive to another. Though many professional sports WAGs get a bad reputation as being mere gold diggers, those who have stuck by their man’s side for years on end prove that they’re in it for more than the WAG perks. There’s something about their pro athlete husband that drives them wild, whether it’s his sense of humor, his physique or his general personality. Regardless, if we’re looking at things objectively, there are many athletes who have girlfriends or wives that are significantly more attractive than them. They’re definitely not immune to the phenomenon of ‘outkicking your coverage,’ a phrase used to describe an individual who managed to snag a partner that’s significantly hotter than they are.

Unsurprisingly, many WAGs are or were models, or are so gorgeous they may as well be. They could have their pick of any man they wanted, and they stay by the side of their professional sports husband, rooting them on at every game (either from the stands or watching at home with the kids). These are some lucky, lucky men.

Here are 15 professional athletes who definitely outkicked their coverage and snagged smoking hot wives.

15 Chris Bosh (Adrienne Williams Bosh)

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Chris Bosh is a ten time NBA All-Star who has been tearing up the court with the Miami Heat since 2010. What he is not is your first call when you need a hot NBA player for a photoshoot. He’s an incredible team mate and, from the looks of Adrienne Bosh’s social media accounts, an incredible husband, but not quite male model material. His wife Adrienne, however, is a total cutie. As with many basketball player WAGs, she’s about ten feet shorter than her super-tall husband, and also about ten times hotter. Hey – he’s one of the NBA’s good guys, so maybe he just makes her laugh.

14 Landry Fields (Elaine Alden Fields)

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Landry Fields is relatively new to the NBA with about five years of court time under his belt, split between the New York Knicks and his current team, the Toronto Raptors. If you’re a Toronto fan, you know exactly who he is. If you’re not, he might be a mystery, because he hasn’t quite reached the LeBron James level of fame. However, even if he walks into a Toronto Raptors fan convention, if his wife is on his arm, chances are she’ll be getting most of the attention. His blonde bombshell wife Elaine Alden Fields, a former model, proves that even average looking NBA players can get super hot spouses.

13 Johnny Manziel (Colleen Crowley)

Johnny Football is in the news about his off the field antics about as much as he’s in the news about his actual playing time, and NFL fans are likely eagerly awaiting what he’ll be up to in the upcoming season. His popularity with the ladies likely comes more from his personality than for any male model good looks, but he managed to snag Texas Christian University student Colleen Crowley as his girlfriend. She’s a frequent feature on his Instagram account, and his fans are probably very, very thankful for that. And if you’re worried about a girl bowing down to Johnny Football’s larger than life personality, don’t – Crowley’s social media accounts prove she’s more than happy to go out partying without her NFL superstar boyfriend. When you look like that, someone will buy you a drink.

12 Eli Manning (Abby McGrew Manning)

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One half of the infamous Manning brothers, Eli doesn’t always get the same press attention as his brother Peyton. And let’s be honest – those are some pretty big quarterback shoes to live up to. However, there’s one place that Eli didn’t fumble – his selection of wife. While he’s skilled on the field, Eli Manning doesn’t exactly have leading man good looks, but that hasn’t stopped his wife from sticking by his side for years. The couple have three children together and, in a profession where infidelity seems to pop up everywhere, they’re still going strong. Look at her – if you were Eli Manning, would you stray?

11 Austin Howard (Larissa Johnson)

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Austin Howard is an offensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders, and though he can probably bench press a small car, he looks like a big cuddly teddy bear. Maybe that’s part of what attracted wife Larissa Johnson to him. The duo’s frequent pictures together shared on social media prove that they’re adorably in love, and if that wasn’t enough, they just had a baby together (complete with an NFL-themed baby announcement that proves his wife has a great sense of humor and is ultra supportive of her husband’s career). Howard is average looking, but we’re betting that he’s hoping his baby girl gets Larissa’s looks.

10 Shelden Williams (Candace Parker)

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While a lot of basketball players have slightly goofy looking bodies due to their height, Sheldon Williams’ goofy appearance extends all the way through his body. His face is definitely not what you’d call conventionally good looking, but he managed to snag basketball player wife Candace Parker. They both spent some time in the United States, playing for various teams, before pursuing their basketball careers abroad. Regardless of where they’re playing or what country they’re living in, the two seem committed to one another and stronger than ever. There’s just one very important question, though – in a game of one on one, who would win?

9 Tony Romo (Candice Crawford)

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Tony Romo’s success with women is absolutely baffling and proves just how much the status of being a professional athlete can perhaps add a few attraction points for prospective girlfriends. Romo, a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, has been linked to a seemingly endless list of gorgeous celebrities, from Jessica Simpson to Carrie Underwood. He finally settled down with wife Candice Crawford – although, let’s face it, she’s the one who’s settling. Crawford is a former pageant queen and TV news reporter whose brother is Gossip Girl superstar Chase Crawford. The couple have two children together, and let’s hope they grow up to have the best of both worlds – their dad’s athletic prowess, and those Crawford looks.

8 Peyton Manning (Ashley Manning)

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Peyton Manning is unquestionably one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time, and whenever he does decide to finally retire, fans around the world will definitely miss seeing him on their screens. He also definitely has those signature Manning looks that his brother Eli also inherited. When he does decide to hang up his jersey, we bet he’ll be spending a lot more time with his beautiful wife Ashley, who has been with him since before his NFL days. The couple is known for their privacy, and while many professional athletes’ wives splash themselves across the tabloids and their own social media accounts, Ashley has kept a private life for herself and the Manning children.

7 Evan Longoria (Jaime Edmondson)

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Who you know better out of this couple depends on whether you’re a sports fan or a reality television fan. Evan Longoria, or “Longo” as he’s often referred to, has been with the Tampa Bay Rays for the entirety of his MLB career. His wife Jamie had a moment of fame when she was a contestant on popular reality show The Amazing Race (twice). If you haven’t seen a picture of her, take a look at her resume – former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Playboy’s Miss January… yeah, she looks about how you imagine she must.

6 AJ McCarron (Katherine Webb)

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You might not know Katherine Webb’s name, but you’ll probably know her as ‘that girlfriend in the stands who captivated the camera to the point where it focused on her reactions more than the actual football game she was reacting to.' That’s right – she’s the one Brent Musberger picked out of the crowd at a BCS National Championship Game when she was rooting on Alabama. She was McCarron’s college girlfriend at the time, and has since become his wife. McCarron, now a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, is cute, but his wife is an absolute bombshell with her exotic good looks.

5 Grady Sizemore (Brittany Binger)

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Grady Sizemore, an outfielder in MLB, is currently a free agent, but there’s one place he’s not looking to make any changes – in the wife department. His wife Brittany Binger is a former Playboy Playmate and model who basically cannot take a bad photo – just take a look at her Instagram account. Sizemore isn’t the most handsome guy, and has a tendency to look far younger than his 32 years in photos. However, he managed to snag his fox of a wife. The heart wants what it wants, and though Binger could have had her pick of any man, Sizemore was the one for her.

4 Scottie Pippen (Larsa Pippen)

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Though he’s now retired, Scottie Pippen is one of the most memorable names in NBA history. “Pip” tore it up with the Chicago Bulls alongside NBA legend Michael Jordan, winning six NBA titles during his time with the team. In 1997, he married model Larsa Younan and the two have been together ever since. Mrs. Pippen has stayed relatively out of the spotlight, with the exception of her brief stint as one of the housewives on The Real Housewives of Miami. For professional athletes, five years of marriage is a humongous milestone that few reach. Nearly twenty years, like the Pippens have under their belt? Practically unthinkable.

3 Kyle Van Noy (Marissa Van Noy)

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Kyle Van Noy and Marissa Powell have been dating ever since he was a linebacker for Brigham Young University and she was a young Miss Utah. Their attraction turned out to be more than just a college fling and the two have since married. Van Noy is relatively new to the NFL, having only been drafted in 2014. He’s currently playing for the Detroit Lions, but we bet he doesn’t care what city he goes to as long as his hot wife is by his side. If you want to learn more about her, check out her website – she shares tips on everything from beauty to fitness, as well as countless photos.

2 Matt Flynn (Lacey Minchew Flynn)

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Though he has his moments when he grows a little facial scruff, all-American quarterback Matt Flynn is pretty average looking. He’s bounced around from team to team with stints for the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers, but there’s one thing he locked down as soon as he could – his wife, Lacey Minchew. Minchew is a former beauty queen, which if you’ve seen her perfectly coiffed blonde hair and ultra-white grin, you’ll have no trouble believing. Unlike many professional sports wives, she’s relatively quiet on social media with only 24 posts on her Instagram account. However, any picture you manage to find of her, you’ll see exactly why she earned a spot on this list.

1 Andrew Luck (Nicole Pechanec)

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Whether he’s clean shaven or sporting his scruffy beard, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is endearingly goofy looking. His girlfriend Nicole Pechanec is definitely the hotter in this duo, and she can probably train just as hard as he can. The two met at Stanford, where Pechanec was a gymnastic captain, and have been going strong ever since despite Luck’s rise to fame. Two brainy college athletes? Their children, if they have them, will be an unstoppable combination of intelligence and athletic ability.

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