Top 15 Athletes Who Shamelessly Sold Products

Professional athletes have it all: Money, fame, love, admiration, and one of the best jobs in the world. But one of the greatest side effects that comes with it, for some of them, is to endorse som

Professional athletes have it all: Money, fame, love, admiration, and one of the best jobs in the world.

But one of the greatest side effects that comes with it, for some of them, is to endorse some excellent products that reveals how hilarious and awesome they can be away from the field.

Sure, some fans might think they do it for the money, but they also do it to entertain us. Plus, some pro athletes have legacies set because they've starred in some of the most well-known commercials of all time.

Would we really remember some of these guys like Joe Greene if he wasn't in the Coke commercial?

Athletes go in commercials to change your life as well. I'm sure many young athletes buy the brands that their heroes use. Sidney Crosby, the greatest hockey player on the planet, endorses Reebok.

Surely, young hockey players want to use what their favourite athletes use. Everybody wins in athlete commercials: They make money, the company sells their product, and the viewers are inspired to buy those products.

It's a win-win for all parties involved. We're lucky that most of the commercials starrring athletes also tend to be hilarious, giving us a good laugh for a product that's supposed to, in a way, change our lives.

We want to thank all of the athletes for participating in such endorsements. It's made us laugh, buy every day items we've always needed, and it helps us remember them for everything they did.

Here are the best athletes who endorsed their products without any shame.

15 Brian Wilson

Despite being a clutch closer and World Series champion for the San Francisco Giants, The Beard will best be remembered for that giant facial hair he successfully grew.

It's no surprise Wilson became a commercial icon. He became a fan favourite after starring in Taco Bell commercials, which involved someone taking care of his beard. Wilson also starred in MLB 2k11 Commercials.

Needless to say, The Beard brought entertainment.

14 Ric Flair

It's only fitting that the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, son of a gun who can kiss any woman in the world (by his own words, anyway) would shamelessly sell products.

Flair has loved to play a hot-shot character throughout his career and would oddly enough star in lottery commercials for the North Carolina Educational Lottery.

In fact, you could even buy lottery tickets with his picture on them:

So I guess if you won, you'd go "WOOOOOO!"

13 Charles Barkley

One of the NBA's all-time great superstars is one of the most phenomenal and entertaining analysts today.

But Barkley also had an incredible career in commercials. His infamous "I am not a Role Model," for Nike remains popular as Barkley would help alter the image of the "squeaky-clean" athlete.

Barkley also endorsed for Capital One throughout his career.

12 Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers quarterback does have one of the most quiet-guy personalities among superstars in the NFL, but his commercial endorsements are as elite as his stats.

Rodgers has starred in many State Farm commercials, and the Discount Double Check ones have become legendary.

Rodgers now hops to find his way back to glory with the Green Bay Packers and the Cheese Head faithful.

11 "Mean" Joe Greene

"Hey Kid...Catch," the most infamous words a pro athlete has ever muttered in a commercial.

Pittsburgh Steelers legendary defensive tackle Joe Greene was in, what may be, the greatest sports commercial of all-time. He treats a kid the way they all dream of meeting their favourite athletes, after being supplied with a Coca-Cola Classic bottle.

The Joe Greene commercial is perhaps the most parodied sports commercial ever.

10 Tom Brady

Brady has revolutionized the Men's Uggs industry by wearing them in many commercials.

Brady's also starred in many other commercials selling products. Snickers, Under Armour, and more. Even though he's a unique character on the field, he's shown he may have a career in acting when his NFL career ends.

Tom Brady sells and fans, even haters, are buying.

9 "Macho Man" Randy Savage

For '90s kids, no commercial involving wrestling Superstars was better than Randy Savage's Slim Jim ads.

"Snack on a Slim Jim! OOOOOOOOH YEAAAAAH!!!!," he would say. The Macho Man's infamous booming, deep voice and colorful persona was used for commercials to sell this product and it worked, as children all over were asking parents to purchase

So yeah, these commercials were awesome.

8 Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin hasn't been in as many commercial endorsements as other superstar athletes, most notably his rival Sidney Crosby.

But when he does, they're awesome. Ovie has starred in many advertisements, but his Mr. Big chocolate bar may have been his best. Though they were, in a way, kind of creepy, they were hilarious.

That's a hat trick!

7 Rob Gronkowski

No athlete in sports has been more hilarious when it comes to partying and living life when he's enjoying the offseason.

Gronk has become one of the most lovable athletes of his time, and with commercials like this, you can't blame him. He's shown no shame in being himself when it comes to endorsements like the "Snow Day" commercial done where Gronk is not only the star of the ad but recruits fellow athletes along the way.

6 Eli Manning

Let's make one thing clear: Eli Manning will never be as great as somebody else on this list with the same last name.

But we've seen that other Manning do these commercials for years. It's only been recently where the quieter, more laid-back younger brother of Peyton has shown his Hollywood skills.

As seen in Eli's "Bad Comedian" commercial for DIRECTV.

5 LeBron James

There's no doubting that the best basketball player on the planet is one of the most shameless yet awesome product endorsers.

The King has starred in many commercials. He's been in ones featuring Nike, Samsung Galaxy Phones, among others. But the "Bike Ride" Nike commercial might be the best one that James has ever been part of.

Now that's something else.

4 Hulk Hogan

With his out-spoken and charismatic style of wrestling, Hogan was featured in countless iconic commercials. Such is life when you're by far the biggest name in the history of professional wrestling.

One of Hogan's better-known products? His own Pastamania at the Mall of America in Minnesota may have been his most famous, even though it was considered a complete flop.

I don't care what you say, this is awesome.

3 Marshawn Lynch

The NFL will miss what "Beast Mode" did on the field as one of the NFL's elite running backs, but Marshawn Lynch will be remembered as a powerful player and excellent, world-class commercial actor.

Lynch garnered a reputation for doing what he did without anyone caring (see Super Bowl fine) but his Xbox and Pepsi commercials were what he did best.

2 Sidney Crosby

Crosby is one of the biggest stars in pro sports without showing much of a personality. Sid the Kid seems to thrive in the spotlight by living a quiet personal life. Of course, no one in NHL history can say they've been better when it came to products.

Crosby has endorsed Gatorade, Reebok, Sportchek, and CMM. However, there's no doubting that his Tim Horton ones are the best. Without question. 

1 Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback and greatest athlete endorser ever. No question about it.

One of the classiest players in NFL history has been in way too many hilarious commercials that reveal a completely different character that fans have been accustomed to seeing.

The Sheriff has proudly endorsed so many products. Gatorade, Nationwide, MasterCard, and of course Papa John's remain some of the better ones.

After football, will he become a coach, analyst, or actor? It's hard to imagine he'd have an easy time picking. But my gut tells me to go with acting.

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