Top 15 Athletes Who Were Bit in the Ass by Karma

What goes around comes around, or so the saying goes. We’d all like to think that people get what’s coming to them. Bad people get bad karma and good people get good karma. But that’s not how the world works, at least not all the time. Chances are everyone’s going to have bad days. Then they might have some good days too. It’s not the result of someone being good or bad, it’s just the way life works. People get both. But we like to characterize these types of things in such terms as good and bad karma because we like to think that the just are rewarded and the wicked are punished. Kind of biblical really. And not entirely untrue.

The sports world is a breeding ground for controversy. Making it grade A entertainment. There are people we root for and others we loathe. That’s where the idea of bad karma becomes so enticing. While we see certain athletes act like scumbags and jerks, we ourselves can’t actually do anything about it. So we wait. We wait till something happens and more often than not, if they’ve been particularly bad, the result is often satisfying.

This list contains a whole range of particularly controversial athletes. Everything from loud mouth divas to cheaters to criminals. While some of these guys might’ve thought the good times would’ve just kept rolling, we all knew that eventually, things would stop going their way. It’s pretty satisfying to see someone who’s unjustly living it up fall right on their asses and fell the full brunt of the consequence of their actions.

15 15. Terrell Owens

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14 14. Richie Incognito

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13 13. Luis Suarez

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12 12. Usman Ahmed

11 11. Rae Carruth


10 10. O.J. Simpson


9 9. Richard Sherman

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8 8. Daniel Carcillo

7 7. Aaron Hernandez

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6 6. Ugueth Urbina


5 5. Brett Favre

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4 4. Michael Vick

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3 3. Alex Rodriguez

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2 2. Lance Armstrong

1 1. Tiger Woods

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A golfer at the peak of his game, a family man with a loving wife and two beautiful daughters. Tiger Woods lost it all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. After having numerous affairs, including with an adult entertainer, Woods had a very messy and very public falling-out with his wife and sponsors. By the end of it all, he had to pay his wife $100 million in the divorce settlement. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Woods also lost $22 million in endorsements that year and just wasn’t the golfer he used to be when all was said and done.

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Top 15 Athletes Who Were Bit in the Ass by Karma