Top 15 Athletes Who Would Make The Perfect Couple

 It is difficult to relate to the life of a professional athlete. No matter how naturally talented an athlete you are, you have to dedicate your entire life to becoming the best you can be, honing you

 It is difficult to relate to the life of a professional athlete. No matter how naturally talented an athlete you are, you have to dedicate your entire life to becoming the best you can be, honing your craft to battle against the greatest competitors in the world. Sure, there is the fame, the money, and the glory, but even once you accomplish the dream, you then have to deal with the publicity that comes along with it. There is constant pressure from the fans and media for your performance to match the million dollar salary,  enough to drive one to insanity. See, this is difficult to relate to. With this in mind, it comes as a surprise that more professional athletes have not joined to conquer the spotlight together. There are exceptions to this: Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi, Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra, Candace Parker and Shelden Williams. The list is short. It is time for professional athletes to come together and join forces as husband and wife.

In the social media age, you can effortlessly follow other professional athletes, and find ones you are interested in, discovering arrangements in which your paths can cross. All it takes is a follow on twitter to show your interest in someone. Athletes are always travelling city to city, creating a plethora of opportunities to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. Many athletes share mutual friends, mutual agents, or mutual trainers. There are some incredibly intriguing potential couples. These couples can grow together through the perpetually challenging sports landscape. Imagining the future sports stars that could be created by these couples is tremendously exciting. At least one of these perfect matches will become a reality in the coming years.

This list is simply all about two athletes that just seem to belong together, irregardless of their actual relationship statuses.

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15 J.J. Watt & Angela Rypien

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Watt has a chance to be the greatest defensive football player of all time. Rypien, the daughter of Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien, is the most popular player in the Lingerie Football League. This would be a football couple greater than even Belichick and Brady, or Rice and Young. She would look perfect around those massive arms of Watt. All that would be left for Watt is to follow in his father-in-law's footsteps, and win a Super Bowl MVP.

14 Shaun White & Lindsey Jacobellis

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White is the only name in snowboarding the average person could name. He gained an immense popularity in the process of winning 23 X-Games medals. Yet he has not been able to elevate snowboarding to the heights it deserves. Enter the beautiful Jacobellis, an 11 time X-Games medal winner. Together these two riders could power the sport to national relevance. Snowboarding is one of the most exciting, intense sports there is, and these trailblazers have the ability to spring it to the spotlight.

13 Rory McIlroy & Paige Spiranac

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Quite simply put, Spiranac is an absolute bombshell. She definitely stands out on the golf course, but not yet for the reason she desires, with no victories under her belt.  Mcilroy is on a quest to win the most PGA majors ever, but his lack of killer instinct and confidence may inhibit him from accomplishing this feat. You know what breeds confidence, having a lady who looks like Spiranac on your arm. A few lessons from Rory, and this couple will be winning trophies together on Sunday for years to come.

12 Conor McGregor & Gina Carano

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McGregor has taken the UFC world by storm, with his electrifying moves inside the octagon, and electrifying personality outside of it.  Carano once dominated MMA when it first gained popularity becoming the face of women's MMA.  In recent years she has tried her hand at acting, recently playing a very strong villain in the blockbuster film "Deadpool".  You would have to think McGregor’s first acting role is just around the corner.  This couple is just what the UFC needs to regain the attention it once held.

11 Greg Hardy & Hope Solo

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This one ain't pretty folks. In fact, it's completely ugly. In a drunken rage, Solo once attacked her 17-year-old nephew slamming his head into cement numerous times.  Not to be outdone, Hardy attacked his ex-girlfriend, tossing her on a pile of guns and then choking her. Inexplicably, neither were punished by the law, talk about the privilege of being a professional athlete. Hardy and Solo could rehabilitate their images by speaking publicly together about how completely wrong domestic violence is.

10 Patrick Kane & Hillary Knight

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The two brightest stars American hockey has to offer. They have already led their teams to multiple championships and are still only in their mid 20s. Hockey continues to battle for face time among the NFL, NBA, and MLB; as a result Kane and Knight are not the household names they deserve to be. Hockey has the potential to be much more popular, these two can go a long way in making it a reality. If they were to join forces as the combined face of USA hockey, the sky is the limit.

9 Kevin Durant & Skylar Diggins

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Durant plays for the Oklahoma Thunder which just happens to be a short drive down the I-44 from Diggins, star of the Tulsa Shock.  Two of the best scoring players in College history, and on their way to becoming two of the most prolific scorers of all time, these two would create one hell of a basketball player.  The speed of Iverson, the handles of Nash, the range of McGrady.  If their child played on the same team as the child of #1 on this list, they would win back to back to back to back to back to back (you get the picture) championships.

8 Rob Gronkowski & Lolo Jones

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Two incredibly talented athletes who love to party.  Jones has been hated on by her own teammates for receiving so much attention regarding her looks. They don’t think she’s earned the spotlight the right way. Well it’s not Jones’s fault she is so wonderfully beautiful. What a perfect slap in the face it would be if she hits pay dirt with the man who loves the spotlight more than Gregg Popovich loves being grumpy. It is truly an exciting thought to think about Gronkowski being a father. Here son, try this Budweiser. Now try 10 more.

7 Alexander Ovechkin & Maria Sharapova

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Vladimir Putin would be so proud of this Russian power couple. Ovechkin’s beauty on the ice is matched by the incredible beauty of Sharapova. It doesn’t hurt that she’s one of the greatest women’s tennis players, having won 4 Grand Slam titles. Ovechkin has scored some of the best goals you’ll ever see, but scoring with Sharapova would be better than them all. Ovechkin and Sharapova will not be happy to see their biggest rivals higher than them on this list, just as Putin will not be impressed with my Canadian bias. Sorry eh.

6 Tiger Woods & Lindsay Vonn

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The only similar attribute golf and skiing share is the total domination of their sports contructed by Woods and Vonn. They already proved to be a strong couple, previously dating before their schedules became too busy and conflicting. When Tiger’s steep downhill slide hit rockbottom, the downhill star was there to pick him up. As their careers hit the 18th green, these superstars will find time to rekindle the magic they once had. We can only hope it turns out better for Vonn than it did for Elin Nordegren.

5 Cam Newton & Ronda Rousey

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Their careers started with incredible success, only to be derailed by humiliating defeat in the most important match of their lives. Rousey knocked out by Holly Holm, Newton knocked out by the Denver Broncos. Two of the worst defeats in recent memory, as these favorites were dethroned before they were could even be considered royalty. If Rousey will go on a date with Turtle from Entourage, then Cam has to like his odds. From there they can reattempt to gain their championship form, this time side by side.

4 Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Danica Patrick

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Patrick currently dates fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.  Yes, the most successful female driver of all time has a co-pilot with all of 0 wins in NASCAR’s top series.  This is also the number of wins Patrick has accumulated.  A switch to the man with the legendary name is the pass to make. Earnhardt’s name is accompanied by 2 Daytona 500 victories, and 24 wins total.  He is the face of American motor sports.  Time for a new drafting partner Danica, one who can show you the way to victory lane.

3 Christiano Ronaldo & Alex Morgan

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Two of the most talented soccer players in the world, with this talent somehow surpassed by their beauty. Ronaldo has conquered Europe, with America still in his sights.  Who better to show him the ropes than Morgan, the star of the Women's national team. They had better hurry up so Ronaldo can gain his US citizenship.  He is going to look just wonderful in the red, white, and blue leading the U.S. to their first World Cup championship.

2 Sidney Crosby & Eugenie Bouchard

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The faces of Canadian athletics. Crosby has won everything there is to win by 25, while Bouchard is still eluded by her first Grand Slam title, the pressure of a nation on her back. Crosby has felt that same pressure since the age of 18 when the phenom was heralded as the next Wayne Gretzky. He managed to somehow surpass those expectation turning into a superstar on and off the ice. Crosby will be able to teach Bouchard how to harness the pressure within her and unleash it on her opponents. These two need to go on a date pronto, I will make a reservation for Tim Hortons tomorrow at 6.

1 LeBron James & Serena Williams

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The King and the Queen.  The most dominant athletes of their generation.  These faces of Nike are two of the most physically gifted specimens to ever grace Planet Earth.  Both have been in the spotlight from a young age, learning how to deal with fame, success, and the trials and tribulations that come with it.  A power couple the magnitude of Jay Z and Beyonce, LeBron and Serena could rule the entire sports world above their throne.

Their son would shatter the record book; take your pick which sports.  Their daughter would receive a lifetime ban from the WNBA the day she was born, only to go on to win more NBA championships than her Dad.

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Top 15 Athletes Who Would Make The Perfect Couple