Top 15 Athletes With Embarrassing Children

Professional athletes are used to being in the spotlight, while in the game and also in their personal lives. Not only does the attention revolve around famous athletes, but it can also revolve around

Professional athletes are used to being in the spotlight, while in the game and also in their personal lives. Not only does the attention revolve around famous athletes, but it can also revolve around their family. Children of professional athletes grow up going to games, living a beyond comfortable lifestyle, and can be used to getting what they want. They travel with their family all over the country or world, depending on their parent’s claim to fame.

When the average teenager or young adult makes a mistake or gets into trouble, it usually circulates around town. Over time, someone else screws up and your fumble is forgotten about. However, when a professional athlete’s teen travels down the wrong path, it makes national headlines. These types of headlines don’t fade away, as they’re on every news, sports, and social media site you can think of. Although some of the circumstances on this list are not by any means typical acts of teenagers, I’m sure we could all take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on some of the things we did as teens that we’re not so proud of, but at least we weren’t publicly embarrassed and shamed because of them! As for the more serious crimes on this list, no sympathy is given. Here are 15 athletes who have experienced what it’s like to have national or global embarrassment due to their precious offspring.

15 Deion Sanders, Sr.


Primetime, the former MLB and NFL star, has five children, one who is following in his footsteps, as Deion Sanders Jr. plays football for the SMU Mustangs. We're sure his father is overjoyed to watch his son play one of the sports he shares a passion for. However, his father definitely isn’t impressed by his son’s Twitter page. Deion Sr. publicly shamed his son on Twitter by saying:

@DeionSandersJr you're a Huxtable with a million $ trust fund stop the hood stuff! Lololol. Son. #Truth

— Deion Sanders (@DeionSanders) April 2, 2015

Good public parenting Deion.

14 Wayne Gretzky

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The Great One and his actress wife, Janet Gretzky, passed on great looks to their daughter Paulina. This stunning blonde follows the motto: if you got it, flaunt it. Although men around the globe are drooling over her racy Twitter and Instagram photos, there’s one man in particular who is not impressed at all. Of course, her father would prefer for her to wear more modest clothing and not post cleavage pictures on a daily basis, but we can’t always get what we want. Wayne gave Paulina a serious talking to about keeping a lower more classy profile, and she soon closed her Twitter account. That didn’t last long and she continues to post racy photos on all of her social media accounts.

13 Scottie Pippen


Scottie Pippen has a grand total of six children. Scottie’s daughter, Sierra Pippin, had an embarrassing night when she stumbled into a hotel, peed on the lobby floor, and then decided it was probably a good time to go. The 20 year old was charged with public intoxication and public urination, according to The Daily Mail. In her defense, when you gotta go, you gotta go! Unfortunately, Sierra had previously been arrested earlier in the same month at the same hotel for public intoxication! She was never even a guest there, so why she continued to return to cause a ruckus at the same hotel is unknown. Marking her territory perhaps?

12 Mychal Thompson


Mychal Thompson played power forward and center in the NBA, while his son, Klay Thompson, currently plays in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors. Back in 2011, Klay got himself into some trouble while playing for Washington State, as he was arrested for possession of marijuana. Mychal spoke out on the incident, saying he felt like he “had just got hit in the gut by a Manny Pacquiao” when he heard the news that his son had been arrested, according to The Seattle Times. He went on to express that he had faced numerous situations similar to his son, however, he stated, “you’ve got to be better than that, you’ve got to be smarter. He let the school, his family, and himself down.”

11 Yannick Noah


Yannick Noah is a retired professional tennis player from France. His son got the athletic genes, however chose a different sport than his father. Pursuing basketball, Joakim currently plays for the Bulls in the NBA. In 2008, Joakim was charged with possession of marijuana and open alcohol. He was arrested while walking down a sidewalk at 2:00am while drinking, according to ESPN. It seems as though Joakim learned from his mistakes, as he hasn’t attracted any bad press since.

10 Floyd Mayweather Sr.


Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a competitive boxer in the 80s before becoming the world's famous trainer that he is today. His son, Floyd Jr, is an undefeated boxer who's one of the best boxers of all-time.

There are two different ways to look at this one. Firstly, you can claim that Floyd Jr. is an embarrassment to his father due to the way he flaunts his money, the fact that he hangs out with Justin Bieber or the fact that he's incredibly arrogant. Though he's incredibly talented, he's not well liked and could be an harassment in that sense.

On the other hand, you can see Floyd Jr. is an embarrassment due to the domestic violence case that he's dealing with at the moment. According to Yahoo! Sports, he's been charged with domestic violence six times and served a couple of months in prison based on one of the claims.

Or, like most people, you can feel that both ways are reasons for Floyd Sr. to be embarrassed.

9 Joe Montana


The Hall of Fame quarterback spent his NFL career with the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. His son, Nate Montana, is also a quarterback who is currently a free agent. Nate was one of 11 Notre Dame athletes arrested in 2010 for misdemeanour charges of underage drinking. In 2011, Nate found himself in more trouble as he was arrested on a first offense DUI charge, according to Missoulian. Nate pled guilty to a slap on the wrist of reckless driving and his DUI charge was dismissed. He refused a breathalyzer test and police believed he smelt of alcohol, however the evidence against him was not strong enough to charge him.

8 Bobby Bonds


Bobby Bonds is a former MLB player who played mainly for the San Francisco Giants. His son, Barry Bonds, became a professional baseball player like his father and played a huge chuck of his career with the San Francisco Giants. If there’s one thing Bobby didn’t have in mind for his son, it was probably criminal charges. Bobby passed away in 2003 and was not around to see his son be found guilty of obstruction of justice involving his PED case, according to The New York Times. Luckily for Bobby, he wasn't around to see the tainting of their family name.

7 Ed Spiezio


Ed Spiezio is a retired MLB player who played for the Cardinals, Padres, and White Sox who passed on his talent and love for baseball to his son, Scott Spiezio. Scott played professionally from 1996-2007. In April of this year, Scott got himself into a bit of trouble. Apparently he went on a window-smashing spree and was tased by Illinois police, according to TMZ. It turns out he was smashing his neighbour’s windows and his own girlfriend called the cops on him. He tried to play cat and mouse with the boys in blue, but let this be a lesson; the man with the taser always wins.

On top of that, he sports a red soul patch for a part of his career and there are few more embarrassing pieces of facial hair.

6 Kellen Winslow Sr.


Kellen Winslow Sr. is a retired NFL player and is known to be one of the best tight ends of all time. His son, Kellen Winslow Jr., who's also a TE, embarrassed himself and his family recently as he was arrested and charged with possession of synthetic marijuana. However, that's not why Winslow Jr. was approached by police. He was confronted outside a Target in New Jersey due to the fact that he was pleasuring himself in the parking lot, according to ESPN. A woman claimed to have parked next to him and noticed that he was nude from the waist down while pleasuring himself. There is nothing sexy about Target. Keep it in your pants Jr.

5 Nick Saban

Nick: / Kristen:

Nick Saban is the head coach for Alabama and previously coached the Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Nick Saban’s only daughter, Kristen, got into an intense catfight in 2012 with one of her sorority sisters. This wasn’t your average fight with words, as Saban’s daughter actually got physical. Naturally, the reason for the brawl was a boy. The victim, Sarah Grimes, accused Kristen of hair pulling, throat grabbing and choking and the doctor who saw Grimes in emerge said the victim could’ve been killed judging by the damage done, according to Fox Sports. Grimes suffered a concussion, had to have nasal surgery, and needed therapy. What an embarrassment for the entire Saban family.

4 Sandy Alomar Sr.


Sandy Alomar was a second baseman for multiple teams in the MLB and his two sons, Roberto and Sandy Jr, inherited a love for the game and the gene pool needed to succeed. Although Roberto had the better career, he was also the more embarrassing son. In 2009, a $15 million dollar lawsuit was filed against Roberto, claiming he had unprotected sex while knowing he had AIDS, according to The Daily News. His ex, who field the suit, demanded $15 million in punitive damage as she accused Roberto of putting her through emotional turmoil and exposing her kids to the deadly virus.

3 Joe Bryant


Joe Bryant is a former NBA player whose son happens to be one of the best players in NBA history, Kobe Bryant. While we're sure Joe is very proud of his son’s accomplishments on the court, he must not be happy with the headlines Kobe made in 2003. Kobe was charged with sexual assault in 2003 after an altercation at a hotel in Colorado, which sent his reputation down the drain. He was dropped by MacDonald’s and, during the legal affairs, Nike forbid images of the Lakers all-star to be advertised.

2 Lawrence Taylor Sr.


Lawrence Taylor is a retired NFL player who spent his entire career as a linebacker for the New York Giants. Unfortunately Taylor’s son, who is named after him, has a disturbing reputation. Lawrence Taylor Jr. was arrested this year and pled guilty to horrific crimes centering around sexual assault, according to The father-son duo won’t be spending much time together as Taylor Jr. has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, with 20 more on probation. Sadly, this isn't the first time a Taylor is arrested for this type of action, as Taylor Sr. is also a registered sex offender who pled guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute in 2011, which also involved an underage girl.

1 Nick Van Exel


Nick Van Exel is a retired NBA player who now coaches in the Development League, whose son, Nickey, was found guilty of murder in 2010 for shooting his best friend, according to The Dallas Morning News. What was the motive for the crime? Nickey believed his friend planned on snitching about armed robberies the two had participated in that year. Nickey claimed the murder was an accident, however, his actions following the murder showed otherwise. Nickey wrapped his friend in plastic, pulled him to his garage, and put him in the back of his Chevy SUV. He then dumped the body and went back to the scene to clean. This murder sounded like something from a Dexter episode, not an innocent accident.

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