Top 15 Athletes With The Most Baby Mamas

It’s no surprise that some athletes see recreational sex as part of their occupation. When these athletes travel to different cities for work, many of them are bound to find a woman (or two or three) to “spend time with.” This eventually results in someone becoming pregnant. While some women certainly don’t mind carrying the child of a millionaire athlete, some are genuinely surprised when they find out they are expecting—especially if the athlete is married to someone other than them. There are also a host of baby mamas who are determined to get as money as they can to care for their children, along with a few thousand per month to purchase a few other things.

Of course, some professional athletes had several children before they made it big. So, a huge paycheck is likely a big blessing, but, sometimes, it’s not quite enough to meet the needs of all the athlete’s children. As we know, there are also athletes who wait until they are making millions of dollars to start fathering children. This, in and of itself, doesn’t seem like a bad idea. That is, until the procreation gets way out of hand, and the athlete has way more children than he bargained for.

Why do some athletes have so many children? Perhaps it’s a combination of irresponsible behavior, the feeling of being invincible and a tendency to throw caution to the wind. Maybe some men get an indescribable sense of satisfaction from knowing that there are several children in the world who share his DNA. However, once the children are born and these athletes see that managing a few different families is harder than it looks, it’s logical to assume that some “players” are more inclined to rethink their future actions.

Here are 15 athletes with a whole lot of baby mamas.

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15 Royce White

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Royce White is currenty playing on Clippers summer league team, but he isn’t exactly known for actually playing in any games. Due to White’s off-court activities, he got more media attention than players like Damian Lillard. Royce White had to deal with disputes with his team concerning his anxiety disorder and to make matters worse, several women came forward, claiming that they had children by White. Perhaps that was the reason for his anxiety. Allegedly, Royce White has five children with five different women. The last women he impregnated was a friend of his. The two allegedly conceived a child in an RV and when White heard the news that he was expecting his fifth child, he blocked his “friend” on Twitter. How mature.

14 Larry Johnson

via thisis50.com

Larry Johnson, a superstar in the NBA during the 90s ,was certainly a hit with the ladies in his heyday. Apparently, he was putting in plenty of work off the court as well. Johnson has five children with four different women. One of his baby mamas, Laura Tate, was strongly encouraged (by him) to have an abortion back in 1997. This likely occurred after Johnson started to realize just how expensive children can be. Tate decided not to get the abortion and she made Larry Johnson’s threats public, which, obviously, was bad for his image. This didn’t make him look to great as a father, either.

13 Marshall Faulk

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Faulk was a 2011 Hall of Fame inductee who rushed for more than 12,000 yards during his career. He had an impressive career to say the least and should be applauded for his athletic accomplishments. However, Marshall Faulk didn’t stop his intense activity once he left the football field. He’s the father of six children and has to pay child support to four women. Hopefully his jobs at Thursday Night Football, NFL GameDay Morning and NFL Total Access are providing him with enough money to take care of his large family.

12 Oscar de la Hoya

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It seems that Oscar de la Hoya is as much of a knockout with the ladies as he was in the boxing ring. The prizefighter has six children with four women. In 2000, he was hit with a $62.5 million palimony suit by one of his children’s mothers. The suit was filed shortly after de la Hoya’s then-girlfriend, Shanna Moakler (who is also Travis Barker’s ex-wife) saw that Oscar had taken another woman as his date to the Latin Grammy Awards. These days, you can see Oscar de la Hoya selling insurance via television commercials. We’re hoping that works out for him.

11 Ray Lewis

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Ray Lewis, who spent his entire 17-year career playing for the Baltimore Ravens, has a soft spot in his heart for children. He’s worked with various charities to promote the health and well-being of children and he even founded the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation as a way to help children. So, it’s not such a bad thing that Lewis has six children. The main downside is probably the fact that he fathered these children with four different women. Lewis now works for ESPN as an NFL contributor, which likely helps to make his child support payments a little lighter.

10 Bennie Blades

via twitter.com

Blades squandered his entire NFL pension. All of it. He then took a job as a substitute teacher, but that’s not nearly enough money to take care of six children. The fact that Blades’ children are from six different women complicates matters further. The former pro-bowler played for the Detroit Lions and was, unfortunately, arrested because he owed a whole lot in child support. “A lot” as in nearly $300,000. Yikes. Blades is also known for pulling a bazooka from his trunk while at a strip club. So , it’s pretty safe to say he could stand to make better life decisions.

9 Charles Rogers

via heavy.com

Charles Rogers had a pretty short and uneventful career with the Detroit Lions, and suffered several injuries that stiffled his career and have him labelled as one of the largest busts in NFL history. Rogers also had problems with substance abuse, which may have something to do with why his NFL career didn’t have much longevity. However, he’s certainly scoring in the “love” department, since he has seven children with several women (the exact number isn't certain). He only spent three years with the Lions and in 2010, he was ordered to pay the team back a little over $6 million of his signing bonus. That’s bad news for anyone, especially a father who has to figure out how to feed seven children!

8 Kenny Anderson

via exnba.com

Anderson played 14 seasons in the NBA, where he made about $63 million, but had to file for bankruptcy in 2005. Kenny Anderson has accumulated more than $40,000 in expenses, including child support for his seven children. Anderson fathered these children with five different women. Anderson is also known for his relationships with famous women. His baby mamas include Tami Roman (the pair were once married) and Dee Dee Roper, aka Spinderella ( the DJ for Salt N Pepa). He is currently remarried and is helping his wife to raise her daughter. His son, Kenny Jr., lives with them as well.

7 Shawn Kemp

via exnba.com

Former NBA player Shawn Kemp has admitted to have seven children with six different women. However, rumors are swirling that the ex-athlete actually has nine baby mamas and 11 children. The six-time NBA all-star tried to get back into the league after retirement several times, but it didn’t quite work out for a number of reasons. This was undoubtedly bad news for Kemp, since it takes a pretty high-paying job to make sure all seven(?) children are taken care of. On a brighter note, it looks like Kemp’s son is following in his footsteps, athletically. Shawn Kemp, Jr. plays for the University of Washington.

6 Willie Anderson

via mysanantonio.com

Willie Anderson won a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympics and enjoyed a career, and he probably still wishes he was getting that kind of money. After all, he has seven baby mamas and nine children. Anderson played in the NBA for 11 seasons and it’s likely that all seven of the women he has children with were fascinated by his lavish lifestyle. Looks like no one really stopped to think that having to spread an NBA salary to nine children doesn’t exactly mean that anyone involved gets to live in the lap of luxury. His daughter Alex has followed in his basketball-playing footsteps and played for the Lady Mocs of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Hopefully, she won’t pick up his poor family planning trait.

5 Jason Caffey

via sportsmockery.com

Caffey played for the Chicago Bulls during the team’s height of popularity in the 1990s. He made around $35 million during his career and earned one championship ring. In more recent years, Caffey has been in the media, but not for the right reasons. The former NBA player has 10 children with eight different women and in 2008, he was forced to serve eight days in jail for failing to pay child support for one of his children. Caffey didn’t even have the ability to file for bankruptcy because he had too many pending child support cases.

4 Evander Holyfield

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Legendary boxer Evander Holyfield is just as popular with the ladies as he is with boxing fans. He has 11 children and fathered them with six different women. He had to prolong his boxing career well past a standard retiring age and was still in the ring when he was nearly 50. Holyfield has also made the news lately for his financial problems, particularly when his home in Fairburn, Georgia went into foreclosure. Aside from his rather active “love” life, Holyfield is also well-known for his fight with Mike Tyson, in which Tyson bit a portion of his ear off. We don’t know which hurts worse—getting a chunk of your ear taken off, or paying child support for 11 kids.

3 Travis Henry

via posters.ws

2 Antonio Cromartie

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Cromartie's most entertaining moment is when he was caught on tape trying to remember the names of his 12 children. To be fair, when you have 12 kids, it’s hard to remember anything. He also has eight baby mamas, which also can’t be easy. At least some of his children are with his current wife Terircka Cason, who once appeared on the E! reality show Candy Girls. Cason gave birth to a daughter, a son and a set of twins with Cromartie.

1 Garrincha

via missowl.com

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of athletes with lots of baby mamas is Brazilian soccer legend Garrincha. Garrincha also scored a few “goals” in his personal life, as he fathered at least 14 children with an unknown amount of baby mamas. When Garrincha and fellow soccer legend Pele played together, Brazil never lost a game. Unfortunately, Garrincha did not have as much control in his personal life as he did on the soccer field. After years of heavy drinking, he died from cirrhosis of the liver. His athletic accomplishments are still regarded as some of the best in the history of soccer.

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