Top 15 Athletes With the Most Shocking Number of Children With Different Women

Boys will be boys, right? After years of toiling away through early morning workouts, late night film study, practices, games, and living in relative anonymity, making "the show" can drastically ch

Boys will be boys, right?

After years of toiling away through early morning workouts, late night film study, practices, games, and living in relative anonymity, making "the show" can drastically change one's life - and one's lifestyle.

Some might use their newfound fame to do good, to finally give back in a way they were never able to in the past, or to spread a message near and dear to their hearts that they are now able to deliver to a more receptive audience.

Others might burrow themselves and avoid the limelight as much as possible, making sure to keep their noses clean and avoid scandal and controversy at all costs.

And then there are those who want to make sure they leave their mark on the world, and that the entire world is witness to it. Parties, events - you name it, they'll be there. The common rags to riches storyline can lead professional athletes down two very different paths. Some stay true to their roots, others stray off and forget the meaning of the word "humble," more worried about their Instagram likes than the people that actually like them.

With money and success comes attention, and some of that attention will come from beautiful (read: tempting) women, some simply looking to have a night to gossip about later, some looking to join an entourage - and perhaps some genuinely attracted and looking for something more. Either way, the athlete in this case has what he wants - all the attention in the world and a beautiful woman (or sometimes women) on their arm(s).

You know what happens next. You'd think these athletes we're constantly told to "be careful," to "use protection," and to think about the future and not do anything stupid.

Or maybe these guys knew what they were doing (and just wanted to land on this list!), and we're fine with trading a good time for their current scenarios.

*The list is not based only on number of kids, but rather combines number of "baby mamas," kids and career success.

15 Chad Johnson


Four children with two different women.

Chad Johnson is best known for the decade he spent shredding opposing defenses as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, he is known as the spare part on a deep Montreal Alouettes receiving corps - yes, you read that right. Montreal. As in, he's toiling away in the CFL. Johnson did his best work - on and off the field, clearly - when he was still Ochocinco (figuratively and literally). Some might say this is a low number for Johnson, who just this week posted a photo of a bill in which he left a massive tip and the note "Sex on the first date is OK," presumably to a lovely young woman who served him.

He might not have his on-field game, but he's still got it off the field.

14 Royce White

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Five children with five women (batting .1000!!).

Royce White is better known for his inability to ever play a second (let alone a minute) in the NBA, and his other "inability" to board an airplane due to anxiety issues. We won't be poking fun at the plane thing, as it's a serious issue that shouldn't be snickered at. We will, however, have a bit of a chuckle over his inability to either find "protection" at his local convenience store. With a reported five children to five different mothers, at least White can say he's scoring off the court.

13 Larry Johnson


Five children with four different women.

We're referring to the basketball Larry Johnson, not the former star running back. The Chiefs Larry Johnson kept his scoring on the field. The Hortnets/Knicks Larry Johnson did some of his scoring off the court - evidenced by the five kids who probably all bear a bit of a resemblance to him. Johnson's promiscuity has now been overshadowed by his recent comments saying that gay players don't belong in basketball, but we're making sure to remind everyone (and perhaps Johnson himself) that he should have been less worried about what entered into a "men's" locker room and more about what he was entering.

12 Marshall Faulk

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Six kids with three different women.

Marshall Faulk was one of the greatest "versatile" running backs in the history of the National Football League, constantly racking up insane numbers in all offensive statistical categories. He probably had some pretty good offensive numbers while out on the prowl for his "ladies of the night," but somewhere along the line he let the wrong decision-maker get the best of him. While Faulk has seemingly settled down into life after football, he'll still have the vivid memories of the glory days when he looks at the six children he fathers.

11 Oscar de la Hoya

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Six kids with four different women.

Oscar de la Hoya was once King of the Ring. He was apparently king of something else too - a phenomena best explained by writers Ralph and Gus Turner:

"Evidently the former fighter beat up plenty of things besides other boxers."

All kidding aside, the multiple kids he now fathers have cost him a pretty penny in alimony and other various expenses that come with, you know, having a bunch of kids with several different ladies. By all accounts, he didn't treat these women too well, as he was not the gentlemanly-type (which might explain the need to try again with different people).

10 Ray Lewis

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Six kids with four different women.

The more you think about Ray Lewis, the harder it becomes to view him as a true role model. Granted, the work he does with charities and communities today should not be ignored, but a man who's not only accused of murder earlier in his career, has his personal record also tarnished by the fact that he's had six kids with four different women. Apparently Lewis has crafted enough of a likeable image that this stuff usually gets ignored, but the kids will always be a big part of his legacy - not necessarily in the best of ways.

9 Shawn Kemp


Seven children with six different women.

Shawn Kemp was one of those guys who you'd watch play ball with the hopes that he would pull off one of his trademark dunks. Kemp was often soaring through the air, soaring for the big jam, looking to leave his mark on a game. Apparently he was doing a lot of slam-dunking off the court, too, with a reported seven children to six different women. As a famous basketball player, Kemp was obviously a hit with the ladies, but were entering "what were you thinking?" territory here.

8 Mike Tyson

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Eight children with an unknown number of women.

Mike Tyson is remembered for a lot of things. The "Iron Mike" nickname. The knockout punches. The wild rambling and ridiculous attempts at poetry. The troubles with the law. The bad habit of biting opponents...and his apparent hobby of fathering children. Tyson is the proud dad of eight kids. The interesting part with Tyson (what sets him apart, besides all the other things that already make him a special guy) is that it is unclear how many ladies he's turned into moms. Keep knockin' em' out, Iron Mike...or  maybe don't.

7 Vladimir Guerrero

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Eight children with five different women.

Vladimir Guerrero was revered as a ball player no matter where he played around Major League Baseball. A likeable character with a big swing, Guerrero was productive throughout his career. It would appear that he also had a decent batting average off the field, too, but it now led him to some extensive fatherly duties. Guerrero is the reported father of eight children to five different women. If his off-field game was similar to that on it, we can assume he whiffed on his first few tries before hitting a long bomb.

6 Muhammad Ali


Nine children with five different women.

Muhammad Ali is a legendary athlete if there ever was one. The aura surrounding him is practically unmatched in the world of sport, thanks to his dominance of the boxing world for so many years. It would appear that Ali was also quite dominant in the ladies game, and it shows in his track record with a reported nine children to five different women. Safe to say Ali was the champ in the ring and in the bedroom.

5 Willis McGahee

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Ten children with eight different women.

Willis McGahee was as indecisive off the field as he could be at times on it. The former running back was as consistent with his women as he was as a player - productive, then on to the next one. McGahee is the reported father of nine different kids to eight different women, with a tenth on the way. Some might say he knew how to woo the ladies, others might say he was simply a fool. Either way, sounds like McGahee was clearly not too worried about promiscuity during his NFL career.

4 Travis Henry 


Eleven children with ten different women.

Remember a few slides back when we said that we were entering "what was he thinking territory?" Wrong: now we're entering it. Travis Henry has fathered eleven children. He has the same number of kids as he does letters in his name. He has the same amount of kids as he did touchdowns in his last three NFL seasons combined. We can go on and on with the comparisons, but you get the picture.

3 Evander Holyfield

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Eleven children with eight different women.

If you ever found yourself wondering why in his right mind Evander Holyfield would continue fighting at such an "old" (old for boxers) age, you now understand. Supporting eleven children is not cheap, especially when they are spread out over eight different women. Holyfield clearly wasn't thinking much when he was out of the ring - and we can't even blame repeated blows to the head for this one (his actual head - get your mind out of the gutter!).

2 Calvin Murphy

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Fourteen children with nine different women.

I wonder how Calvin Murphy explains his situation to people he is meeting for the first time.

"So, do you have any children?"

"Yes I do. Fourteen."

"Come again?" (maybe that's why it kept happening...)

Calvin Murphy is a Hall of Famer. On the court and in the sack. And forever in our hearts. Or the hearts of's hard to explain this man's record.

1 Antonio Cromartie

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Twelve children with nine different women.

Antonio Cromartie takes the top spot for a couple of reasons. One, he's still an active player - so there's still time for more young Antonio's. Two, he seems to fit the mould more. Murphy has managed to land a spot on the NBA's mentoring program (baffling). Cromartie will never be mistaken for a "mentor" off the field. Third, Cromartie is (or at least was) an electrifying player - and clearly brought some of that magic touch with him off the field.

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Top 15 Athletes With the Most Shocking Number of Children With Different Women