Top 15 Athletes with WAGs Way Out of Their League

Being a professional athlete has tons of perks. Money, fame, popularity, and of course, a gorgeous trophy wife. It doesn't matter what you look like, if you make the big bucks tossing a football, dribbling a basketball, throwing a baseball, slapping around a hockey puck, or kicking a soccer ball, you'll most likely bag a beauty.

Sometimes fans will look at an athletes wife/girlfriend and say, "there's no way she'd be with him if he wasn't a pro athlete," or, "what a gold digger!"  Maybe it's out of jealousy, maybe just for laughs, either way I'm sure all fans have spouted these type of phrases one way or another.

Well, I'm not going to say athletes can't truly fall in love, because they obviously can; but money will always give them a better chance of getting a girl that is miles out of their league, and you know what? Good for them! They've earned it. It takes years and years of blood, sweat, tears and, hard work to become a professional athlete, so these guys deserve some great arm candy regardless of their looks.

There was an episode of "How I Met Your Mother," in which this situation was described. Barney Stenson (Neil Patrick Harris), the womanizer of the group, claimed that every relationship has a "reacher" and a "settler." The "reacher," of course is punching above their weight class, and the "settler" could probably be doing much better. Now, this doesn't always necessarily have to be true, but it's hard to say there isn't any merit to it.

Regardless, athletes wives are often the settlers in the relationship, and we will highlight the top 15 of them in this list to see just how true this theory is. Enjoy and feel free to include other couples I missed in the comments!

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15 Clay Buchholz Married to Lindsay Clubine

via hallofverygood.com

In just his second start with the Boston Red Sox, Clay Buchholz tossed a no hitter. Only two others can say they did that in their first or second starts.

That was 2007, and Buchholz was on the come up. His MLB success continued, and his personal life followed suite. In 2009 he married the beyond beautiful Lindsay Clubine. Bucholz is the most unattractive guy to step foot on the hill, but I have a hard time believing he would be with Clubine if he wasn't in the MLB.

14 Sheldon Williams Married to Candace Parker

via esporte.uol.com.br

Candice Parker looks great out on the court, but boy oh boy, does she also clean up well off it.

Lucky for Sheldon Williams, he has the stunning and athletic gal all to himself, as he put on a ring on her finger in 2008. While Williams isn't necessarily bad looking, his forehead does stand out quite a bit, and Parker, who is currently on the Los Angeles Sparks, is ahead of him by a decent amount. Williams didn't make it in the NBA, but going home to Parker is a solid consolation.

13 Dirk Nowitzki Married to Jessica Olsson

via mavsmoneyball.com

Dirk Nowitzki has scored big on the court for his long and successful career with the Dallas Mavericks, and recently he notched another score off the court.

In 2012, Nowitzki married the incredibly cute Jessica Olsson. She is adorable, and not insane like Nowitzki's ex Cristal Taylor, who faked a pregnancy to try and keep the NBA star.

She may to be too good for him looks wise, but that's okay with Dirk. The size difference is pretty substantial here.

12 Peyton Manning Married to Ashley Thompson

via pinterest.com

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that you could land a plane on Peyton Manning's forehead. I guess one could say that it's because he has such a great brain, but it certainly isn't the most attractive feature a man can possess. Far from it, actually.

While more well-spoken and poised than Eli, Peyton is definitely the worse looking Manning. His wife Ashley Thompson isn't as hot as Eli's wife, but Manning is clearly punching above his belt. Can't really blame her considering how fat his wallet is.

11 Dave Bolland Married to Julia Zalucki

via fabwags.com

Dave Bolland isn't a bad looking dude by any means, and the ladies are generally attracted to hockey players (the bad boy thing can be a major turn on, but at what cost?!). This is still surprising though.

I mean, just look at his wife Julia. My goodness she is a goddess who may not be worthy of any guy, let alone Bolland. Oh, to be an athlete for just one day! He is ony lucky, lucky man.

10 Austin Howard Married to Larissa Johnson

via rantsports.com

Larissa Johnson is easily one of the hottest NFL wives, and clearly out of Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Austin Howard's league, but I wouldn't tell him that. Also I hope he isn't reading this.

Johnson and Howard met in college and married in 2014. Always nice to see a couple together before the athlete makes the money. Now Howard has the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana on the Disney channel.

9 Alex Ovechkin Engaged to Nastya Shubskaya

via Washington.cbslocal.com

Alex Ovechkin may be the top scorer in the NHL, but his face doesn't match up with the talent. Ovechkin can works wonders with the puck and has seemingly applied that to the his dating life.

When you're as good at hockey as he is, and make boat loads of money, the giel will come your way. He's engaged to a smoking hot Russian model named Nastya Shubskaya. On top of the hockey world, AND on top of her? Jackpot.

8 Wayne Rooney Married to Coleen McLoughlin

via complex.com

Wayne Rooney is a top notch striker for both the England national football team, and Manchester United. But what's even more striking than his boots is his drop dead gorgeous wife Coleen McLoughlin.

I don't even like to use the word "hot" when describing her, because it honestly won't do her any justice. Gorgeous, beautiful stunning, etc. Those are the adjectives that come to mind when looking at the lady around Wayne's arm.

Do you think she fell in love with his money/athleticism, his personality.. or his satellite radio ears?

7 Nathan Horton Married to Tammy Plante

via suggest-keywords.com

We recently pointed out of well Dave Bolland had done for himself, but it's quite possible that Nathan Horton found a way to one-up him.

The Leafs right-winger took Tammy Horton's right hand in marriage in 2007, and he has to know he has no business being with her. If Tammy one or Tammy two from "Parks and Rec" looked anything like her, I bet Ron Swanson would put up with the madness. In the words of Jesse Katsopolois, "HAVE MERCY."

6 Jon Dorenbos Married to Julie Lesicki 

via celebritybrideguide.com

This might be the only list that this player will ever find himself on.

Jon Dorenbos may not have the most glorious position on the football field (long snapper), but he does have a glorious wife.

To me, this is an ideal situation. I know long snapping isn't easy to do (trust me, I've tried), but it's hard to make a headlining mistake. So, his life consists of snapping the ball to the punter for a good chunk of change and being with that gorgeous blonde. I think he's done pretty well for himself despite not being a household name.

5 Eli Manning Married to Abby McGrew

via usmagazine.com

Giants signal caller Eli Manning may have two Super Bowl rings on his fingers, but the one he should be most thankful for is his wedding ring, which was slide on when he married Abby McGrew.

McGrew is a drop dead gorgeous blonde, while Manning looks like a deer in the headlights 90 percent of time. While Manning is clearly a kind and genuine person during interviews, it's hard to argue that his wife is in the same ballpark as him. Eli's living the dream.

4 Scottie Pippen Married to Larsa Younan

via pinterest.com

Former Chicago Bulls star and Michael Jordan sidekick Scottie Pippen has been married twice. His first wife, Karen McCollum, was very pretty, but they split up after just two years in 1990.

Seven years later, Pippen hit it out of the park when he married Larsa Younan. Pippen is nine years older than Younan at 50, but I swear she looks like she is under 30 years old. Pippen was never the best looking guy on the court, but he certainly will be enjoying his retirement with that his arm candy.

3 Andrew Luck Dating Nicole Pechanec

via gostandford.com

Andrew Luck is incredible awkward acting and looking. His beard also made him look like a freaking werewolf, and not like Robert Pattinson from Twilight.

His girlfriend Nicole Pechanec is a ridiculously sexy gymnast. Pretty much perfection in the eyes of any male. Is Luck deserving of that perfection? Based on looks I'd say it's an easy no, but to be fair, there aren't many guys that are in Pechanec's league. Just look at that body!

2 Bacary Sagna Married to Ludivine Sagna

via manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Two things standout right away when looking at Bacary Sagna's wife Ludivine, and I don't think I need to type what it is.

Okay, I'll say it anyway. She is blessed in the chest.

But that's not all there is to her. She has a face and a body to die for. Bacary may not be worthy, but hey, I'm sure the French footballer is not complaining.

1 Pau Gasol Dating Silvia Castro

via zimbio.com

At 7'0 tall, Paul Gasol can effortlessly pull in rebounds. His greatest reel in, however, was his bombshell girlfriend, Silvia Castro.

It's easy to see who the "reacher" and "settler" is in this relationship ("hint, hint" Pau is not the latter). Gasol is lengthy and awkward looking, but when you play in the NBA all of those things pretty much cancel out. Castro isn't just out of Gasol's league though, she is widely considered as one of the hottest NBA wives of all.

Okay Pau, well give you a second to pat yourself on the back. Kudos.

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