Top 15 Athletes You Didn't Know Have Hot Sisters

Everybody had that one friend growing up whose sister was secretly the desire of everyone else. It's not an enviable position to be in if you're that friend, having to not only be the brunt of countless jokes but to constantly be on guard of your sibling.

This is all too often the case with professional athletes, who generally come from athletic families where children are encouraged and pushed to play sports growing up while maintaining a nice shape. A sister might latch on to baseball or softball to compete with and follow in her brother's footsteps, while a younger brother might pick up hockey to be just like his sister. Regardless, if a male athlete reaches the pros then chances are his sister is in great shape as well, or in some cases also a professional athlete. The women on this list, however, are more than just in great shape; they're drop-dead gorgeous. We can guarantee their brothers took some steady ribbing growing up and probably aren't invited into many locker rooms.

The following is a list of 15 beautiful women with great genes who we would love to see in a pair of tight jeans. Or, you know, whatever they feel comfortable in.

15 15. Jeanene Fox


Age isn't critical criteria for this list, but even if it was, we would make sure to include Jeanene Fox. The sister of former Canadian NBA player Rick Fox is pushing 40, but you wouldn't think so by looking at her. Her brother won three straight NBA championships as a supporting piece with the Los Angeles Lakers from 1999-2002 and Jeanene has played a similar role in film and television, appearing in critically-acclaimed films like Big Momma's House 2 and AmeriQua. Okay, so her film career has just six credits, but she's doing fine for herself otherwise.

14 14. Jackie Cook 

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We didn't say the women on this list had to be the sisters of great athletes either. For instance, former Michigan State quarterback and recent Oakland Raiders draft pick Connor Cook has never taken an NFL regular season snap, but that doesn't disqualify his bombshell of a sister from making our list.

13 13. Stephanie Murray


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There's no doubt looks are important for this list, but there's also something super sexy about a prolific woman athlete - Stephanie Murray is just that. The sister of former University of Georgia quarterback and current Kansas City Chief Aaron Murray, Stephanie was a star high school flag football quarterback before following Aaron to Georgia. As a high school sophomore, Stephanie was selected to the second all-county flag football team in Florida by the Tampa Tribune.

12 12. Hollie Walcott


Hollie Walcott is the type of hottie that can teach you a thing or two about fitness and kick your butt in the process. The sister of soccer star Theo Walcott (and we're convinced she could take him as well), Hollie is a professional bodybuilder, who, in fact, has even in the past provided fitness help to her brother. Her Twitter profile lists her as a "competitive natural bodybuilder [and] passionate vegan." What's most impressive is that the 32 year old is a mother of two, yet still is one of the most bad ass sisters on this list.

11 11. Sydel Curry


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Other than the fact her name is essentially her father's (Dell Curry) with a two-letter syllable added to the front, Sydel Curry's looks, smile, and charm are enough to make us forget what her name was in the first place. Her brother Steph is well known as "The Baby Faced Assassin," so it shouldn't be any surprise that Sydel has the same look of innocence about her. Yet, her Instagram account shows her as a 22 year old volleyball player who knows how to have fun and enjoy herself.

10 10. Gabrieli Emboaba

We're not sure exactly what it is, but they simply make women better in South America. Footballer Oscar's sister, Gabrieli Emboaba is a prime example of that; the 20 year old has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and we're positive it's not all Chelsea fans hoping to catch a glimpse of her midfielder brother.

9 9. Paulina Gretzky

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We know what you're thinking. Paulina is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky and she's the wife of golfer Dustin Johnson, but how does she make this list? Well, when it's a list of hot women, you find ways to include Paulina Gretzky.

The Great One's daughter also happens to be the sister of Trevor Gretzky, who is a former seventh round draft pick of the MLB's Chicago Cubs. Trevor played for six different minor league teams but was unable to advance past A Ball due to being an average contact hitter at best with a complete lack of power.

8 8. Jordan and Justine Mowen

Two for the price of one. A lot of the sisters on this list are athletes themselves or live in that world and it definitely applies to Jordan and Justine Mowen, two sisters who have become a dominant force in Australian beach volleyball.

7 7. Asia Irving

Kyrie's older sister is the co-owner of a clothing boutique as well as a fashion designer, business woman, and model. She's tall, slim, and has a face best described as cute, but she can be sexy, as evidenced numerous times on Instagram, where she has more than 45,000 followers.

6 6. Yelena Noah


Joakim Noah might be best described as goofy, but the dude's sister is a stunner, plain and simple. Yelena Noah's father is a former French tennis pro and current rocker Yannick Noah, while her mother is a former Miss Sweden, so it's no surprise she finds herself on this list.

5 5. Danielle Kalil


Matt and Ryan Kalil are lucky they're NFL linemen because there's no doubt they would otherwise have been told on a daily basis how hot their mom and sister is. Cheryl Kalil first burst onto the scene in 2012 when Matt was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings; the former model dominated the televised draft with her 38D chest. And if that wasn't enough, Danielle Kalil, the younger sister of Matt and Ryan, is a 6-foot-1 country-singing smokeshow with a set of pipes we'd love to inspect.

4 4. Naya Rivera

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The sister of Oakland Riders tight end Mychal Rivera has been in our lives since 2009 when she was cast on the critically-acclaimed FOX hit series Glee. She now has 24 IMDB film credits to her name and has cast a bigger shadow on her brother than perhaps any of the sisters named in this list.

3 3. Anna Galchenyuk


We can only assume Montreal Canadiens star Alex Galchenyuk, as a young hockey player of Belarusian descent, grew up idolizing The Russian Rocket. To be clear, we're talking about Pavel Bure, not his bombshell of an older sister, Anna.

2 2. Callie Rivers


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Like Paulina Gretzky above, Callie Rivers might be best identified by her father, but her brother Austin has become a dependable NBA regular. Callie, 27, comes from an athletic family - she has two other brothers who play college basketball - and is a former All-American volleyball player with the Florida Gators.

1 1. Rafaella Beckran


The sister of Brazilian soccer star Neymar, Rafella Beckran is so hot that even her brother has her face tattoed on his arm. As odd as that might be (and it is), we at least know that Neymar is a man that appreciates true beauty, whether it's through his ball-striking ability or his, uh, sister.

Anyway, there needs be no argument for including the beautiful Brazilian on this list; Rafella has more than two million followers on Instagram, even though her account is private, and is heavily followed by English and Brazilian tabloids. The 20-year-old model is a big fan of her brother and is often sighted wearing his jersey at games, but grew up a huge fan of David Beckham; in fact, she even changed her last name to resemble his.

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Top 15 Athletes You Didn't Know Have Hot Sisters