Top 15 Athletes You Didn't Know Did Adult Entertainment

Sports and the adult entertainment industry have always crossed paths. Both promote showing physical attributes that the human body can endure. Both need superstars to help make their brands popular. Both are embedded into American pop culture, especially when you find an athlete engaging with an adult film star. The internet has almost crashed because of some incidences involving both occupations. It makes sense that some athletes would jump to the adult industry and vice versa.

After rinsing out my eyes, I finally compiled a list of professional athletes that you didn’t know had connections to the adult entertainment industry. I’ve banned a few companies that athletes have posed naked for because they don’t make my qualifications. For instance, the ESPN’s Body Magazine issue is all about sex and athletes. It would be too easy for me to make a list using that publication, plus they don’t show the nitty gritty of the body. Athletes who posed for Playboy are off the list as well. Yes, I could’ve put boxer Mia Saint John or Anita Marks on the list but I didn’t. Same goes for creative/charity publications such as when WNBA MVP Lauren Jackson posed for Australian publication Black and White.

I also ruled out sex tapes that are leaked. It’s not fair to all the members in the adult entertainment industry that literally work their asses off. To make the list, they had to accept payment in some way, shape, or form. So before we get started, I ask that you have an open mind about these athletes. Some of them made mistakes and others have fully embraced the industry, none of us should think less of them.

15 Kimbo Slice 

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Okay, you got me, I’m cheating here. No, Kimbo didn’t strut his stuff but he did appear in the background of a couple of adult films. Before Kevin Ferguson became the Kimbo Slice that everyone has known to love or hate, he was working for the internet production company Reality Kings as a bodyguard. If you haven’t seen his backyard brawls, or his MMA/boxing matches, check them out and I’m betting you wouldn’t want to mess with the man from the 305. Even though he hasn’t bared it all, he’s still tied to the adult industry to this day.

14 Jessica Aguilar

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After whooping butts and taking names during her time in mixed-martial arts companies like Bellator and World Series of Fighting, Aguilar reached the cream of the crop, appearing at UFC 190 against Claudia Gadelha. Aguilar, like Kimbo Slice, never worked in the nude for Reality Kings production but was seen on video. There’s a fetish for everything out there and MMA themed skin flicks are one of them. The video shows Aguilar, an openly gay athlete, instructing two women how to apply a Darce choke. Those two women would get it on later in the film, something I’m sure famous MMA referee Big John wishes he was a part of.

13 Greg Jacob 

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Greg Jacob was a professional hurler in Ireland. The British adult film star, Tanya Tate, decided to bring her talents to Ireland in 2010. During Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour Of Ireland, Jacob met Tate and the rest is history. Of course, the Wexford County Board of Gaelic Athletic Association decided to throw out Jacob once his film debut became public. So, Jacob decided to go meet Tate again and perform in another film. In the end, the Sex Tour series won Best Reality Scene/Series in the U.K. Adult Producers Awards. Apparently Jacob brought the “luck of the Irish” to their scenes.

12 Robert Rosenberg 

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The King of Czech Adult Entertainment, Rosenberg went from smacking butts to punching faces in a boxing ring. The former BangBros employee claims to have done over 8,000 scenes before he decided to retire. He also says that he is the only European man to have had been with famous adult film star Jenna Jameson. I didn’t know how famous he actually was until Vice did an exclusive interview on him in 2014. He claims to have made over $50,000 a month during his prime. He has a 7-2 record with his last win coming in Dec.

11 Lea Lexis 

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Probably the most hardcore adult entertainer on the list, Lea Lexis is still very active today. She touts that she was a Romanian National Gymnast before going fully into adult films. From working for Penthouse to Kink, she has done every type of scene out there. Hell, if you go on her Twitter page, you can see her work for yourself. Don’t believe she’s a gymnast? You will after you watch her films.

10 Jonathan De Falco

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A former member of Racing Mechelen and Oud-Heverlee Leuven, this Belgium footballer turned gay adult star after a short career. His reason for hanging up the shoes and dropping down the trunks is because he wanted to follow his dream of being in the adult entertainment business. He goes by the name “Stany Falcone” and has appeared in numerous productions. From all the interviews I’ve read, the guy seems genuinely happy about the transition of occupations and believes the soccer/football world isn’t ready for openly gay professionals.

9 Kazuhito Tadano 

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An outstanding pitcher during his collegiate years, Tadano had a bright future in becoming a professional baseball player. Needing money, the young man decided to enter the adult entertainment business, appearing in a gay adult film. Whether it was a lack of judgement or he just wanted to take a ride on the wild side, it would derail his professional career in Japan, as not a single team would draft him in ‘02. Tadano fortunately was good enough to became a professional in the MLB, spending time with the Cleveland Indians in ‘03, the Oakland Athletics in ‘06, and eventually being accepted back home, playing for the Nippon Ham Fighters in ‘08.

8 Yvette Bova

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Yvette Bova is probably more famous at the point for her niche of adult entertainment then her time as a professional body builder. She won and came close to winning many tournaments around the world before she entered the business in ’05. Performing for her own production company (now that’s a boss) YB Entertained, Bova has numerous videos that you can find. If you love muscled up chicks, she’s your go to girl for that type of entertainment. Just imagine if her and our next member on the list got it on, the internet might collapse.

7 Kai Greene 

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Kai Greene just won his third Arnold Classic and has been runner-up to Mr. Olympia three times. This guy is such a tank that his biceps have biceps on them. Any shirt that he puts on will be teared to shreds by the end of the day. Greene is known for some erotic theatrics while on stage and he’s also known for making sweet love to a watermelon for MuscleHunks.com. I don’t blame the Brooklyn native, he said the adult entertainment industry helped pay for his training. It had obviously payed off well because he is one of the best body builders today.

6 Paul Donahoe 

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Paul Donahoe may not have been a professional but as a beast of a collegiate wrestler, he’s worthy for the list. Donahoe helped win a National Championship for the Nebraska Huskers in ’07 and achieved All-American Honors twice before being kicked out. Appearing as “Nash” on Fratmen.tv, Donahoe engaged in some steamy erotic photos. He wasn’t the only one on the team to do it, Kenny Jordan also took the plunge and both got canned by the school. Nebraska officials argued it’s an NCAA violation for any athlete to make money by promoting their image. Will get into how corrupt the NCAA is another day.

5 Gergo Szabo 

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Gergo Szabo is another victim of an organization that can’t handle an athlete having an adult entertainment “image” attached to them. He was one of Hungary’s top national wrestlers and almost became an Olympian. Once the Hungarian Wrestling Federation saw all the man-on-man action that Szabo was in, they ended his dreams quickly. His stage name was Sergio Foster and the videos he participated in were before his run at the 2004 Athens Olympics. If you research further, you can check out the hypocritical nature of Hungarian politics in their sports and how it related to the underground adult industry around that time period.

4 War Machine 

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No, not the War Machine who is played by Don Cheadle in the Marvel Universe, but War Machine, the former MMA fighter who tried to kill his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and the dude she was sleeping with. War Machine started out as Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver. The douchebag got famous by showcasing his skills on the hit television show The Ultimate Fighter. His MMA career wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either. In ’09, he decided to follow his girlfriend at the time, Mack, into the adult film business. He’s now infamous for almost killing her. I think most of us would agree that no one will shed a tear for him when he goes six feet under.

3 Dakota Cochrane 

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Another MMA athlete and alumni member of The Ultimate Fighter, Cochrane went into the adult business before making it to the UFC. His former career as a gay adult entertainer didn’t go unnoticed as it brought up emotional debates about whether anti-gay MMA athletes would accept a match with someone out of the closet. Cochrane, who is not gay, said it was a poor college choice but made a nice paycheck while performing in many videos. In a testosterone-filled industry, Cochrane didn’t shy away from his past, and now he sports a 23-9 record with his most recent win coming in Jan.

2 Yusaf Mack 

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Some of you may remember him for his knockout power as a professional boxer. When a video surfaced of Mack participating in a Dawgpoundusa.com production titled Holiday Hump’n, which was a homosexual skin flick, he claimed he was drugged. The Philly native later retracted the statement, maybe because he took a check worth $4,50, and bravely came out of the closet as being bisexual. The former champion and father of ten had faced humiliation, even from his own family, but still believed his number one job is to be a father.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger 

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He was a Governor, a terminator, a barbarian, a commando, a slayer of predators, and even Hercules himself. When he asks you who your daddy is and what does he do, you tell the man. When he says “get to da choppa,” you run to that helicopter. But before all that, he was Mr. Olympia, a God among body builders. He revolutionized and transcended the sport of body building to new heights. That’s why I’m not surprised Arnold showed off his stuff in the gay eroticism magazine After Dark in ‘77. If I had a body like that and wasn’t getting money, I’d do the same thing. To get a glimpse of Arnold’s personality around that time, watch the documentary Pumping Iron.

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