15Hack Wilson

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After becoming a dynasty in 1910-13, the Philadelphia Athletics fell into the cellar for the next decade but were in the process of rebuilding in 1929 under manager Connie Mack as they faced the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. The A’s were leading the Series 2-1 but it looked like

the Cubs were ready to tie it up as Game 4 had them leading 8-0 in the bottom of the seventh inning. The A’s managed to score four runs to fire up the home crowd but it still looked like too much, especially as Mule Haas hit a routine fly ball to Hack Wilson, regarded as one of the best players of his time.

However, thanks to the lack of his standard sunglasses (broken the day before), Wilson lost the ball in the sun and the easy out became a freak inside-the-park three run homer that cut the Cubs’ lead down to one run. The A’s would score another three runs to take the game 10-8. Wilson got the blame for letting three runs score off a routine play and it got worse as the Cubs would lose the series while the A’s started another dynasty. Another bit of agony for Cubs history.

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