Top 15 Biggest Sore Losers in Sports

Sports are meant for many different things. Among them are recreation, maintaining health, making friends, making it big to become famous and filthy rich, to be a hero, and much more. However, some athletes and fans are out there to wreak havoc, destroy the integrity of the games and to straight up ruin the beautiful nature of sports. What a shame.

Folks involved in sports just have it in them to do everything they can to sabotage what sports bring to us. They have to lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, whine, complain, protest, whatever it is, any form of being a sore loser in sports is unacceptable.

Many people like myself learn at the age of five that sportsmanship is what matters most in sports. Some people like Vince Lombardi will tell you that winning is the only thing.

While that does deem true to many, many people involved in sports, some will disagree and believe playing for fun and enjoying it matters the most. Even if you lose, you need to show integrity and class. It just makes everything better. Sadly, that just doesn't work in the sports world. Every league has its fair share of sore losers who just whine, whine, whine if something doesn't go their way. It's not how sports should be.

There are three promises in life: Death, taxes and sore losers in sports. It's just something we all have to live with. There are no other ways to go around this sad reality.

This took a lot of work to limit the list down to 15, but I managed to track down the 15 sorest losers in the sports universe.

Here are the top 15 people involved in the industry who need a reality check and need maturity so that everyone can participate peacefully in sports.

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15 Kermit Washington

via realclearsports.com

Think of Kermit Washington and you'll think of two things: Sore loser and The Punch.

On December 9, 1977, Washington threw a brutal punch to Houston Rockets forward Rudy Tomjanovich. Tomjanovish suffered a broken nose, fractured skull and broken jaw. Just some of the many things done to his head after Washington pulled off the most infamously illegal hit in pro sports.

This simply does not belong in sports. Washington's legacy is no doubt overshadowed by this. And he deserves nothing more than a tainted one.

14 Bobby Knight

via foxnews.com

Three NCCAA championships and coaching at Indiana for 29 years is not this guy's legacy. It's something far worse. Knight was known to be a loud-mouth head coach who abused his players and threw a tantrum any time something didn't go his way.

Slapping his own players, throwing chairs out of anger and even choking his own players is something that makes you more of a criminal than an all-time great head coach.

Too bad Knight never learned to control his anger, because this was just outrageous behavior from an adult.

13 Phillip Wellman

Please don't take this the wrong way. Wellman's circus clown act was one of the greatest and most entertaining things I have ever seen in professional sports. As manager of the minor league squad, the Mississippi Braves, Wellman's dispute with the umpires went viral.

Rightfully so. The man mimicked a grenade toss with the pitching rosin, covered up home plate, stole second and third base (literally,) before tossing them in the field before leaving in grand style.

Thank you, Mr. Wellman for the entertainment. But this was terrible sportsmanship on your part.

12 Fans who riot

via wikipedia.org

Yes, I know everyone thinks instantly of Vancouver Canucks fans, but anyone who does this is just plain ridiculous.

Everyone knows what happened to the beautiful city of Vancouver when the Canucks lost 4-0 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. They almost literally burned down the city.

Alas, the Boston Red Sox had riots during their 2004 World Series run and when they won the World Series in 2013.

The Maurice Richard Riot of 1955 was another big deal. Suspended NHL player meant destroying the city of Montreal.

Why do people have to go so far?

11 Jim Mora 

via theadvocate.com

Jim Mora was one of the more underrated head coaches the NFL has ever seen. The only reason he hasn't been as recognized is because he had to throw tantrums any time his team lost.

Coaching the Indianapolis Colts, he threw them under the bus with his "PLAYOFFS?" rant, as well as attacking the media and the New Orleans Saints when he coached them.

It's a shame. Mora turned the Colts and Saints, perennially struggling teams, into consistent playoff teams, but his anger always got the better of him.

10 Fans who get personal

Played a lot of games since my brothers death and I never received as many rude tweets after a win than Sunday...yet NE fans cry about class

— Torrey Smith (@TorreySmithWR) January 22, 2013

The 'fans' if you can call them that, just give their teams and their sports a bad name. Many cross the line and you'd hate to see how these people are in their daily lives.

Many Boston Bruins fans attacked P.K. Subban and Joel Ward racially on Twitter when both men had scored playoff goals against their teams.

Many New England Patriots fans attacked Torrey Smith over his dead brother after his Baltimore Ravens defeated their team. Smith played an inspiring game, scoring two touchdowns and recording six catches for 127 yards just hours after losing his little brother. For the fans to do that was as classless and nasty as it comes.

Of course, there are also the death threats fans lay on players. A recent example is on Michigan punter Blake O'Neill, following a gaffe against Michigan State.

These people simply aren't sports fans and should not be allowed to follow them until they learn to behave like human beings.

9 Jonathan Papelbon

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Coaching your own teammate for not running around the bases when you had a terrible outing is just selfish. The Washington Nationals became a media circus as the World Series favorites didn't even make the playoffs.

Two teammates fighting is one thing. Papelbon choking Bryce Harper is just the dumbest thing I've seen in 2015.

8 LeBron James

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is the NBA's best player. No doubt or question about it. But holding that title comes along with having to get everything your way, it seems.

'The King' has gained a reputation as being a world-class flopper that draws fouls on them.

However, when he doesn't get away with it, he starts to throw a tantrum. LeBron, just keep being the best player in the world and stop trying to gain unfair advantages. People also like Michael Jordan better because he didn't whine when he didn't get his away.

7 Tom Brady

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady seems to be praised as this god-like figure who can't do no wrong. If that were true, he wouldn't have been involved in Deflategate or been playing for a team that has two major cheating scandals under his belt.

No doubt Brady is one of the best ever, but everyone knows he gets away with countless intentional grounding calls and can draw a roughing the passer penalty whenever he wants. Brady yells at refs, flips out on his own coaches when he throws a silly interception, and swears on live television when his team loses.

Not very classy, Tom.

6 George Brett

Break the rules, get caught, throw a fit. Silly, right?

George Brett broke MLB rules by exceeding the limit allowed of pine tar on baseball bats. Brett hit a go-ahead home run in a 1983 game for the Kansas City Royals against the New York Yankees. The umpires realized his silly schemes and called him out, and the Royals lost the game. Ironically his fit worked, as the Royals protested the result to American League President Lee McPhail, who restarted the game at a later date from the point of Brett's home run. The Royals would then win the game 5-4.

Despite that, what's most memorable is his anger:

Just relax and own up to your mistakes, especially when you're caught. Let's hope Brett wasn't a sore winner too.

5 Dale Hunter

via totalprosports.com

Despite being one of the NHL's premier players during his era, and now being a successful OHL head coach, Dale Hunter was also by far the biggest sore loser the league has ever seen.

During the 1993 playoffs, Pierre Turgeon stole the puck from Hunter and scored a goal on him. During a non over-the-top celebration, Hunter delivered a major cheap shot to Turgeon.

For what it's worth, Hunter is one of the best players to never win the Stanley Cup. Is it okay to say what goes around comes around?

4 Bill Belichick

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I just can't see why Belichick has been praised as another God figure, much like Brady. Belichick was the mastermind behind the Spygate scandal and somehow avoided suspension. But aside from that, if he doesn't win, he whines or refuses to show class.

Here is Belichick grabbing an official for making the right call.

Belichick also refused to show up to a media conference following the team's 2012 AFC Championship loss to the Baltimore Ravens. No dirtiness, no horrible officiating. Just a classic case of the winners being the better team.

Belichick also tried leaving the field early during the team's Super Bowl XLII loss to the New York Giants. Why can't you just keep it classy?

3 Bobby Cox

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Having the MLB record for most ejections as a manager means that you are a sore loser. Bobby Cox, the long-time manager of the Atlanta Braves, holds the record for most managerial records with an astonishing 158.

Not much more needs to be said. The man just had to ruin the game any time a call didn't go his way.

Yes, Bobby. Umpires, like all officials, make mistakes. But I have my doubts they did it as many times as you believed.

2 Milton Bradley

via oregonlive.com

No one, and I mean no one, has had such a temper in sports the way Milton Bradley has in a long time. He was a decent hitter in his career, but everyone remembers him as being a ticking time bomb anytime he stepped onto the field.

Bradley sure loved to stir the pot whenever he disagreed with an umpire's call. There are countless videos out there if you need any proof. Nothing more needs to be said.

1 Ty Cobb

via mearsonlineauctions.com

Ty Cobb is widely considered to be two things. He is one of the greatest baseball players in history, but secondly, he is also known to be the biggest jerk sports have ever seen.

He made sure his cleats were spiked sharply to the point where he could inject pain into defensive players he could slide into. Cobb also physically assaulted a heckling fan who had no hands, fought and choked an umpire, and was an outspoken racist.

Beating up his son who was struggling in college didn't make for a good parent either.

Why did Cobb do all this? I don't know. It's unacceptable that a baseball icon was an off-the-field super villain that you'd only see in comics.

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