Top 15 Cartoon Character Look-a-Likes in Sports

Much like the cartoon world, the world of sports is full of comical, colorful and crazy characters. Some of these are heroes that we cheer on and want to see overcome the challenges set in front of them, whilst there are also plenty of villains in the world of sports that are standing in their way and we love to hate. A lot of the time you will even find that some of these characters will buy into their persona and play up to their role, earning them nicknames which wouldn’t be out of place in a Looney Tunes cartoon alongside the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Tazmanian Devil.

It is not just similarities in character that you find between the cartoon and the sporting world, as there are a number of people in professional sports that even resemble some of our favourite cartoon characters. Of course many of these comparisons are not too complimentary for the person in question, but it could be argued that a few of these cartoon characters would not be too pleased with the comparison too. The likeness could come down to a similar distinctive feature that the two share, it could be a similar facial expression they have, or they could well be the spitting image of one another simply living in two different worlds.

It is common for people to point out look-a-likes in celebrity culture, but you will be surprised by the similarities you will find with some sports people and many of the brilliant cartoon characters that have been created over the years. You may never be able to look at these players in the same way after seeing the comparison, and with a few of them you may notice that they have more in common than just their appearance.

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15 Chip Kelly & Barney Rubble

via Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports / youtube.com

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly happens to look quite a lot like the best friend of Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble. Both share a similar blonde hair style and facial features, they also have a similar build, and also at times the same happy, charismatic personality. Unlike Barney Rubble however, Chip Kelly is not the one going along with plans and instead he is the one calling the shots for the Eagles. Perhaps he's more rigid in his actions than Barney, but they still both seem like fun guys when they're happy.

14 Harry Redknapp & Droopy the Dog

via thesecretfootballer.com / amazon.com

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Harry Redknapp is hugely entertaining. He has managed a number of teams and established quite a reputation in English football over the years, and his presence will be missed as he has now stepped down as QPR manager to have knee surgery. As well as his entertaining personality, Redknapp also bares resemblance to Tex Avery creation Droopy the Dog. They may differ in terms of the way they speak and move, but both possess the important ability to be able to outwit their enemies.

13 Jamal Mashburn & The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

via prlog.com / deviantart.net

Former NBA All-Star Jamal Mashburn could well be the 5th long lost Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and the argument is strengthened by the fact that he is a New York native. Jamal’s lack of hair, thin eyebrows and round head make for a striking resemblance, which is furthered when he would wear a headband during games. Although Jamal had some killer moves on the court, he never appeared to have the athletic abilities that the Ninja Turtles possess.

12 Diego Costa & Fred Flintstone

via weloba.com / naflaskodun.is

Since arriving at Stamford Bridge, many people have been quick to compare Diego Costa’s appearance to a number of other people and cartoon characters. Many of these are not too kind, but one comparison that stands out is his likeness to Fred Flintstone. They share similar hair and features, plus they also have a slight ruggedness about them. Comparisons could be made to their character too, with both having a tendency to shout, be aggressive and quickly lose their temper. I wonder if Diego is friends with Chip Kelly…

11 Chris Bosh & Littlefoot

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports / deviantart.net

A comparison that is often made, Chris Bosh certainly does share some similarities with certain dinosaurs, which seems fitting as he is a former Raptor. Most comparisons are made with Littlefoot from The Land Before Time, and it is hard to pinpoint exactly what makes them so alike, but Bosh certainly does have a long neck not dissimilar to Littlefoot which helps the case. For the best results they both have to have a mean look on their face, and it has to be said that Bosh’s best mean face is about as intimidating as the cartoon character’s.

10 Phil Jackson & Splinter

via nytimes.com / deviantart.net

There are a number of similarities between Phil Jackson and Splinter, which begs the question - have you ever seen the two in the same room? In terms of appearance, both share exactly the same eyebrows, eyes and nose area; slightly scrunched and with a hint of a mean look. It goes much deeper than just shared features however, as both have an all knowing, wise and calm character and they are both the master of their respective fields. This allows them to care for and guide their teams, almost like a father figure who can step in to save them at any moment but wants them to succeed on their own. With the way the Knicks are playing, perhaps Jackson should call on the Ninja Turtles (including Jamal Mashburn) to save their season.

9 Lanny McDonald & Yosemite Sam

via olympic.ca / deviantart.net

Former NHL star Lanny McDonald is as famous for his fiery red moustache as much as his goalscoring ability, making him an iconic figure in the game and particularly for the Flames. This moustache draws inevitable comparisons with another moustached fiery gunslinger, Yosemite Sam from Looney Tunes. Both possess extreme firepower to go along with some fine facial hair, but Lanny McDonald managed his goal of winning the Stanley Cup, whilst Yosemite Sam has never emerged triumphant over Bugs Bunny, despite coming close. Perhaps if McDonald had remained with the Leafs, they truly would've been mirror images.

8 Sam Cassell & Roger from American Dad

via store44.com / wikimedia.org

For as long as Sam Cassell has been on our television screens he has been compared with all kinds of aliens, with Roger from American Dad seemingly becoming the front runner in recent years. The main point of focus is the large forehead and cranium along with the positioning of the eyes, and whilst they are clearly not identical you can certainly see why so many comparisons are made between the two.

7 Claude Julien & Elmer Fudd

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports / celebremix.com

The Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien and popular Looney Tune Elmer Fudd look alarmingly similar, largely due to their lack of hair. It is not just this however; their facial expressions are also remarkably similar at times. Elmer Fudd is of course famous for hunting Bugs Bunny, but he is always outwitted and embarrassed by his opponent. You can’t say the same for Claude Julien though, who boasts an impressive record and lifted the Stanley Cup with the Bruins in the 2010-11 season. Perhaps Elmer Fudd could do with some guidance from his doppelganger.

On second thought, the Bruins have struggled mightily against their most hated rivals, the Montreal Canadiens in recent seasons, losing seven of their last eight regular season meetings against them and falling in last year's seven-game series. Hmm, maybe the Habs are the Bugs Bunny to Julien's Elmer Fudd.

6 Wayne Rooney & Shrek

via thesun.co.uk / tumblr.com

Obviously not the nicest comparison to make, but I’m certain that Wayne has been called a lot worse in his time. Also, I’m sure his millions of pounds, profession and glamorous lifestyle more than makes up for it, and also, everyone loves Shrek so it could be a lot worse for the United and England star. Both Shrek and Rooney can be quick to lose their temper at times, but they will often both prevail in the end despite a few critics along the way.

5 Nick Foles & Shaggy

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles bares a striking resemblance to Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo, and so much so that this is even what his team-mates call him. It is mainly the same, well, shaggy blonde hair, but they also have the same stubble and at times a similar expression on their face, sorry Nick. We can only hope that he has a pet Great Dane, but the two share little in their personality, fortunately for the Eagles.

4 David Luiz & Sideshow Bob

via tumblr.com / whatsontv.co.uk

It’s obviously the hair, but the comparison between the two has led Luiz to land himself a new nickname based on their striking similarity. The similarities do not stop with the hair either; David Luiz has been known for his, at times, comical defending and failures, and as we all know Sideshow Bob is often the laughing stock of the town as he previously was humiliated by Krusty the Clown, and he always falls short of his target which is to kill Bart Simpson.

Perhaps Germany scoring goal after goal against Brazil back in the 2014 World Cup, was what Sideshow Bob felt like when he was stepping on rake after rake.

3 Jason Terry & Cecil Turtle

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports / looneytunescaps.blogspot.com

They’re both bald, have a round head, long neck and their eyes are always half shut; Jason Terry and Cecil Turtle may be long lost brothers. Cecil is far from the most famous Looney Tune, but he has proven his ability when the time comes by beating Bugs Bunny against the odds. Similarly, JET is by no means one of the more famous players in the NBA, but he has played on multiple top teams in the league and has a championship ring from when the Mavs topped the Heat in 2011.

2 Avram Grant & Baron Greenback

via ghanalive.tv / deviantart.net

It may be harsh, but the resemblance between Avram Grant and Baron Greenback is uncanny. The current Ghana manager who has also had spells at Chelsea, Portsmouth, West Ham and Partizan Belgrade has the same grumpy, sullen look on his face that Danger Mouse’s archenemy always has. There is also something slightly amphibious about Grant’s demeanour, which has led him to earn the nickname “The Baron”. During his time in England he became famous for coming up short, including being runners up in the league, league cup and Champions League with Chelsea in the 2007-08 season, a feeling Baron Greenback is all too familiar with.

1 Rollie Fingers & Snidley Whiplash

via mearsonlineauctions.com / wikimedia.org

This is an easy one, as Rollie Fingers’ famous waxed handlebar moustache draws immediate comparisons with classic cartoon villain Snidely Whiplash, archenemy of Dudley Do-Right in Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties. The fact that the two are always seen in hats always helps, but Fingers lacks the classic villain look which Whiplash so brilliantly possesses. Fortunately they do not share much in terms of character, but the former pitcher and evil villain would often be seen twirling their moustache as they plan their next move.

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