Top 15 Celebs Who Hooked Up With The Most Athletes

One of the greatest things about being a world class athlete is that your status comes with easy access to more attractive women. What is there, after all, that is more important to a man than mating with a decent looking female? That's right, there is pretty much nothing more important than that.

Given that professional athletes are generally large and in good shape, they are automatically decent choices for women. Add to this the fact that these guys generally make a very respectable salary. For example, an NFL practice squad member makes a bare minimum of just over $6,000 per week. That's more than many people make in a month. Those who are on regular rosters but rarely play make hundreds of thousands, while starters make millions and stars make tens of millions.

Add together the physical aspects and the financial bonus and the cherry on the cake is that the status one has as a pro athlete allows them to mingle in the same social circles as models, singers and other celebrity women.

I could keep going but I've already detailed why athletes often end up dating and marrying celebrity women while normal dudes generally don't. Interestingly, within the world of show business, there are some celebrities who weren't satisfied after dating one athlete and went on to date more. Keep reading for gratuitous tales of stupid people with laughable egos and their romantic misadventures.  Here is our list of the fifteen hottest celebrities who have dated several (more than three) athletes.

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16 Honorable Mentions

There are plenty of gorgeous celebrity ladies who have dated two or three athletes, but we decided to start our ranks list members at four. Some of those include Kate Hudson, Adriana Lima, Jessica Simpson, and Anna Kournikova.

15 T9. Kate Upton - Four 

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We start off our list with one of the most beautiful models in the world today, Kate Upton. She's one of the breast looking women in the business right now and the fantasy of young men across the world.

We included, among the athletes she has dated, a dancer. It is Maksim Chmerkovskiy, of Dancing with the Stars fame. If poker and driving cars are sports then so is competitive dancing. She has also dated Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin and NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez back in 2011.

14 T9. Elisabetta Canalis - Four

This stunning Italian actress and model is currently married to a doctor, but years ago she was busy running around with celebrities. Her non-athlete killcount includes George Clooney and Steve-O, encompassing both the "classy gentleman" and "shove stuff up your ass" sides of the spectrum of show business.

In terms of athletes, she dated three soccer players and a motocross racer. Christian Vieri, Didier Drogba and Reginaldo Ferreira da Silva were the footballers and Valentino Rossi was the motocross racer.

13 T9. Gabrielle Union - Four

Actress Gabrielle Union has been dating athletes since she was in high school and eventually married one. Back in high school, she dated NBA player and now coach Jason Kidd, and we'll count him even though they dated before he went pro. Later on she discovered football players; dating running back Chris Howard and then safety Darren Sharper. In 2009, however, she started dating Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade and the two married in 2014.

12 T9. Maria Sharapova - Four 

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, even though she's an athlete herself, has been confirmed as having dated three male athletes and has been rumored to have been with a fourth. A while back she was with fellow tennis player Andy Roddick and a few years later she was engaged to basketball player Sasha Vujacic, but the wedding was called off in 2012. She then dated Grigor Dimitrov (another tennis player) until earlier this year. It has been suggested in the past that she and Cristiano Ronaldo hooked up but there is still plenty of speculation. Maybe this is a "three and a half" rather than a four.

11 T9. Pamela Anderson - Four

It shouldn't be news to anyone that Pamela Anderson has dated tons of dudes. From musicians to actors to athletes, she has sampled many different sub-categories of famous men. If we include poker players, and we will regardless of the fact that poker is as much of a sport as tic-tac-toe, she's at four athletes. The poker player is Rick Salomon, who we'll see again later. NFL long snapper David Binn and surfer Kelly Slater are also notches on her bedpost, as is former Formula One driver Eddie Irvine.

10 T9. Elisha Cuthbert - Four

In Canada, there's have a phenomenon called "puck bunnies." Women who exclusively date hockey players are these puck bunnies. Elisha Cuthbert is quite possibly the most successful of them all. She started her career as the obsession of every teen and preteen boy in Canada when she was a host on the show Popular Mechanics for Kids. After that, her most popular roles television roles were on 24 and Happy Endings.

Of the four athletes she dated in the past, three are hockey players, and one, Shaun White, is a skateboarder. She went out with Mike Komisarek and s*** disturber Sean Avery, who would later refer to her as his "sloppy seconds" because he's awesome, before tying the knot with the Toronto Maple Leafs current chief pylon Dion Phaneuf. I'm a Leafs fan but Dougie "Killer" Gilmour left more leadership ability in the toilet every morning than Phaneuf brings to the ice. But ya gotta give him credit, he's got a hot wife.

9 T9. Alyssa Milano - Four

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When she was young, Alyssa Milano played Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter in the 1985 gem Commando. This was the same movie that featured the greatest line in cinema history: "Remember, Sully, when I said I would kill you last?...I lied." But enough of the history lesson.

She grew into a star and began dating athletes in the 90s and 2000s. Around 1990 she was hooking up with New York Islanders defenseman Wayne McBean, but found her athlete type a little later. Her real turn on is balls and bases. In the early to mid 2000s, she dated three pitchers: Carl Pavano, Barry Zito and Brad Penny. There's a pitcher/catcher joke in there somewhere.

8 T6. Tyra Banks - Five 

Probably one of the most respected and famous models in the world (now retired), Tyra Banks is one of those women who has had her pick of men for most of her professional career. Her athlete dating record includes now retired NBA players Rick Fox, Chris Webber and Italian ball player Giancarlo Marcaccini. From the hockey world she was briefly linked to Mark Messier, and from football, she was rumored to have dated receiver-turned model Keith Carlos last year, but this was not conclusively proven.

7 T6. Gemma Atkinson - Five

One of the hottest models/actresses in the UK, Gemma Atkinson is also one of the hottest members of this list, as far as we are concerned.

In the past she dated soccer players Darren and Marcus Bent (who are not related), Alan Smith, and Cristiano Ronaldo. She is now with retired rugby player, Olly Foster. Imagine that, dates four footballers and then finds herself a rugby player and won't let go. Take the hint and stop crying on the pitch, lads.

6 T6. Kim Kardashian - Five

Before she was into egomaniac (but talented) rappers, Kim "I'm famous because my mom mined for gold and I have a large posterior" Kardashian was all about athletes. She had a long relationship with NFL running back Reggie Bush from 2007 to 2010 and went on to allegedly hook up with Cristiano Ronaldo (big deal who hasn't). After that she was with NBA center Kris Humphries, who she married for a little over two months, and then NFLers Miles Austin and Bret Lockett.

5 Vanessa Perroncel - Six (Probably) 

This one is a tough one to nail down, as the story involving this french model is pretty insane. She was married to Chelsea left back Wayne Bridge for a couple of years and during that time, she allegedly slept with five of his teammates. The reason that the number is so tough to nail down is that most of the gents have more or less kept their mouths shut and Perroncel has played the deny game fairly well. But, for the purposes of our list, we'll take that number at face value.

4 Danielle Lloyd - Seven 

I'm unsure as to what to call women who date nobody but soccer players. Please forgive my ignorance, I am Canadian and soccer is not a sport with which we all grow up. But women who only date hockey players, for example, are puck bunnies (as previously noted). Women who date cops are badge bunnies, and so on.

Just for some background info, Danielle Lloyd is a model and has been both Miss England and Miss Great Britain.

Whatever the term is for women who only date soccer players, Danielle Lloyd is one of the queens of them. She used to be married to footballer Jamie O'Hara, and has dated five other players: Marcus Bent, Jermain Defoe, Armand Traore, Teddy Sheringham and Ryan Babel. Finally, she also dated F1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

3 Paris Hilton -  Seven or Eight  

What is Paris Hilton? Is she lucky to have been born rich? Is she a spoiled brat who rose to fame for a lavish lifestyle and an awful television show? Is she an amateur adult film actress who looks about as exciting in bed as a bloated corpse dredged out of a river? Or is she a serial athlete dater?

If you answered "all of the above," you're a sharp cookie. That's right, Paris Hilton, the socialite turned semi-entrepreneur has been linked to quite a few athletes. Our count for her is at eight. Former Heisman Trophy winner turned dud NFL quarterback Matt Leinart dated her for about the same amount of time as he spent as a starter. The three most impressive are Cristiano Ronaldo (remember him?), Oscar de la Hoya and Brian Urlacher (not entirely confirmed). She also dated tennis player Andy Roddick, skateboarder Chad Muska, NHL goalie Jose Theodore, and Doug Reinhardt. If we count poker players as athletes, Rick Salomon brings her athlete kill-count to eight.

2 Tara Reid - Nine (Rumors Included Because Why Not)

One of show business' favorite train wrecks, Tara Reid went from being one of the most gorgeous women in film to being a perennial choice in the tabloids' "worst beach bodies" reviews. But back when she was one of the most notorious partying hotties in show business, she dated a few athletes from various sports.

From the world of football, she is believed to have hooked up with Tom Brady, briefly dated retired tight end Jeremy Shockey, and 2003 first round pick/massive dud Kyle Boller. She also fooled around with former tennis player Mark Philippoussis and legendary Russian hockey player Sergei Fedorov. Rounding out her list is a rumored relationship with former hockey player Cody Leibel, surfer Koby Abberton, retired baseball player Doug Reinhardt (there he is again) and racer Giuseppe Cipriani.

1 Imogen Thomas - Ten

For those of you not from Europe or the British isles, we'll save you the trouble of opening a Wikipedia page to figure out who this babe is. Imogen Thomas is one of the hottest women in the UK, having won the title of Miss Wales back in 2003. Since then she has worked as a model and was on Big Brother in 2006. Outside of her working life she has dated soccer players Jermain Defoe, Giovani Dos Santos, Ibrahima Sonko, Dwight Yorke, Lee Trundel, Nery Castillo, Didier Drogba, Danny Simpson, Anderson, and most notoriously Ryan Giggs, a man who is a regular subject when talking about extramarital affairs among soccer's elite.

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