Top 15 Current Female Sportscasters We Wish Would Pose For Hugh Hefner

Sports is all about the athletes, their feats, what they’re able to accomplish. But in today’s day and age, people tune in to watch sporting events for a whole other reason. Sure, they want to see a great sporting spectacle, but there’s something else that keeps them interested, another spectacle that draws their attention. Nowadays, various broadcasting networks have taken to employing sultry babes to present sports shows, to report on events, to become sportscasters. It’s something a whole host of networks have taken to doing, and it’s clear to understand why. Having these gals reporting on the action is equally as, if not more enticing than the action itself in some people’s eyes – well, a whole lot of people’s eyes judging by the sportscasters’ popularity and the fan followings they’ve acquired. A lot of them upstage the athletes, and are just sizzling hot, plain and simple. Quite a few have enjoyed successful careers as sportscasters, but have also balanced this with modeling. Fans love seeing them sportscasting, so why wouldn’t they want to see their favorite women posing in hot shoots in a sultry spread in a magazine?

Quite a few have done just that, or have at least done some sort of modeling – it’s clear to understand why. But these 15 haven’t yet graced the coveted pages of Playboy. Playboy and Hugh Hefner have a certain way of doing things, and for these women, they’ll know they’ve made it if every man's favorite magazine were to give them a call. We can only hope that that’ll happen at some point; these are the top 15 current female sportscasters we wish would pose for Hugh Hefner.

15 Meghan Kluth

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WGNO New Orleans TV station is all about presenting news with a twist, and boy do they do just that. It’s a quirky TV station, one that surprises viewers with hidden gems, but one surprise that I don’t think anyone was complaining about was when they got Meghan Kluth on board.

After working as a sports reporter at university, presenting a radio show, she got the reporting bug and wanted to pursue it as a career. Meghan’s someone who certainly doesn’t belong on the radio – she belongs on TV where fans can see her in all her glory – and so it was a terrific move by WGNO to snap her up. Fans have gotten used to seeing her do her thing for the MLB and NHL over the years, and they couldn’t be more happy. She’s prone to doing a bit of modeling too, and has posed in some hot pics – mainly Instagram pics. But, pose for Playboy, and she’ll become known to the masses. Her popularity with go through the roof, and it’s fair to assume she’d be getting other modeling contracts and more lucrative offers from other broadcasting networks. As long as Meghan remains on TV, we don’t care where she ends up.

14 Kirsty Gallacher

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Scottish television presenter, Kirsty Gallacher, has been a part of the Sky Sports team for almost two decades. She wows people with her sultry good looks and charm, drives people crazy with her accent, and is undoubtedly one of the most talented sportscasters around, which combined with the fact that she’s hot AF, makes for one hell of a package.

Despite being born into a sporting family, Kirsty didn’t really want to get into the sports reporting and journalism side of things. She was more into fashion journalism, but fate had other plans. She was approached by the deputy head of Sky Sports at the time – he had a good eye! – at a Ryder Cup dinner which she was attending with her dad, Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, and that was that; she was snapped up and has been with Sky Sports ever since. We just hope something similar happens between her and Hugh Hefner, or some other high-powered individual who’s at the helm of Playboy. It’d certainly be a beautiful relationship, the outcome of which we’d all love to see.

13 Shibani Dandekar

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It’s fair to assume that Shibani Dandekar isn’t the most well-known person on this list, amongst U.S. audiences anyway. But if you’re playing a game of top trumps, and are looking at fan followings throughout the world, Shibani would probably top the list. That’s because pretty much everyone knows her name in India, the land on 1.3bn people, 18% of the world’s population. You can add all those cricket fans around the world who follow Indian cricket tournaments to that number too. Shibani achieved a massive amount of popularity as a sportscaster for the Indian Premier League. She was a favorite among the fans, and the players too, and now juggles these duties with other endeavors, singing, and of course, modeling.

Shibani then got picked up as a sportscaster. Her modeling has gotten her noticed, and has opened the doors to plenty of things she’s embraced.

12 Rosalyn Gold-Onwude

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Look as Ros’ glamorous Instagram pics, and you’ll instantly be able to envisage how she’d look in a sexy spread in a magazine.

Ros is stunning in every which way, and not only is she beautiful, she’s regarded to be a leader amongst female sportscasters. "As a woman of color in sports broadcasting, I want to do good work and have a positive, visible influence" she’s said; she certainly does have a visible influence, not only on other women wanting to pursue a similar career, but on viewership counts, because when she’s doing her thing as a sportscaster, you can bet your bottom dollar that people are tuning in. She’s also unique in the fact that although she’s got a fulltime job, sportscasting and calling games for NBC Sports Bay Area, the NBA on TNT, Pac-12 Network and the WNBA's New York Liberty on MSG, she’s also, amazingly, a basketball player. She plays for the Nigerian national team now and again – pretty amazing considering everything she has on her plate. We just hope she gets the chance to squeeze in some shoots with Playboy into her busy itinerary at some point in the future too.

11 Laura Esposto

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Italian beauty Laura Esposto, is someone who’s known for her sultry good looks. She made a name for herself, first as a model, then transitioned to sportscasting and reporting. Living the glamorous life in sunny L.A. when Italy won the football World Cup, she got the call out of the blue to come to the UK and sportscast Italian domestic football matches for UK TV. Channel 5 wanted someone glamorous to host and sportscast, and of course, someone Italian, and the stunning Laura fit the bill perfectly. She’s since built upon her sportscasting career and now works for Sky Sports Italy.

With a stunning physique, endlessly long legs, and a level of sex appeal that only Italian women seem to possess, Laura would suit a spread in Playboy perfectly.

10 Jenn Brown

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Jenn Brown became known to the masses after becoming Inside the NFL’s first female correspondent; it doesn’t take a genius to realize why ESPN were so keen to get her on board. Today, she’s basically regarded to be one of ESPN’s leading ladies, leading correspondents, and is sent all over the place to report on big events in a host of different sports. Fans are delighted because it means they get to see Jenn pretty much all the time, doing her thing onscreen. The beautiful sportscaster has also used this experience to branch out and host other TV shows, so she’s become known as something of a media personality. We’ve also had the privilege of setting eyes on Jenn Brown the model. She was born to host, born to sportscast, but she’s a dab hand posing for the cameras, as a model too. We just hope Hugh Hefner and his cronies are on the same wave length.

9 Molly Qerim

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Forget sportscasting, Molly Qerim looks like a supermodel, like she belongs posing in sultry lads’ mags, such as Playboy and SI. She’s utterly stunning, is exotically beautiful – which can be attributed to her Albanian and Italian roots - and just oozes sex appeal. I bet the CBS Network couldn’t believe their luck when Molly came in for her job interview – that is, if she interviewed and wasn’t hired on the spot! Molly’s now a permanent fixture on ESPN, where she hosts many different shows, which she juggles with her sportscasting and reporting duties. As long as Molly’s seen onscreen in some capacity, the fans are happy. But, they, and many others would be even happier if she posed for Playboy. She has some stunning assets, flawless beauty, and Playboy would provide her with the perfect opportunity to showcase them to the world.

8 Charlotte Jackson

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British babe Charlotte Jackson has been the queen of sportscasting in the UK for many years. She started off her career in sportscasting a decade ago, and quickly made a name for herself as one of the best and hottest, someone fans tuned in specifically to see. Sky Sport knew this, and so snapped her up, and she’s been with the broadcasting network ever since. She didn’t just catch the eye of Sky Sports. Wales international football manager, Chris Coleman, was mesmerized by her beauty, and the two started a relationship and subsequently wed, breaking the hearts of many men up and down the country.

Charlotte’s also done a ton of modeling gigs over the years. Those sultry shoots have gotten people salivating, ogling, and if Hugh Hefner where to come across them, he’d surely think so too. We just hope someone pushes them in his direction.

7 Melanie Collins

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Young-ish, fresh and stunningly beautiful, Melanie Collins is the hot knew girl on the block, and boy has she grabbed all the attention since coming onto the scene.

She works on Golf Channel, has contributed to various other shows and broadcasting networks, but is currently known for being the face of Yahoo! Sports, and boy what a pretty face it is. She steals the show no matter what she does, whether she’s sportscasting, is on the sidelines, or on the red carpet as an entertainment reporter interviewing celebs at various events. Celebs must hate her, because when she’s holding the mic, people are only going to be looking at one person.

Melanie is someone you can envisage in Playboy. Just close your eyes and you can see it, not even in a spread, but smack bang on the cover. Someone get into Hugh Hefner’s ear!

6 Jimena Sanchez

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Those who watch the Latin American version of the Fox Sports Channel, will know who Jimena Sanchez is; those who don’t certainly will in a bit. The 30-year-old Mexican beauty is the woman everyone’s been talking about of late. Some have actually gone as far to say she’s too hot for the screen. But those who watch Fox Sports do so to see Jimena, and they certainly won’t be complaining.

Jimena has been making waves on the broadcasting and sportscasting scene because of her stunning beauty. She also knows her sports – the complete, perfect package for TV. People have labelled her as being the mini Kim Kardashian, which just about says it all, although many would deem Jimena to be even more stunning than the world-famous socialite. Anything Kim can do, Jimena can do better, and that goes for posing in Playboy too – if she gets the opportunity that is, and we sure hope she does.

5 Marisol Gonzalez

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Here comes another Latin American sportscasting beauty. Surprise surprise, Marisol started off her career in the limelight as a model. She competed in beauty pageants in Mexico, and even competed for the title of Miss Universe 2003, but fell short. Not to worry, because the exposure she gained competing in beauty pageants and as a model, made plenty of people sit up and take notice. Set your eyes on some of her sultry pics and you’ll understand why. Those at the network, Televisa Deportes, certainly did, and snapped her up to be their resident sportscaster and reporter. But she’s also involved in plenty of other things, and has tried her hand at acting too.

Marisol is one famous name in Mexico; pose for Playboy and her career would reach even greater heights.

4 Erin Andrews

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Including Erin Andrews on this list was a no-brainer. She’s arguably, one of the best and hottest sportscasters/reporters out there, the name on everyone’s lips when asked to name sultry women in sports. She’s been around for a pretty long time too, doing her thing in the industry for 17 years, and during that time her career’s just gone from strength to strength and she’s acquired a massive fan following.

Playboy, the magazine itself, has voted Erin as being America’s sexiest sportscaster. They’ve written about her numerous times, but as of yet, haven’t been able to entice her to do an actual shoot for them – presuming they tried of course. But, it’s just got to happen at some point. We’d love it to occur, and presumably, going by what they’ve said about Erin, Playboy would love it to happen too; hopefully Erin gets on board and we see Erin in a beautiful spread in Playboy in the near future.

3 Inés Sainz

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Born and brought up in Mexico – I bet quite a few of you are now going to be tuning in to Mexican sports channels, despite the possible language barrier! – Inés started off her career in modeling, before marrying a Mexican television producer and getting involved in the broadcasting and sportscasting side of things. Since she made the transition to TV, she’s become something of a media personality – people just can’t get enough of Inés. She’s also heavily into sports herself; is a black belt in taekwondo, and partakes in sports such as football, swimming, volleyball, basketball and tennis. Inés is also a highly intelligent woman, and has a master’s degree in Law, and another degree in sports administration. Beauty and brains; Inés really does possess the complete package.

In terms of her modeling gigs, she’s graced the pages of Men’s Health and Sports Illustrated; a Playboy shoot would just complete the set.

2 Charissa Thompson

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The blonde beauty that is Charissa Thompson, wanted to be a sportscaster from a young age. She went about making it happen, and realised her dream in 2006 when she was snapped up by FNS. A decade later, and she’s now working with Fox Sports 1 and NBC, has hosted, reported and sportscasted for a number of big shows and different sporting events. Take one look at Charissa, and you’ll instantly know why she’s become such a success. She’s just drop-dead gorgeous, looks like a model, and the world of sports is lucky to have her. She’s also not shy about stripping down and showing off her assets, because her social media pages are constantly being updated with hot and steamy pics. Wonder if she’d be prepared to take her shoots to the next level with Hugh Hefner and Playboy? We certainly hope so.

1 Sara Carbonero

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As Spanish beauties go, they don’t come much hotter than Sara Carbonero. She’s so hot in fact, that there’s actually been some controversy stirred up because of it. She was sportscasting during the 2010 football World Cup from the sidelines, not too far from where the Spanish goalkeeper was, and it’s said that she distracted him, causing him to put in a dire performance and subsequently lose the match for his team. She’s now married to that goalkeeper, Iker Casillas.

When it comes to polls about the hottest sportscasters, Sara’s usually up there at number one. FHM have deemed her to be “The Sexiest Reporter in the World," and so if Playboy were to get any reporter or sportscaster on board, posing for a shoot, you’d think it’d be Sara, and that’s just fine by us.

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