Top 15 Fans Caught on Camera Doing Embarrassing Things

The role of a fan at a live sports game is to provide support for one of the teams (usually the home side). For some supporters this will be simply applauding a good bit of play, it could involve participating in or maybe even starting a chant, voicing your displeasure to the referees or the opponents, and generally being vocal and active to help create a positive atmosphere in the arena that the team will be able to feed off.

This accounts for the majority of supporters at any live sporting fixture, but there are then those that perhaps get a little over excited and are seen doing some rather outlandish, embarrassing and highly entertaining things. Sometimes these fans will steal the show, and thanks to the many cameras at all sports matches, their actions are caught on film so that even those at home can revel in their strange behaviour. Alcohol will usually have played its part when these fans decide to step into the spotlight, and of course they must also remove their shirt before becoming the next YouTube celebrity. They may not be embarrassed at the time, but you can only hope that their mothers aren’t watching at home when these fans are caught on camera and they are likely to have some regrets to go along with their hangover the next day.

It is not always the fans that are looking for attention that provide humor for those in the stadium and at home, as often the cameras will pick up on a fan doing something embarrassing in the background which is then noticed by everyone else.

These fans add terrific humor and entertainment to the action, and when there is a lull in the game they can often help to create a better atmosphere in the arena.

15 The Belly Dancer

When your team is playing well and the beers are flowing, fans will often like to get up and celebrate with some kind of dance. This Kansas City Royals fan decided to celebrate a Lorenzo Cain sixth-inning triple by treating fans to a belly dance, where his hoodie could not contain the beer belly he had underneath. He also maintains eye contact with the camera throughout, making it a disturbing yet slightly hypnotic moment caught on camera for everyone to enjoy.

14 Imitating a sex act

Cricket fans should know that there is a good chance you will be on camera at some point, as the action can at times be slow so crowd shots are frequent. This fan clearly didn’t get the memo, as she was caught on camera imitating a sex act to her friends whilst the camera was focused on her small group seated on the grass. She is in fact an Australian commentator herself, which is why the camera searched her out. The commentators at first thought she was talking about football, but it quickly became clear that this was not the case and it left those in the studio in fits of giggles.

13 The Dancer

This Baylor fan looks as if he is having the time of his life when the camera finds him among his fellow supporters, and he makes the most of his opportunity with some rather elaborate and over the top dance moves whilst the other fans are content to simply applaud. He has no shame at the time, but the video soon went viral and the whole world got to enjoy his goofy dancing and he may now feel slightly sheepish. At least he’s enjoying himself.

12 The Token Topless Shirt Guy

There is always one. At some point during a game, in almost any sport, a fan will for some reason take his shirt off and start jumping around. About 99% of the time it will be a male with a rather spectacular beer belly, and this will always manage to get the crowd pumped up and in a good mood. This topless Arkansas fan is a great example (notice he is the only topless person in shot), and he is clearly having the time of his life as he twirls his shirt over his head rather aggressively. He may have no shame at the time, but I’m sure his family at home were not too proud and after viewing this he may think twice the next sports game that he attends (although I doubt it).

11 Dr. Pepper Shower

During ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, one Red Sox fan decided to celebrate a Boston World Series victory by showering himself with Dr. Pepper behind the set of the show and directly behind John Kruk. The fan somehow managed to climb up behind the glass before removing his Dr. Pepper shirt (he had clearly been planning this), before unscrewing the cap and dousing himself in the fizzy drink in front of the cameras. He is clearly enjoying himself and gets a rapturous applause from the fans behind him.

10 Biggest Blue Jackets Fan

Kevin Schroeder is The Columbus Blue Jackets' biggest fan, and in more ways than one. He has become famous for his topless dances at games, and is now hired to perform at several of their home games each year. His routines will involve a lot of belly jiggling action, and he will always have some kind of message written across his belly and back. He appears to have no shame and embraces his role which helps the crowd get into it, but this is certainly something that the majority would shy away from.

9 KG’s Biggest Fan

There were many people glad to see Kevin Garnett return to the Timberwolves, but none more than this fan. Back in 2003, the fan (now revealed to be John Sweeney) ripped off his shirt during the game to reveal Wolves written on his chest and KG on his arm, before breaking into a belly jiggling dance that saw him escorted out. Fast forward to 2015, over 10 years later, and in Garnett’s first game back the fan was again in the stands (looking slightly older and with two kids). When spotted by the camera, he once again took off his shirt to reveal “welcome home KG”, before breaking into an even more elaborate dance than before along with his kids. The entire arena went crazy, and KG could not hide back a smile and then saluted the fan.

8 The Emotional Meltdown

It can be tough going to watch your team play live and then seeing them lose. Most fans will have a despondent look in their face, some will shake their head in despair whilst some will have their head in their hands. There are then some fans that will have a complete meltdown in the stands, acting as if they have just received the worst news of their life. This Clemson football fan’s meltdown was caught on camera, seeing him repeatedly throw his hat on the floor, punch the seats, shake his head, crawl up into a ball and generally act like a 5-year-old throwing a tantrum. Not his finest moment, it was all caught on camera whilst the commentators laughed at his misery.

7 Speedo Guy

Duke’s Speedo Guy became somewhat of a legend in 2003, and his antics actually had an impact on the game. When a player shoots a free-throw, you will see the fans waving, shouting and generally doing anything they can to cause a distraction. This rarely works, so Speedo Guy decided to strip down and flash some pasty skin as a way of distracting North Carolina’s Jackie Manuel. Speedo Guy threw in a hip thrusting dance, and this resulted in two missed free-throws. He has since become a Duke legend, but I’m not sure his family watching at home were so proud of his behavior.

6 The Sniffer

There are few things creepier than sniffing someone without them knowing it, and this fan was caught in the act at an NBA game which saw the video go viral in a matter of hours. As Indiana Pacers Big Man Lavoy Allen is sat on the bench, a fan directly behind him leans in for a good sniff of his jersey. He then has a look of crazed satisfaction on his face, which only adds to the embarrassment for this fan.

5 The Nose Picker

This Everton fan stunned the football world with his actions in 2014, and you would hope that he feels some embarrassment now knowing that his behavior was caught on camera. The fan is first caught picking his nose as he walks to his seat, but he then shockingly decides to wipe his booger on a woman’s head that is directly below him. You can expect all sorts of things to happen whilst at a sports match, but having someone wipe a bogey on your head is not one of them and is a serious social faux pas.

4 Sniff This

While Ian Desmond was at plate at the bottom of the ninth in a game between the Nationals and Marlins, the camera picked up a rather grotesque incident in the stands. If you look carefully, you can see a Nats fan rubbing his armpit with his hand, which he then sniffs, before shoving his hand in the face of the woman he is sitting next to (I presume, and hope, that he knows her). Understandably, she recoils in horror as he continues to attempt to get her to smell his hand. Nice.

3 The Nose Picker (2)

Top marks to this fan who tried to redeem his embarrassing behavior with a cool wink at the camera. The fan is sat directly behind and in between the two commentators at the Knicks/Blazers game, providing the perfect platform for him to make a name for himself. As the commentators are talking, the fan was having a good dig around in his nose for all to see. He then has a look at his findings, has a look of approval on his face before quickly turning to face the camera and delivering a priceless wink. An internet sensation was born.

2 Livin On a Prayer

“Livin’ on a Prayer” is one of those songs that will often result in a group sing-along, but this Celtics fan stole the show and became an internet sensation back in 2009. As soon as the song came on, the fan remained in his seat but was clearly on the verge of being taken over with Bon Jovi fever. He soon leapt up and began rocking out and singing along as he started to walk/dance down the stairs. He has several fantastic encounters with other fans on his way down, including scaring the life out of a poor young girl.

1 Popcorn Guy

When the rain is pouring, your team is getting crushed and most fans have left, you may as well enjoy yourself. This Washington State fan decided that he would do this by putting his feet up and pouring a whole bag of popcorn onto his face, which the cameras fortunately picked up. The apathetic fan gets popcorn all over himself and makes a huge mess, with a small percentage making it to his mouth which he munches down with his head back. Washington may have lost 55-17, but Popcorn Guy provided great entertainment to the commentators, as well as the entire internet.

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