Top 15 Fantasy Fights: WWE Universe vs. Marvel Universe

Do you remember when The Jetsons met The Flinstones? Or for a more modern take: when The Simpsons met Family Guy? People love when worlds collide; it amuses the mass audience while finally putting an end to all the "what would happen if" scenarios. The collision usually garners three responses: praise, neutrality, or hate. The ladder usually coming from those who look too deeply into these situations. Crossovers are supposed to be a weird experiment that provide brief moments of curious joy ... but what about the collision of two universes?

The WWE Universe is a place inhabited by real-life characters, a world of false foes and friendships where God exists as Vince McMahon.

The Marvel Universe is a place inhabited by comic book characters, a world of make-believe superheroes where God exists as Stan Lee.

The correlation between WWE and Marvel is astounding. Both present the age old battle of Good versus Evil. There is always an evildoer looking to take down the hero. In both universe you can find separate factions. The groups that ban together and work as a cohesive unit to attain a mutual goal.

Therefore, what if one were to wonder about an epic collision between the WWE Universe and the Marvel Universe? Well, we are not here to wonder; we are here to place these universes up against each other as the guys and gals of WWE take on the boys and girls of Marvel.

The following contests are scheduled for one fall as we have done our best at pairing off opponents for this MarvelMania card. Which universe would reign supreme if our fantasies were suddenly a vicious and volatile reality? The Superstars or the Superheroes? Join us as we embark on this journey to countdown the top 15 fantasy fights between the WWE Universe and the Marvel Universe.

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15 Becky Lynch vs. Invisible Woman 

Becky: pinterest.com / Invisible Woman: en.wikipedia.org

"The Divas Revolution" has rendered one of its founding females almost invisible. Becky Lynch - the Irish lady - with a strange personality and an Emerald charm would fare well against the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four.

Invisible Woman may have the ability to make herself and others invisible but how can she overcome the Lass Kicker who has been on the brink of invisible her entire career? There may be something lurking behind those googles of Becky Lynch; the ability to see all, even the invisible.

Becky Lynch Over Invisible Woman

14 Kane vs. Ghost Rider 

Kane: carinteriordesign.net / Ghost Rider: comicvine.com

Put away the suit and tie and call out The Demon as he is much in need to challenge Ghost Rider to a fight. The flames of both would burn a city down to mere ashes as Kane would face perhaps his greatest challenge yet, a man more consumed by fire than his own twisted self.

The mask may be intimidating but cannot strike as much fear as the flaming skull, a warped way of being alive and taking on the un-torched nature of society in hopes of seeing red and hearing the prolonged singe.

Ghost Rider Over Kane

13 Bray Wyatt vs. Doctor Strange 

Wyatt: profightdb.com / Strange: tvtropes.org

The Eater of Worlds has come to predict the fall of mankind as Bray Wyatt attempts to save those who wish to walk alongside him in cult-like fashion. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange attempts to protect the Earth from mystical monsters.

If being strange is the benefit here: Bray Wyatt takes strange to a whole new extreme; a place where even the good Doctor cannot stand a chance against the overwhelming wherewithal of Bray Wyatt's purpose.

Bray Wyatt Over Doctor Strange

12 Charlotte vs. Jean Grey 

Charlotte: pinterest.com / Jean Grey: community.comicbookresources.com

Charlotte was born to be the woman she is in the ring; a result of superior wrestling genetics. The daughter of an original Four Horsemen. Meanwhile, Jean Grey was placed into the position to become one of the original members of The X-Men.

Two lovely ladies with kind hearts and wild competitive natures to meet for a fight riddled with respect and marred with underlying disdain as Ric Flair and Professor X cheer from the sidelines. In the end, the telekinetic Jean Grey finds a way to lessen the Flair.

Jean Grey Over Charlotte

11 The Undertaker vs. Doctor Doom 

Taker: twinfinite.net / Doom: marvel.wikia.com

The WWE has one heartbeat, one entity, one man who has been the outstanding leader of the promotion. This of course is, The Undertaker. In the nation of Latveria, there lurks another dark entity, a leader known as Doctor Doom.

In what would be a ballistic battle of rulers, Doctor Doom would fail at taking out The Undertaker. The Deadman always rises as he has stated himself in the past: "you can't kill what won't die."

The Undertaker Over Doctor Doom

10 Daniel Bryan vs. Daredevil 

Bryan: sunshinecoastdaily.com.au / Daredevil: entertainthis.usatoday.com

The tragic tales of Daniel Bryan and his career-threatening injuries leaves the once underdog hero of the WWE Universe in a vulnerable state. Over in the Marvel Universe a similar circumstance as the blinded Daredevil must overcome his obstacles.

In a testament of wills, Daniel Bryan and Daredevil would lay it all on the line in order to do right by the fans of their respective universe. However, while the rest of Daredevil has been heightened, Daniel Bryan as a whole has been weakened; left with tremendous fight but simply not enough.

Daredevil Over Daniel Bryan

9 Sasha Banks vs. Storm 

Banks: theworldaccordingtozah.com / Storm: amazon.com

Sasha Banks has been redefining what it means to be a women within the WWE Universe with her wrestling abilities and sheer determination to her craft. Storm may be a member of The X-Men who controls the weather but how could she control The Boss?

Sasha Banks herself is a tornado of assault and battery and could withstand the elements Storm should chose to throw her way; no matter how harsh and horrid. Sasha Banks gets it done because that's what she does.

Sasha Banks Over Storm

8 Sting vs. Green Goblin 

Sting: wrestlingforum.com / Goblin: comicsforever.tumblr.com

Sting has come a long way from the colorful surfer-like character we one knew. Such a man was too soft. Therefore, Sting retreated to the rafters and re-emerged as a crow-like man - seeming like a great counterpart for the Green Goblin.

Sting will use his trusty black baseball bat while Green Goblin pulls out the jack-o-lanterns and bats of his own; eventually wearing down The Stinger in what would prove to be a hard-nosed and haunting fight.

Green Goblin Over Sting

7 Kevin Owens vs. Wolverine 

Owens pinterest.com / Wolverine: fanpop.com

The disheveled and determined Kevin Owens walks through the WWE Universe alone, a loner of choice. Wolverine shares these rugged and lonely aspects of Kevin Owens and would never shy away from a fight.

The animal-like nature of Wolverine would force Kevin Owens to summon all the strength he can from the "Fight Owens Fight" mantra. Kevin Owens would take a beating from Wolverine but - like he always does - would find a way to win in the biggest upset of the universe battle.

Kevin Owens Over Wolverine

6 Randy Orton vs. Cyclops 

Orton: zimbio.com / Cyclops: comcvine.com

Randy Orton has gone by many nicknames: The Viper, The Apex Predator, and of course the ominous Legend Killer. While Cyclops is considered to be the first of The X-Men, this would categorize him as a legend of sorts.

The spastic approach of Randy Orton and his cold, calculating stare would attempt to lay Cyclops to rest much like many legend of the WWE Universe. However, the stare cannot compare to the violent eyewear that would leave Randy Orton as a headless snake.

Cyclops Over Randy Orton

5 Seth Rollins vs. Spider-Man 

Rollins: en.wikipedia.org / Spider-Man: comicvine.com

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion can also lay claim that he is the top character in the WWE Universe. In the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man remains a constant crusading figure of justice; something which Seth Rollins once fought for as well.

The man of the web may prove difficult to catch but Seth Rollins moves with precision and can undertake the challenge with vigor and the need to be a vindictive champion. The ways of Seth Rollins would eventually outweigh the web of the Spider-Man.

Seth Rollins Over Spider-Man

4 The Rock vs. Iron Man 

The Rock: fanpop.com / Iron Man: multiversitycomics.com

In the WWE Universe, there is a man who knows all about the world of action and superhero drama. The only man who can truly pose as a threat to Iron Man, an electrifying man known far and wide as The Rock.

The Great One would serve as the only suitable opponent to a man who wears a suit of armor. However, The Rock - no matter how jacked - can only take the fight to Iron Man for so long before finally falling at the feet of the billionaire beneath.

Iron Man Over The Rock

3 Triple H vs. Thor 

Triple H: forums.sgclub.com / Thor: marvel.wikia.com

Triple H looks over the WWE Universe as the son-in-law of its God while also leading a Universe of his own full of young NXT talent. However, the son-in-law of God may have his hands full with a God of Thunder known as Thor.

Break out the sledgehammer and Mjolnir, this battle is about to get brutal. In a situation such as this there is no alternative for Triple H; he must win or find himself exiled from the WWE Universe. Therefore, The Cerebral Assassin must rear his head and find a way to victory.

Triple H Over Thor

2 John Cena vs. Captain America 

Cena: pinterest.com / Captain America: comicvine.com

John Cena is the face of the WWE Universe. The All-American Superstar who never does wrong by his supporters and always fights the good fight. In the same vein, Captain America is the patriotic solder of the Marvel Universe who never backs down from any challenge or obstacle.

This bout would prove to be the ultimate battle of the good guys. Hopes and dreams would be placed on the line as each universe would cheer for its quintessential hero to pull through and emerge victorious. However, John Cena has never fought the Axis Powers and the experience of Captain America would prevail.

Captain America Over John Cena

1 Brock Lesnar vs. Hulk 

Lesnar: digitalspy.com / Hulk: nebezial.deviantart.com

Brock Lesnar: The Beast of the WWE Universe ... Hulk: The Beast of the Marvel Universe.

The main event of the evening places two humanoids against each other in a battle of pure brute strength. The results of this fight could lead to the implosion of both universes as Brock Lesnar and Hulk could destroy all that stands in their way and disrupt the entire existence of both worlds.

In the end, Hulk would eventually divert back to Bruce Banner while the animalistic side of Brock Lesnar would never quit, eventually leaving Bruce Banner as a rotting carcass; free for the vultures of the WWE Universe to pick.

Brock Lesnar Over Hulk

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